Deviant Tendencies

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Morning Coffee

Ed summoned me to his room at the butt crack of dawn. He wanted help in the shower witch usually meant a blow job and a good back scrub. I entered his room and found him toweling off his clothes already laid out on his bed. Tina was standing under the shower washing her hair. I could smell the fresh aroma of coffee.

"Sit down, tell me what you learned from our new friend?" I sat in the half-moon chairs by the desk wrapped in my black robe. Ed slid a cup of coffee toward me.

"He is very guarded. But he's here to get rid of a list of people and check up on you. He's like a scout. He said he looks out for his father, makes sure everything is to his liking. I think more people are coming here soon."

"That's not good for us." Ed dressed with exaggerated arm movements. He looked high and I knew not to provoke him. "I need to get the crews to wrap up all the floors below us before we are kicked out." I lowered my head and put my hands in my lap.

"Is there anything you want me to try and get out of him or some thought you want me to plant in his mind?" I asked.

"Plant in his mind? What the fuck does that mean?"

"Like something you want him to report back. You run a tight ship. You are busy all the time making this place work. The truth but if he hears it maybe he will report it back to his father."

"Yeah, that might work, the busy all the time one. I will be busy today. You earned something for good work. You want a shot or a line?"

"You have an oxy?" I asked.

"Always the oxy with you. Ha, yeah I do." Ed pulled out his box of tricks and found me two white pills. "One for now and one for later on, for my good girl."

"Thanks," I said. I took a big gulp of hot coffee and stood taking the cup with me. I couldn't believe I was getting out of the room without a slap or something painful.

"Where you going?" he asked.

"You look busy. I'm gett'n out of the way."

"I got something for you to take care of right here." Ed dropped his trousers and boxers and brushed his flaccid penis on my face. The chair is a little too high. I put my oxy in my pocket and carefully moved his pants out of the way so they didn't wrinkle and knelt in front of him. Ed likes it soft to hard to finished with my hands grabbing his butt cheeks so hard he can't sit down for an hour. Ed leaned one hand on the desk and I took him into my mouth just like he taught me.

Tina finished with her shower and stood by the bed drying off. It never takes Ed very long and he loves an audience. When he was done Tina helped him get dressed and I finished my coffee. Her jawline and neck was purple and black. I remembered exactly how I got that same configuration of colors. I could almost feel the leather tighten around my neck. I slipped one of the oxy pills out of my pocket and handed it to her.

"Thank you," Tina whispered, her voice strained.

"Sleep on a flat pillow. It helps." I took the dishes out of Ed's room and brought them to the kitchen. I refilled my coffee and watched Will enter the elevator with quick steps and determination.

Mar Lyn was cutting apples into slices for Ed's lunch. "No, you don't. I see that look. That hatchet man is not going to save you. Eat you maybe but nothing else. His wife is probably at home with three little ones planning their next vacation."

"I don't have any look Mar." I grabbed knife from the block and cut my last oxy in half, licked my finger, and picked up all the dust from the counter. I swallowed a half with some hot black coffee and headed back to my room to shower.

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