Blood Protocol

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Chapter 13

Raegan's POV

I felt like my body was burning. It remained undistinguishable whether the flaming effect came from a rising fever, or from what I was hearing from behind that door.

Did I ever ask to turn the Alpha of this pack into one of them? My 'minions'? No, they pleaded for me to do it! To save his life, without knowing the goddamn consequences!

The time sluggishly flew by, while the harsh words of my 'family' were punching holes in my already worn out heart.

Well fuck you too, Klaus, I sent him a thought through our mind-link, and the voices fell quiet within a second.

I sat up on the bed and swung my legs over the edge, touching the cold floor with my feet. An attempt to stand up finished before it started, as Alpha Adam stepped out of Dr Nenov's office and rushed to my side.

"You shouldn't get up just yet. You ran for nearly 24 hours, your body needs rest," he reached out his tanned, muscular arms to shield me and place back down on the bed, but I raised my hands defensively, unwelcoming of his touch.

This wasn't right. I knew his current state all too well, and it headed down the worst possible road, due to his werewolf bloodline. The mind of a shifter-turned-Berserker was fogged and blinded with strong chemical bond, that constantly assured them that the blood donor, their creator, was also their destined mate.

That I was his mate.

This couldn't be allowed to flourish any further. I've had it happen before, and the outcome was gruesome, along with a loss of a person dear to me.

No more.

"Don't ever touch me," I spat through teeth and shot up, causing Adam to take a step back, hurt sneaking up onto his face.

"Zero two, I just injected you with your serum, so give it a moment to get back to normal," Dr Nenov walked out from behind Adam's broad stature, flipping through some paperwork.

"Can't you just listen to your doctor?" Adam took a step towards me, but a scoff, released involuntarily from my lips paused his motion.

"Doctor, my ass," I threw Nenov a glare, "I'm fine, I regenerate within a much shorter time than you, shifter, so do me a favor and don't get in my way," I addressed the Alpha.

"And just so we're clear," I continued "I am not your mate, so don't treat me like one, like you care. Berserkers' task here doesn't change, we're gonna assist in your goddamn virus issue, I'll cooperate, however," I looked him dead in the eyes, "until then, don't come near me, don't address me directly and don't fucking touch me. Am I making myself clear?" The bitterness of my own words dripped down my throat, infecting it with the harsh flavor of rejection. There was no other choice but to treat him like this, with a hard hand.

I couldn't allow the history to repeat itself, and it would. With a pureblood shifter as my Berserker, there was no limit to his loyalty and desire to follow me, at least until the effect of my blood wears off a little. He could get hurt, killed...or he could hurt someone else, and never reach a redemption.

I put on the muddy sneakers from yesterday, and stomped towards the exit, swinging the door open and revealing an entire audience consisted of the Berserkers...and my real mate.

"What are you staring at? Move!" I yelled at all of them, causing the group to split and make a way for me to pass. They knew better than to piss me off even more right now.

Making my way out of the hospital, I threw the front door open and welcomed the cold air, finding it's cool embrace refreshing. Fate gave me no chance to proceed further, as a masculine hand grabbed my artificial arm and spun me around to face the owner of the forceful gesture. Soon, I was surrounded by nothing but warmth and muscles, bathed in the scent I secretly longed for, but couldn't allow myself to accept.

"Don't move, just give me one minute." The familiar baritone sung into my ear, before I could even think to wriggle out of his embrace.


"I'm an idiot. How could I have thought that you're a guy," he said, sniffing my hair.

Time stood still. I didn't realize it up until this moment, but I craved his touch and his embrace. My body wanted him, but mind knew what my path was, and that Roman couldn't walk on it with me. Not for long at least.

"Please, don't-"

My words were cut off, when Greyson's body was torn off of me with enormous strength and thrown across the yard. A massive figure followed, slamming my mate onto the ground, and tried to make him submit to his Alpha.

Adam was now gripping Roman's throat, squeezing out the last bit of oxygen from his lungs. This wasn't a fight for submission, it was an intention to kill his Beta.

"Don't you ever fucking lay a finger on her!" Adam roared, but Roman had no plans to listen, pushing the Alpha off of himself and shifting into his dark wolf, with graphite coloured fur and golden eyes.

A sound of bones breaking pierced the air, announcing the transformation of Alpha's body. It was unlike a natural, werewolf shift. His body grew bigger, but didn't descent onto four wolfish legs, standing upright, spine bending slightly forward. Fur sprouted out of his skin and traveled across his figure and covered it entirely. Adam's face changed into that of a wolf, with one, small difference. No wolf had glowing red eyes that were now murderously pinning Roman's wolf down.

Adam wasn't the Alpha, nor was he a normal shifter anymore. He was a lycan, a Berserker lycan now, filled with wrath.

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