Blood Protocol

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The world is drenched in blood. It will never be the same...

The only thing I could see, was the dark sky of one winter night, with white particles of snow falling down, directly onto my pale face. My vision was getting blurry, gradually shifting the world into a smudged, watercolour painting.

"Ah, if I could stay a little longer...just...a little longer..." I whispered to myself, as I feel my eyes falling shut bit by bit. One, stray tear ran down my cheek, but I didn't attempt to wipe it. I could sense my body being too heavy to do so, as if tons of cold liquid were poured over me and froze my limbs.

At first, I could hear a distorted noise somewhere around, which eventually turned out to be a voice. A young male's voice.

"Please, please, stay with me! You can't go just yet, hold on!" He gripped my hand frantically, as if he was trying to prevent me from going cold and still. After a minute I could finally see. I saw his worried expression and pain all over his beautiful face. Noticing a few bruises and scratches on his features, I tried reaching out and touched them ever so slightly.

"Do not worry, brother...It is my time, you know it." I sighed, giving him a faint smile.

"Did I fight well? Next time..." I suddenly couldn't finish the sentence, when exhaustion embraced me.

"You fought well, little sister, very well." He said, holding back what might have been sobs. He knows. He knows it's a goodbye.

"I couldn't...complete the mission. If I could stay awake just a little longer I would..." He cut me off "You did well. I will take it from here. Rest well. There's a hope that awaits for you in the dark."

I felt his palm caressing my cheek, moving one strand of hair away from my forehead.

"I swear that you shall wake up in a better world. Until our next life."

Raegan's POV
Waking up from my dream, all I could see was the grey sky, covered with thick clouds, and snow swirling down towards the ground.
Ah...this time of the year always brings back memories from my first life. All the moments and people I cherished so much...gone like the snow from nearly two centuries ago.
I blinked a few times, and the sky was gone, replaced by darkness and occasional patches of light. There was something heavy covering my head, but I was still too disoriented to identify the object.
Any attempt to move my limbs ended with a failure. An instant realization downed on me. I was restrained purposely to prevent any motion...or escape.
Sedated and put in a straitjacket with multiple chain restraints. Fantastic. After all that I've done for the shifters, do they fear my return this much?
Well, they should.
I could still feel some dizziness, possibly the side effect of coming out of sedation. But it was much less stupefying, now that I started remembering what happened.
They used my blood. They brought me back too early. I lost it, and they put me in here.
Suddenly it came back to me.
'Henry' his name echoed in my head, and along with it a fresh memory of the last day before...before I died. no no no
I saw red, started shaking uncontrollably, still crushed by the chains.
Immediately, I heard the sound of a sliding door and rushed footsteps.
Two pairs of footsteps. Two guards. There was also the sound of firearms being drawn into the air. And yet, no warnings came from them, but a voice from a speaker ran through the room.
"02, you're confused after the sedation, but I assure you that you're safe. There's no need to be alarmed, the restraints are just a precaution." The woman was trying to calm me through the speaker.
I stopped.
You could hear the guards letting out a sigh of relief, and it echoed in the space. Then they all heard a chuckle.
All of a sudden, one of the guards inhaled sharply, as his hand holding a gun started shaking. A second later he pointed it at the other man, and shot him straight in the head before they could react, the sound of flesh and body liquid splattering around, then a heavy thud.
"Grimes, what the hell did you do?! Grimes!" The woman shouted through the speaker. I could see the darkness in the room was replaced by a halo of red light, with a loud alarm sound roaring throughout the building.
"All forces, head to the subject cell 02. It's an emergency, I repeat, it's an emergency!!" I heard the muffled announcement from beyond my cell.
They were too late.
The guard, Grimes, used his authorization code to open what I believe was some kind of cage around. The metal belts that were gripping me in the air opened causing me to fall to the ground. The guard released my naked body from the straitjacket, right at the moment when others stepped into the huge cell.
"Do not kill 02, we need the subject alive!" The speaker woman screamed to them, and they followed the order, firing their weapon carefully, not to hit me in the head or heart.
Stupid move.
Grimes shielded me with his body, and all the bullets got stuck in his flesh, which I used as a living shield.
The shots stopped.
"Apprehend the subject!" An order came through the speaker.
The thick, metal helmet placed on my head had a few, tiny holes, and I could barely see through them, but that didn't matter. I could feel the space and living creatures around me. I could sense their blood, and at that moment I knew my way out.
While two guards started moving to capture me, the rest stood still. Five of them.
"Apprehend the subject, it's an order!!" Again, the person yelled through the speaker.
I tilted my helmet-covered head slightly to the side. Right then and there, all hell broke loose.
There were gunshots, blood splattering all over, lifeless bodies falling to the floor.
The human shields I had around, helped me get my way through to the nearest exit.
A window.
I was about to open it, when a loud gunshot roared through the hallway, and made its way right through my left shoulder. Unbearable pain ripped through my body, destroying the flesh, muscles and bones that kept my arm attached. I could feel it hanging on the few last strings, so I had no other choice, but to rip it off.
It hurt like a bitch, but I couldn't manage to hold it up and focus on the escape. The blood was gushing out of my wound, and there was nothing to stop it.
I didn't hesitate and jumped right out of that window, landed hard on the ground, but knew all too well I couldn't stop to deal with pain. Luckily, the window was on the second floor, hence the fall wasn't deadly.
I ran.
Ran into the woods before they could catch me, gripping on my wound. It didn't take them long though, because a minute later I could hear yelling and heavy footsteps in the distance. Soon flickering glows from flashlights started closing in on my position. It didn't help that I could barely see through the helmet.
'You need to survive. You came back for a reason and can't die again...not yet.' I chanted to myself.
In a moment, I felt the ground abruptly ending under my feet, and realized it was a deep plunge in the middle of the forest, possibly leading to a valley, or a river. It was a close call but I steadied myself and didn't fall.
I turned around, but before I could move, another loud shot penetrated my other arm, while the impact pushed me over the edge.
Gravity took control, and all I could do is fall straight into the darkness's embrace.

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