Blood Protocol

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Chapter 4

Raegan's POV
At last, I took a moment to scan his entire body, and had to admit, the man was definitely gifted with good looks. His strong, square jaw was dusted with a light stubble, dark brown hair cut short, but still kept in a messy style, muscular body, undoubtedly sculpted through hard training, and his eyes...
Damn those eyes.
Natural, amber gold irises were glowing ever so faintly with a gleam characteristically gold, like all shifters.
I could almost feel them piercing through the deepest areas of my body. I would dare to say my soul, but I don't believe I'm an owner to one. Not after all those lives I had lived and ended.
The thought was like a bucket of cold water, bringing me back to reality.
Focus, Raegan, focus! He is nothing to you, it's not possible that he would be your mate! You're not one of them.
Inner voice in my head scolded, while I turned my body towards the tall shifter, crossed my arms and tilted my head to the side, giving him an icy glare to quickly cover up the fascination with his physique.
"May I help you with something?" Sassy question escaped my lips, as if I wasn't the one ogling him just mere seconds ago.
"You could start by less staring and more explaining, boy." He retaliated with a similar level of pettiness in his tone. I found it irritating but also quite a challen-
Hold up! Did he just call me a boy?!
"A boy? Are you talking abou-" Klaus started, and I reacted quickly, stretching my arm in front of him to cut the sentence.
"About Allistair? He's the only minor here. I'm very much an adult, and I expect to be referred to as one." My tone was stern and clear, even through my accent, with British and Eastern European notes to it. I motioned towards my blue-haired, rowdy brother to make my point.
Klaus and the rest were all but looking at me with confusion, trying to understand the decision to hide my current gender from the wolves.
"Sure you are, with those twig-looking arms and fragile body, shortie." He made no attempt at rehabilitating his rudeness. The remark caused Klaus to look at me with a glimpse of sympathy, but I just shook my head with an unchanged expression to let him know the guy's comment did not matter. He, apparently encouraged by our momentary silence, continued:
"I don't know what the Council is thinking, but I doubt your bunch can ever match our warriors. You'll be a dead weight to us when it gets to serious fighting, and no training is gonna change that."
Oh he was challenging me alright, and he sure as hell was in for a lesson.
I stepped forward, straight towards where the two shifters and the councilman were standing.
"You've got yourself a challenge then. We will follow you to your pack's territory, train alongside your warriors, and if our skills exceed your standards..." I paused, glancing at my siblings, "my siblings will be pardoned their crimes, and freed. We will not fight this war with you, and instead we're free to go wherever we shall." I stated our terms, although it was more for my siblings than for myself.
Tobias tensed up, and immediately started protesting:
"Wait a minute, the Council hasn't discussed the possibile revocation of their-"
"Fine! But when you lose, you have to stay with our pack for the next five years, serving our community every single day, with any type of labor. Plus, report to the Council regularly." He said quickly, cutting Tobias off and extending his hand for me to grab and seal our deal.
I hesitated for a split second, not because of the condition in case of an unfavorable outcome to us. I was certain we would excel in whatever combat or physical training they were cooking for us. I just couldn't bear the thought of his reaction to what he was about to discover.
Why do you even care what he will think? He's nothing to you, remember?
I shook the worry off of my mind, and reached with my gloved hand for his. The moment I grabbed his big, strong palm, his eyes widened painfully and travelled rapidly between my face and our linked hands.
Within second he nudged me forward by pulling our handshake towards himself, while gripping my forearm with his other hand.
"What the fuck happ-," he started, looking at me with furious, narrowed eyes, but I pulled myself out of his grip and stepped away, keeping my composure and fixing the gloves on both hands.
"This is of no importance." I responded quickly and looked at Tobias.
"Do we have an agreement? As you heard, we will comply with the Council's request to join the West Coast Pack, and I shall report on behalf of my siblings during our stay there."
"Very well." Tobias wasn't happy, but he agreed. He dismissed both shifters and my siblings to a separate room, to prepare for the travel, while asking for a moment alone with me.
"We will discuss your situation after the crisis has been dealth wi-"
A loud bang silenced him at once, when my artificial fist got into contact with the hard, wooden table, leaving a dent in the smooth surface.
"It appears that you are sorely mistaken about something," my eyes started emanating the peculiar, silver gleam, while piercing right through him, "I am not under anyone's jurisdiction, Tobias, nor are my siblings as of the moment the Council brought me back. I know what you've done with my blood, I was aware all this time."
Tobias gulped, while his eyes widened profusely.
"I-impossible! You have no consciousness in between the cycles! This little bluff of yours won't lead you anywhere!"
"I don't need a body, to know where and to whom my blood is being given to...I feel it."
"N-nonsense, you-" his voice cracked.
"Seira" I threw the name between us, not breaking the eye contact, staring him down while he struggled to control the shivering of his body.
"I know what you did, Tobias, and I know what you can do for me," suddenly his nails started changing into his wolf's claws, and the man slowly brought the shaking hand closer and closer to his throat.
"You should have confirmed whose blood they injected you with, but I guess greed has always been your greatest sin." A smirk took over my lips, while I sent a challenging look towards the man.
Fear. That's what stared back at me. Eyes full of fear.

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There's still a lot of unanswered questions in the story, but fear not, it's all gonna make sense, I promise!
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