Blood Protocol

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Chapter 1

Roman's POV
I woke up with a sharp gasp. Yet another ghastly dream disturbed my sleep.
Ghastly, because I felt like my spirit somehow transported itself into the scene from the dream. Even though I couldn't remember much, I swore the experience was so vivid, that even the winter cold and snow felt real on the surface of my skin.
The world is dyed with the colour of blood...
This was the only thought that remained in my mind after the mysterious nightmare.
A loud sound of a phone brought me back from the morning daze.
"What the hell..." I grumbled angrily at the sight of who dared to call this early.
"What is so important that you have to-" my words cut off by the voice on the other end. "I'll be there in 5" was all I could respond. A moment later I was heading towards the pack house.
"Greyson" said the Alpha, when I entered his office, "We've got orders from the Council...and some pretty disturbing news."
A grimace creeped up on my face at the words "the Council". Never liked the old fuckers, never will, and whatever comes from them is never good, or in any pack's interest. I just crossed my arms, waiting for the Alpha to explain the situation.
"Numerous attacks have been registered around the world in the past few weeks." he started.
"Who was it? Hunters, or rogues?" I sounded rather dismissive. It's not the first time hunters tried something fishy on smaller packs, and rogues are just a bunch of vengeful lowlives looking for a fight.
"Neither," said Alpha, looking nervous, as if whatever comes next was the worst thing he's ever heard.
I raised an eyebrow, "the attacks were by pack members. No one knows what had pushed them over the edge. All that's known, is that individuals suddenly went savage, attacking their fellow pack warriors, mates...children."
"Any connection between the incidents? Were they from the same community, area? Any chance they conspired with the Hunters?" Figured I would ask some questions, but Alpha shook his head. He looked at me with a serious expression.
"Absolutely none, it was confirmed. There was no correlation between the wolves, not even between the packs or areas they were from. Entirely random." He paused for a moment, measuring me from head to toes.
"You're being annoyingly cryptic about this" I said, "so you either tell me what's going on, or I'm outta here, the Council can take care of the mess." My patience was running low.
"The Council has chosen our pack, well, me and you in particular, to lead a mission for them." Alpha frowned slightly, like whatever was coming will definitely not make me do backflips.
"Like hell I will" I could feel my expression filling with disgust. I undeniably hated the Council and all their little puppets. Adam was the only Alpha, heck, the only wolf that could be trusted.
"They ran out of puppets for missions? Why should I-"
"Because there's a chance you might find your mate." Adam looked me straight in the eye, and that left me speechless for a split second.
Ok I was only 29, and for a regular wolf that would be pretty late to find a mate.
To be honest, I started losing hope when it came to finding my mate. I travelled quite a lot, from pack to pack, thinking that I can find her there, but without success. The thought of having missed her somehow was excruciating. After all this time I simply gave up on the thought of having a mate, and instead focused on training new recruits, having become quite withdrawn, cold-hearted even, in the opinion of many in this pack.
I didn't lack the attention of females, on the contrary, a lot of unmated female wolves, and human women were often flirty, I could see them pining after me and trying to 'melt the cold facade', but to no avail.
Adam was the only one I didn't feel like murdering on the spot for bothering me, well, most of the time at least. But hearing about the possibility of finding my mate, it got me thinking. I have never been to the Council's building though...could it be?
"What do you mean that I might find her?" A gulp escaped waiting for Alpha's response.
"Think about it, the Council called upon the Alpha and Beta of each pack in North America. That's gonna be a lot of people, and some of them are females. Isn't that enough of a chance? You haven't met the new ones in charge, also you haven't been in the headquarters, so who knows, it won't hurt going."
Ok the man was really trying hard to convince me, maybe a little too hard, but he had a point. I have sort of given up on finding my mate, so at least in the past 2 years, I refrained from travelling around in a constant search for her.
"Fine," you could hear dissatisfaction in my tone, "I don't care about it anymore, but I'll go with you since you're acting all cryptic about the recent incidents."
"That's my man!" Adam slapped my back once, but removed his hand quickly when I glared at him. "Suuure, the incidents are the only thing that convinced you to go."
"Whatever. When do we leave?" I asked, heading for the door.
"Tonight. The sooner the better they said, and in the Council's language, that means 'getcho asses over here, pronto!'" Adam exaggerated with that impression a little, but it still made me chuckle under my nose.
Soon enough, off we went.

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