Blood Protocol

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Chapter 15

Three days have passed since the feral night, since the moment I sealed the destiny of three miserable souls, Adam, Roman's, and my own. Although I doubted to have ever possessed a soul within me, not after everything I've done, not after all those lives I lived.

Yes, I was a traveler. I wandered from one body to another, so one might think that was enough proof of a soul within my existence, but to me it was only my mind that wandered, taking over yet another physical shell.

Adam was stable, the bond had tamed the lycan that awakened in him, and his rage was overpowered by the newly attained desire to care for one being, and one being only, his mate. Me.

He was nothing but considerate, and gave me the much needed space, thinking I wanted to sort out my feelings and stormy thoughts about the bond with another that was yet to be severed. The only problem was that I knew exactly what I've done, that the marking was only a measure to stop the bloodbath, and that no matter what he thought were his real feelings, were merely an artificial link, created out of necessity in the moment.

I stepped out of my room in the dorm into the crisp, autumn air. I refused to stay in the Alpha's house, because that would look like I've accepted the position of their Luna. I did not and would not. I just needed more time to craft a way out of this mess.

"Raegan," his deep baritone reached my ears, and my whole body jolted, followed by instant stiffness. To the hell with this body and to the hell with the mate bond.

Lies... pathetic want to feel want him.

A voice that kept haunting me, echoed through my mind, but I immediately tried to mute it out.

"Alpha," I nodded my head to show respect, but kept my eyes focused on the open space in front of me, looking anywhere but him. All I could do was treat him with coldness and indifference.

Of course, do not let him get attached. He should hate you, traitor.

"Raegan, can you at least call me by my name?" He responded, reaching for my hand, but I pulled it away.

"That won't be necessary, Alpha, you know there was no other way you could have been stopped, except for killing you, of course. I just chose the lesser evil," I said bitterly, even though the bond was causing every cell in my body to hurl in pain from the word daggers I was throwing towards my now mate.

I turned to walk away and put some distance between us, but with a speed of light that distance was crushed by our bodies, when Adam pulled me into himself, capturing my lips with his while at it. I attempted to wiggle out of his embrace, release myself from the kiss, but his lycan strength overpowered my own, and the bond made sure to shock me with electricity that zapped through our linked forms all the way to our infused lips.

"Mmmmghm!" Unable to make any comprehensive sounds, I kept trying to push on his chest, to let me go, but that only caused him to deepen the kiss, opening my mouth with his tongue and forcing it inside, escalating the exchange into a passionate act.

After what felt like forever, he finally parted our faces, both of us panting heavily from the prolonged physical connection. My heart was racing involuntarily, even though I resented the organ for such disgusting easiness to be fluttered and pleased at that moment.

"Now tell me you feel nothing, tell me that meant nothing," Adam pleaded, enraged and excited from our heated exchange.

"I..." I was about to say something, but he spared me no time and caught my lips again, holding me close.

I hated, absolutely hated to admit it, but this closeness, his warmth, his lips...they all felt good.

No more. It's a lie.

I pushed at him and this time he didn't resist, freeing my mouth. Before he could say anything a loud punch sound roared through the field.

"Oh shit, she actually..." I heard Klaus in the background, as well as a gasp or two, most likely from some unfortunate pack members who had the pleasure to witness this spectacle.

Yes, I punched their Alpha, on top of it, I punched the Alpha who was also a lycan.

"Touch me again without my permission and I swear to..." I stopped to take a deep breath, turned on my heel and stomped away from the stunned werewolf.

Klaus walked up to him, patting him lightly on the back, "Bitches, am I right?"

Alpha growled, sending him a 'do not piss me off' look, after which he stormed off into the opposite direction.

"Was it something I said?" Klaus shrugged, as usual unable to stop being a little dramatic, causing the other Berserkers who came out of the dorm to shake their heads and roll eyes.

I kept up a brisk tempo, while my feet stomped heavily on the ground, most likely destroying the tiniest living creatures and particles underneath them.

"How dare this ungrateful neanderthal of a dog kiss me without permission, like he's got the right to..." I mumbled to myself in frustration. Deep down I was less frustrated with Adam's little kissing spree, and more with my own body's eager reaction to the mate bond in action. Despicable how easily the physical shell can betray your mind.

Deep forest came into my view, which I welcomed with a sigh of relief. The need to feel the open space and vibrance of nature led me straight into the woods.

The boarder couldn't have been too far, because I could sense werewolves nearby, guessing they were patrolling during the day.


A melodic voice stopped me in my tracks. Unsure whether I actually heard it, or was imagining it in my head, I frantically looked around, instantly on high alert.


The voice continued stretching my name, extending each syllable in a chilling, single word melody.

"State your purpose of being in the restricted area, Berserker," a male voice pulled me out of the trance, and I knew that this time, it came from a real person. He spat my title, as if it were the most disgusting thing he's ever had on the tip of his tongue.

Four pack guards stood a few meters from me, with three of them in their wolf forms, and one, the leader, in his human form. Naked as the day he was born.

"Was there someone else here?" I asked without thinking, knowing all too well the answer they were going to give me.

"The only unauthorized person here, is you. Now answer my question!" He pressed firmly. Despite not wanting anything to do with the role of a Luna, the disrespect coming from them annoyed the shit out of me for some reason. I could only assume that Adam decided not to inform the whole pack about our marking. That's for the better, perhaps.

"Nothing. I was simply taking a walk in the woods," I shrugged, telling the truth.

Raegan...have you forgotten about me?

The voice echoed again, causing me to start looking around yet again.

"Right. I don't give a fuck if the council sent you and your family of freaks here," barked the guard, stepping closer towards me, "if I see you anywhere near the borders again, or notice you doing something shady, I'll make sure our Alpha gives you the treatment you and you lot deserve."

Setting aside the clear as a day hostile attitude of the guard, I still sensed that his reaction was overly exaggerated, considering the circumstances, that did not at all indicate I was doing anything suspicious.

"Loosen your pigtails a little there, buddy," I snapped, my voice coming out maybe a little too harsh, having enough of this ridiculousness. "I have no intention of doing anything remotely suspicious here, and I honor the deal I made with your pack's Alpha and Beta. Get out of my way."

Oooh you really shouldn't have pissed him off. Shall we have some fun then?

Although it might have looked like my annoyed tone and harsh words triggered him, I knew there was something else. Something I had no control over at this point.

"You disgusting abomination!" He roared, and along with him the pack of guards in their wolf form growled, exposing their sharp teeth.

Tsk tsk tsk, you irritated my new pets, Raegan. They want to play with you, don't make them wait.

"Seira," I whispered at the sudden realization.

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