Blood Protocol

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Chapter 9

Raegan's POV

All memories from the darkest times started flooding my mind. Never could I have expected that Alpha Adam's family was in Silesia when it all went down. Then again, a lot of people died that night...that one night when I lost control, when the Council lost control over their disgusting experiment, out of greed.

"Why did you kill them all then?" Roman asked.

"I..." I started but was interrupted by a bang on the door, which in a way saved me from telling the horrors of my past. It was not the time. Not yet.

"Who the fuck..." Greyson grumbled and stomped towards the door, swinging it open, revealing a male, clearly unknown to him. However, it was a face I recognized right away. A doctor from the Council's facility I escaped from.

"Who the hell are you? The Alpha is unavailable right now, so take your business out the door and leave the territory," he was about to shut the door, but the man spoke.

"I'm here on behalf of the Council. Dr. Aleksander Nenov, from the Manitoba Research Center," he stated "and I am here upon Alpha Adam's and the Council's mutual agreement. The Berserkers are to be under my medical supervision, including 02. And I'm afraid that any further details regarding them are restricted to the Council and your Alpha, Beta Greyson, so if you'll excuse us."

"I am not done asking questions. I'll get to the bottom of this," a growl emerged from Roman's throat, "but right now, since you're the Council's medical expert, you'll be able to fix our Alpha, who bit into this kid's shin just a few minutes ago and have been rolling in pain ever since," he pointed his chin in my direction. The doctor's eyes widened ever so slightly, moving towards me, but quickly recovered and kept his composure.

"Certainly. I am confident I can contain the crisis, please lead the way," he encouraged Beta Roman, at the same time motioning me to leave the room.

When we left the building and headed for the hospital wing, I did not argue about following them. I didn't want to see the Alpha in his state right now, but I needed to speak to the doctor, so I figured sticking close was my best shot. I was only hoping that by "containing the crisis", Aleks wasn't planning on doing the worst possible solution I could think of.

When we got to the pack's hospital, I followed behind the doctor and the Beta in silence, growing more and more uncomfortable, the closer we were to Alpha Adam's room. Even from afar, we could hear groans and screams that belonged to the pack's leader, and I knew his symptoms better than anyone, but couldn't... didn't want to be involved.

Roman opened the door, making room for Dr. Nenov and me to walk in, but I held back, stopping at the entrance and not daring to step forward. Greyson looked at me curiously, rising an eyebrow.

"Beta Greyson, I think it's best if you stay outside," Aleksander said, stopping the shifter from entering the room.

"I have to ask all the staff to leave the room. I will only need 02's assistance with this case."

"Like hell will I leave our Alpha in your hands. Me and our doctor will stay," Roman's anger grew with every word spoken.

"Beta Greyson, I assure you, I want nothing else but to help your Alpha. But for that I don't need a crowd in the room, I only need 02's ability, which you might have already heard about," the doctor explained.

"I don't fucking care what you or the Council wants. I stay in the room or I'll rip your heads off right here and now," he demanded and there was no room for discussion in his tone.

"Fine, but this will be a confidential procedure. You are not to speak of it to anyone, nor will you question the method. I promise that your Alpha will be just fine, but you have to trust me on this."

Roman furrowed his eyebrows, sighed, but agreed with a motion of his hand for me to go in. Then he ordered the rest of the medical staff to vacate the room, leaving only the three of us, plus the barely conscious Alpha inside.

Dr. Nenov quickly moved to the man, checking his condition. Alpha was feverish and clearly in a lot of pain, half-shifting every now and then. Thanks to the strong restraints, he was tied to the bed and couldn't harm himself or others.

"He's unstable, we have to move fast. 02, I'll hold his head, you know what to do," the doc instructed, but I shook my head in refusal.

"Zero two there isn't room for discussion! Either we treat him or he dies!" Aleks yelled at me.

"This is not treatment... it's a torture," I said through the teeth, still not willing to accept what he was asking of me.

"Please..." I heard someone say, and the words came from Roman, "if you can save him, then I don't fucking care how. Just don't let him die," a desperate plead faintly echoing in his voice, the result of seeing his best friend in this miserable state. His expression was still cold and distrustful, but his eyes said more than enough.

This was not the way...if I do this, he will hate me for the rest of his life. Conflicted thoughts stirred my mind, but I could not postpone my decision any longer.

I walked up to the Alpha's bed, while the doc held his head, moving it to the side, so that his neck was exposed.

At that moment my eyes started glowing with a faint, silver blue aura, which Roman surely noticed. Quickly, I grabbed Adam's shoulders, bent down and sank my teeth in the crook of his neck, a spot where shifters would usually mark their mates. It lasted only a second, but I bit through his skin and tasted his blood. Only a drop was enough for me to retreat and take a few steps away from his bed, not daring to look at anyone else but Alpha's suddenly lifeless body.

He stopped moving, stopped breathing, stopped showing signs of still being in this world.

"What the fuck...what the fuck, I thought you were going to save him!!!" Roman screamed, grabbing the doctor by his collar.

"Beta, calm down, look... he's stable," Aleksander said, drawing Roman's attention to Adam. Indeed, he started breathing again, his heart resurrected with a strong beat, while his chest was rising and falling evenly, no uncontrollable shift in sight. After a few seconds, the wound on his neck healed, and right after that the man started making sounds, signaling the return of his consciousness.

"Mmm..gan," he mumbled between groans, and I knew instantly what was coming.

I despised myself at that moment.

"Adam can you hear me?" Roman kneeled by his bed, trying to get his friend to recognize him.

"...gan," the patient mumbled again.

"Brother don't push yourself too hard just yet. You almost died, scared the shit out of me," Greyson exhaled heavily.

"Raegan..." My name escaped Alpha's lips, and he outstretched his hand towards my figure, standing in the corner of the room, causing Roman to follow it and looking at me in confusion.

I started walking towards the door, feeling the strong need to be as far away from here as possible. A hand grabbed my forearm and caused me to stop.

"He's alive...but why is he calling for you? What did you do?" He asked, distrust and concern painted on his sculpted face.

I yanked my arm out of his grip, and looked at all three of them with disgust.

"I did what you asked. Now keep him the hell away from me," I spat out, my expression full of spite.

I stormed out of the building and into the cold night. I couldn't compose myself after what had occurred in there. Was it the Council's plan from the beginning? Did they know that I killed Adam's family and he would attack me? Did they want him as a slave, and I was yet again, used as their weapon?

I was certain about one thing. It took only one pleading word from Roman to make me do what I despised most.

Nobody ever had that kind of control over me, unless...he was my mate.

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