Blood Protocol

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Raegan lived multiple lives through the centuries. She had lived as a woman, a man, a child, an elder, you name it! You could say it's a type of immortality no one would ever want, because each one of the "cycles" ends with a horrible death, a lowly one, in the darkness, worthless and meaningless. She wakes up in the year 2020, in a new body, in a new life, and it seems this time, someone is seeking her help. A cold-hearted Beta from the West Coast pack, scarred by the past battles, Roman Greyson, is no stranger to secrets and keeping the existence of werewolves confidential. This time, however, he is assigned by the Council to train and overlook an unlikely group of warriors, not many have encountered in the past century. The so called 'Berserkers' come as an unruly bunch, and each one possesses incredible, unseen abilities, but is likely a dangerous liability. The only one who can control them is the so called "02". But who the hell is it? Greyson also feels an unexplained pull towards a strange kid in the group. What he doesn't realize, is that the kid is not a he, but a she, and she's not about to simply blow her cover just because she feels it too. What will become of the unlikely couple? Will the unspoken secrets come between them? Will they stand their ground in the upcoming war? Who are the Berserkers?

Romance / Action
A. King
5.0 4 reviews
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Author's Note


Thisbook contains strong language, violence and sexual content. If you're sensitive and steer clear of R-rated and very graphic books, perhaps this story isn't for you.

However, if you want a story that's not sugar-coated, you're in the right place!


This book is my original creation, and I reserve full rights to it.

Do not copy, steal, or repost this story without the my permission.

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