Blood Protocol

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Chapter 3

Side note: Raegan is portrayed by Ruby Rose, and Roman is portrayed by Jay Ryan.
I just instantly pictured them as my characters.
Ok back to the story.

Raegan's POV
I walked down a long corridor of the Council's headquarter. It didn't take a genius to figure out in which hall I'd be able to find the shifters and my estranged family.
Damn were they loud. Gluttony of my little brother was insatiable and going strong as ever.
Yet unnoticed, I opened the door to the room with all the ruckus and snuck in. And low and behold, my brother with bright sapphire hair was, indeed, the one causing an overly dramatic scene.
Looking at a guard's dead body on the ground close to the entrance, a very precise and symmetrical hole punched in the center of his head, the immediate assumption was that it was my other brother's doing.
Pulling out a syringe filled with a dark substance, I called out into the space, beckoning the rowdy boy.
"Alistair, you glutton, I've got something for you. Come here!" I shook the syringe lightly, raising it in the air, so that it was within his line of vision.
At the same time, a wave of an incredible smell surrounded her. I was careful not to change my expression, but in my mind, I was already frantically localizing the scent. It came from one of the shifters, the exact one who was currently scrutinizing me with his golden, piercing eyes.
'Impossible...' I thought, but couldn't entertain the idea with any more attention, because Alistair was charging my way.
"Now kiddo, you've had your fun, time to stop scaring the poor people. Drink up." The syringe flew in the air, and the blue-haired boy caught it right in his widely opened mouth, which, after a split second, returned to normal.
He blinked a few times, his eyes not dilated anymore, and stood still before me, revealing a confused face. The other Berserkers also stopped in their tracks upon my sudden arrival.
Dead silence fell in the room, and not one person dared to make a move, not even the wolves, despite my being doubtful that any of them knew who I really was.
I pulled the hood off of my head, revealing a bush of ash brown hair, kept in a short, but messy haircut. One side of my head was nearly shaved in sort of a gradient style, with a few interesting patterns swirling between longer patches of hair.
My icey, silver eyes measured everyone in the room, in the same manner they were scanning my body, covered with baggy clothing.
I shifted slightly, feeling the awkwardness of the situation, and cleared my throat.
"Ra...Raegan? What the hell, is this really you?" the man who killed the guard said, ogling me with wide eyes.
"One and only, at your service, Klaus." I raised my hand, and did a quick salute towards my dear brother.
"No fucking way! You're alive! And...and you're here!" Shouted my sister, Mina, the short, Asian girl.
It didn't escape my attention that the shifter with golden eyes flinched ever so slightly when I spoke. I couldn't shake the strange feeling that was tugging at my mind, and insides, constantly making me glance at him.
I don't have time to deal with this now.
I scolded the stupid sensation.
Tobias clearing his throat brought everyone's attention. Guards had their guns pointed at Klaus and Alistair by then. Neither moved from their spot though.
"This meeting is adjunct. New circumstances have emerged, so I shall notify all packs when the Berserkers are ready to be dispatched. My people shall send further instructions to each pack. Meanwhile, you're all dismissed." No one protested. But before all of the wolves headed for the exit, Tobias ordered two of them to stay behind: the one who was looking at me, and his neighbour.
"Can you explain what is the meaning of this circus?" The 'golden guy' did not waste time to demand an explanation for what just happened. Tobias, however, was focused solely on me and the fact that I managed to stop the chaos with one syringe.
"I see you received our message. I'm glad you decided to join the meeting. Better late than ever."
I shrugged, "Yes, well, I only came because of my siblings, who, you so graciously informed me, were your hostages, even though I see you have no control over them." My words came out in a soft, but spiteful tone.
"In that case, would you consider joining them on this mission? Since you're so sure you're the only one who can control them," he was about to continue, but Klaus exploded in a tantrum that was compliant with his dramatic personality.
"Hold the fuck up! You want to tell me that you've been alive and well and in contact with these bastards holding us in a fucking prison," motioned with disgust towards the council "and you didn't bother to get us out?!"
Klaus' arm started changing in colour, going darker, which meant he was losing control. He had a tendency to be a little bit of a drama queen, but I had to admit, when his rage kicks in, he was a pain in the ass to control.
I could sense and see that it took one bad move for all hell to break loose, and for the guards to attack us all, which was not gonna be pretty. And I didn't mean for our group, but for the shifters.
I had to act fast, and knew just the method to pacify Klaus.
"Oh, brother, sometimes you really need to look at the bigger picture." I responded, shrugging and coming closer to my shaken brother. The council and the shifters were tensely observing the scene, and when I started closing the distance between me and the Berserkers, the guards' guns moved by merely millimeters, but stopped when Tobias raised his hand as a signal for them to halt.
Meanwhile, I stood next to Klaus, and swung my arm over his shoulder casually, causing his eyes to widen at the realization, unbeknownst to the bystanders.
"Brother," a whisper escaped my lips this time, even though I knew well that the shifters could hear me, "you really don't see an opportunity here?" Klaus' still had a cold expression, full of disgust at his traitor of a sister. Well, I knew it all to well, and had the perfect strategy for it.
"Think about it this way, we spill the blood here and every shifter in this damn province will be out on the hunt for us. Fair, it might take them a while before they catch us, but by then I might not even be here anymore, and without me you're weaker, they'll put you back in a prison shit hole like some crazy beasts." His arm was starting to get back to normal, so I continued.
"I know you all too well, Klaus, you crave the power, control over your existence. Isn't that what they are giving us on a silver plate? Freedom, opportunity, chance to start over with a clean record."
What the shifters couldn't hear was our mind link.
'We're done with whatever little crisis they're having, and I'll leave you in charge of the rest' I proposed.
'What of it? They follow you, not me' he replied.
'Oh come on, none of them have the backbone to lead, besides you and me, and I'll be out of the picture soon enough. You don't need me, after all, Klaus, you were born to be a strong leader, you've got... determination, and vision. I'm merely your supplier.'
To the outsider's eyes it just seemed like the man was considering his options for a minute.
"Very well," the man turned around and out of her embrace, facing Tobias and the two shifters, "we'll go with your little plan, but only because going back to my cell is just so depressing. I'm starting to turn into Edgar Allan Poe, and it's ruining my skin."
I chuckled at his dramatism. That's Klaus for you right there.
There was a movement in my peripheral vision, and my eyes travelled after a hunch to, again, find the golden eyed shifter looking at me.

I hope you enjoy the story so far!
The next chapter will be updated this week and I promise that you have a lot to look forward to!
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