Blood Protocol

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Chapter 8

Roman's POV
Pure madness. Pure, fucking madness, that's what it was.
The moment we got back to the pack's territory, everything was going smoothly, until fucking Adam went ballistic on Raegan. Hell, I've never seen him this furious, this deranged. The moment he heard the kid's code, zero two, he lost touch with reality, and the only thing on his mind was to kill.
I have to say, despite the mess this has created, I was utterly impressed with the kid's fighting technique. He was swift, confident, dexterous, clearly with a plan for every move and dodge. Where the hell did he learn all that?
One thing was clear though, he wanted to avoid getting physical with the Alpha at all cost, instead, choosing to flee from every swing of the wolf's paw, or bite of his teeth. And so far he was doing fine.
That one, carefully planned jump at the exact moment to pin Alpha's head into the ground and knock him out cold was magnificent. Risky, but magnificent. It did it's job, or so we thought.
"You," I pointed at the strays, "shut up and don't even budge. And you," this time my eyes fell on 02, "you've got some explanation to do, when we get our Alpha to the pack's hosp-"
The next thing I know, Adam is hurling down on the ground, while 02 hits the soil hard a little farther away, his leg bleeding profusely. I think I screamed his name, but I can't be sure, everything was blurry.
Fuck. I gotta do something!
I called for a few of our warriors, and together we pinned Adam down, so that he doesn't hurt himself or others. Next, I instructed one of the guys to call the pack's doctor, who rushed to the side as soon as she received the message.
"I'm going to inject him with a strong sedative. That should give us enough time to move him to the infirmary, said Julia, our doctor, while getting a syringe filled with the sedative and giving the Alpha his shot.
Finally, he was out for a good while, and got immediately transported to the hospital wing.
Now my attention was back on the Berserkers, who, surprisingly, did listen and stayed where they originally were standing. Raegan stood on the side, right where he landed after our Alpha bit him, his eyes focused on the shifter's unconscious body being taken away. His stare hard, with something else lurking behind the silver irises. Worry.
For some reason that pissed me off. Him, worrying about someone pissed me off. What the fuck was wrong with me?
Ok now's not the time to behave like a wimp. Now's the time for questions.
"Escort the group to their dorm, and make sure to have a few people keep watch," I quietly instructed one of the patrol leaders, who then guided the Berserkers to their appointed accommodation.
Raegan started following the group, but I stopped him, "Not you. I have a few questions," and he obediently followed me to the packhouse.
"First we have to treat your inju-"
"That's not necessary. It's already healed," he cut me off.
Healed? A shifter's bite doesn't heal that quickly. Not on shifters, and definitely not on humans, although it was clear to him by now that the Berserkers weren't just your ordinary humans nor did they smell entirely like shifters.
We reached my office, and I let the kid in after unlocking the door. I could still smell his blood, from the remaining streams of the bright red liquid on his shin, dried by now, but still fragrant.
And I'll be damned, but I could swear I smelled my mate in his blood.
How the fuck was this possible?
"You can start by explaining why Adam wanted to rip your throat off?" I started, crossing my arms and leaning on the dask.
I would expect him to try and avoid eye contact, maybe try and hide things, like any suspicious person would in this situation, but I did not expect the honesty I got from him.
"I probably killed someone close to him. I can't be cartain who. The list is quite long, but it must have been fairly recent, judging from the rampage he threw out there." He shrugged like it was nothing unusual, and then it dawned on me. I had to know.
"Were you in Poland, around 5 years ago?"
"Yes," he replied without breaking the eye contact.
I gulped loudly.
"Did you have anything to do with the massacre of shifters at the west border of Silesia pack territory?" For some reason I still hoped he would deny having anything to do with it.
"Yes," he replied yet again, this time looking down on his artificial hands, flexing the mechanical palms.
"You owe me a better fucking explanation than this, and I'm not gonna ask twice, so start talking," my tone was harsh, I was pissed, because my best friend's family was slaughtered mercilessly in a rogue incident that was pretty much covered up by the Council ever since. No one knew more than that. They claimed that it was the biggest rogue riot in the history of our generation, the biggest massacre of a pack in the time of peace. It had put in jeopardy our kind's secrecy, and took lives of so many innocent shifters. It pretty much destroyed the Silesian pack.
Adam was left a wreck, without answers, but with a huge pack to run on his own now. No family, no mate.
"It was me," he broke the silence and I stopped breathing, while processing his words.
"Were you one of the rogues?" I asked frantically, I needed him to say it.
"No," he got back, "I was the one that did it."
"Impossible, the rogues-"
"There were no rogues, just me."
He didn't have time to add anything, because I had him against a wall within a millisecond, holding him by the throat, balancing on the edge of shifting myself into a wolf.
"How the fuck am I suppose to believe that? Huh?! Are you covering up for those fuckers from the Council?" My grip on his throat was tightening.
"I killed, and made others kill each other," he gasped for air, but managed to say between sharp inhales.
"Did you have accomplices? Hostages?! Threatened them? Talk!!" I yelled into his face.
"I...controlled them..." I let him go, I had to calm down or I wouldn't be able to get any comprehensive information out of this guy.
He fell to the floor, gasped a few times, but got a grip and stood back up.
"You have never met someone like me," he started, looking straight at me again, "I don't smell like a shifter, nor am I a human. I don't need to threaten someone to make them do what I want them to do. All they need is a drop of my blood," he started circling around me, keeping a safe distance. I wasn't letting my guard down, but I wanted to let him speak, I needed to hear this.
"Five years ago, in Silesia, that was the Council's deranged experiment, called the 'Blood Protocol'. They recruited the whole pack of Silesia, and some pack members from around the world. They injected them with serum, that was going to make them stronger, invincible even, at least that was what they promised. To strengthen the whole kind," he stopped right in front of me again, not breaking away his eyes from mine.
"What they didn't know, is that the Council had their motives, and a weapon that could bring every shifter injected with serum to their knees. The weapon was me, and the serum...was my blood," he confessed.
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