The Golden Wolf

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I was running into a high school in my underwear and bra. It was beyond embarrassing, but I had no choice. Grace is unlike any werewolf. She is a Golden Wolf. She is stronger, faster, and has better senses then regular wolves. Her whole word changes when she meets Ben, the next in line as Alpha for the Blue River Pack. What will happen when Grace’s past comes back?

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Chapter 1

I am special in more than one way. Not only am I a werewolf, but I am a Golden Wolf. There are wolves that have golden fur, but golden wolves are more than golden fur. They are stronger, faster, and have more heightened senses than regular wolves; well except for Alphas. Golden wolves also don’t smell like any regular wolf, they smell like humans. Golden wolves can be amongst humans and wolfs and be recognized as a mere human. The other special thing about Golden Wolves is that we have powers, but no one knows what they are because there are very few Golden Wolves in the world.

So about me. I am Grace Stewards, seventeen years old(almost eighteen), have golden hair and green eyes, and I am on the run. I have been on the run for twelve years. My parents were killed when rogues attacked our pack when I was five. The rogues that attacked us were led by a warlock who knows about Golden Wolves and he has been hunting them for his whole life. He wants the Golden Wolf’s unknown power for himself. Once he found me twelve years ago, he took a picture so he could find me again. Since I smell like a human, he has all of the rogues searching for someone with golden hair, green eyes, and looks like I did when I was five.

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