Blood Protocol

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Chapter 14

The bodies of two beasts clashed and swirled in a life and death battle, driven by the emtions of men hidden deep under their fur.

Soon, the horrifying sounds beaconed people out of their cabins, alarmed that the pack was being attacked. Meanwhile what they witnessed, was not an invasion, but a civil war between their Alpha and Beta. Gasps rang through the air, as pack members faced the horror of a lycan on their land.

Adam's lycan form was enormous, exceeding the size of any normal Alpha wolf. He no longer stood on all fours like his previous wolf form, but on the beast's two, huge back legs, ending in sharp claws, making him almost humanoid. His fur was jet black, with a pair of glowing eyes, bleeding scarlet into his irises.

"Raegan you gotta do something about this, or Adam will not end with killing only Roman," Quinn said, her voice laced with panic.

"Let's end this shit show, once and for all," I responded, "I need something sharp, now!" I said to her and Quinn took off into the hospital, luckily in front of which we now stood. She came back and tossed me a surgical scalpel, nodding her head reassuringly.

I wasn't ready for this. I haven't completed my mission and I couldn't cut my time here short. This was the only way, though, and I knew it.

Roars and slashes of heavy paws travelled through air, becoming louder and louder as I was approaching the scene. I could smell the stench of blood, unknowingly furrowing my eyebrows and bringing them together in a grown, while scrunching my nose.

I took the blade, dim light reflecting on it's surface, and brought it close to my palm. With a moment of hesitation, I carved a line into the soft skin, red ink spilling out and dripping down my wrist. The roars and howls went quiet, making the world stand still for a moment. Then one shot, and an excruciatingly loud roar full of pain.

I blinked my eyes and was brought back to reality, confirming it by looking down on my hands and seeing two prosthetic arms, with nothing organic in it. A memory I tried to suppress flashed through my head, and taunted me, even though I knew it was long gone.

Now was not the time to hesitate. I made my decision, I had to put an end to this one last time.

One, swift motion and the skin on the side of my neck opened a small wound, releasing blood. The world went quiet again, and so did the fighting wolves.

The lycan stood still, his scarlet eyes focused on my neck and the liquid, in color matching his irises, pouring down on my skin.

Before Roman could even think to react, Adam shot and charged towards me, causing people in the background to release screams of fear and warnings. I didn't flinch, because I felt no fear. I wanted this.

Adam, I whispered through our mind link, which caused the lycan to halt mere centimeters from crashing into my body. He was breathing heavily, flexing his claws, exposing sharp as knives teeth, but he wouldn't attack.

"Adam Pierce," I stared into the beasts red eyes, bracing myself for what was coming next, "I accept the mate bond, and offer you this blood, and the right to mark me."

A long howl pierced the air in the distance, and I knew it was Roman's howl. No true mate deserved their bond to be broken in such a forceful way. It will be painful and cruel to him, but otherwise him and the whole pack would be dead by now. And it would not end there.

The lycan howled as well, but it was out of ecstasy, followed by his head lowering towards me, lapping on my would a few times and then sinking his teeth into my skin, sealing the mark.

"Raegan, please no!!!" I heard from behind us, and recognized Roman's desperate voice, but it faded along with the whole world, when my mind went blank and drifted into the darkness.

The void didn't last long, I regained the ability to feel and hear what was happening around, and I could tell that someone was holding me. This person's touch was warm, delicate, it sent jolts down my body whenever our skin connected.

"Raegan, can you hear me?"

Yes, I can hear you.

"Raegan, open your eyes."

I don't want to. I have committed a sacrilege in the world of shifters.

My eyes slowly opened, revealing the face of the one who held me close to his heart.


His beautiful, dark skin with sculpted, strong muscles underneath, with mighty arms surrounding my body. His face, square jaw, deliciously full lips and dark brown, almost black eyes were focused solely on me.

The bond, I felt it, I felt it with every cell in my body. I wanted him to touch me, I wanted his closeness, but at the same time I was repulsed, because I knew this was not real.

What have I done.

In the world of shifters, when you find your true mate, you still have a choice of whether you accept or reject his bond. That is the honorable way, that spares both sides the greater pain and torture.

You may offer to create a bond with someone else, by the ritual of marking, and thus they become your true mate. However, if a new bond is created while the first mate hasn't been properly rejected, all the suffering, all that pain of a broken bond falls upon the one who's left behind.

Some even say it can lead one to madness, because the original bond doesn't disappear immediately for the one who remains unmated. The faint connection will linger for a few days, they will still be affected by what their former mate is feeling, experiencing.

"Thank Goddess you're alright," Adam exhaled, caressing my short hair, "and thank you for bringing me back to sanity," he looked relieved but also concerned, and I knew what, or rather who he was worried about.

"Where...where is he?" I asked, sitting up on the ground, while Adam still supported my back.

"He ran into the woods. He looked...broken." Quinn responded for Adam, who I'm sure had a hard time bringing himself to say it.

I slowly stood up with his help, and looked towards the forest.

"We need to find him before he drives himself mad," I said without hesitation. I knew what I had done was unforgivable, but I sacrificed one life, over the annihilation of the whole pack possibly, and for that I will not apologize. I can only regret doing it without rejecting him first.

I never wanted the curse of being mated, and yet here I was, mated to a lycan...sentenced my destined mate to madness.

Alrighty, was planning to divide this chapter into two shorter ones but figured I'd make it a long one!
Wow, can it get any more insane? Raegan is now officially mated to Adam. Like what?! She didn't want anything to do with him, and what about Roman?
Good stuff upcoming in the next chapter, so sit tight!
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