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Angels don't descend down the sky everyday. But when they do, all Hell breaks loose.

Romance / Erotica
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Happiness...They say the earth is full of happiness if you can feel it.

I thought the same...I felt it whenever I used to watch life in the earth from over the clouds.

I felt happiness in every aspect of life,happiness in those eyes of a mother observing her kids play,happiness in a teen girl’s shy smile when she first talks to her crush..happiness in those dimples of a old grandmother knitting sweater for her husband.

I liked to spend my leasure watching those smiles,enjoying those happy twinkling eyes.So,whenever all the angels sang,danced to pass time here, I used to sit in the corner in my garden and watch over earth.

But one day something caught my eyes and my world changed.When I first saw a man,a really bad man according to my father.He was beautiful,unearthly beautiful may I say.And it was his beauty that compelled me to watch him.. Danielle Shade was his name, and God! Shady he was!

The more I observed him,the more I witnessed the beauty to turn into something twisted and something beastly...

I saw him when he killed people with a smile on his face, I saw him when he ruthlessly tortured people who dared to betray him but I also observed him when he sobbed secretly in darkness,when he desperately sought love in his barren life and when he loved baring all his heart but never getting anything in return.

My happy life in heaven turned into something meaningless as I continued to watch him die slowly in pain, and one day, I snapped! I took a life changing decision that shook the heaven.

I decided to decend in the world, not as angel princessa Thumbelina. I desended as Elsa, a simple plain girl who was going to be Mrs. Shade.

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