Blood Protocol

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Chapter 5

Raegan's POV
We finally set off to the West Coast Pack's territory, and to say that I felt uncomfortable at the thought of being surrounded by a huge pack of wolves, quite literally at that, was an understatement.
Also, who the hell was in charge of this sitting arrangement?
I was currently in a confined space of a private jet, provided by the higher-ups to transport us all back to the pack. I did not like flying, nor did I enjoy the thought of not having an escape route.
To top it all off, I was seated right across from the golden-eyed shifter, and since the seats were (in)conveniently facing each other, there was no good way to escape his stares. For some reason the staff insisted that the back part of the aircraft, where my siblings settled, was full, so they directed me to sit right in front of him.
Well, shit.
His presence made me feel uneasy, uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the feelings and signals my body was sending me. I did not like it one bit. There wasn't much I could do, besides trying to ignore him for those excruciatingly long few hours.
"Sir, would you like something to drink?" A stewardess offered to the shifter, sending a sweet smile towards him. It was almost nauseating to my liking, but what do I know?
The girl hovered around his seat for way too long for a regular service, trying to strike a seemingly innocent conversation, actually touching his shoulder from time to time, while completely ignoring me, or other passengers.
"Could I have a glass of water, please?" I suddenly threw at her, my voice maybe a little too loud and harsh, but I couldn't care less. She annoyed me and I wanted her gone, even if just for a few seconds.
The stewardess released a quiet huff on her way to grab what I ordered, probably thinking no one could hear her. Not that it mattered to me, but as long as she gave us some space, I was a happy camper.
Gave "us" space? What the fuck is wrong with I care about him flirting with people. He thinks I'm a male anyway, so let's keep it that way. Don't get involved, 02.
I reminded myself of the position I was in by essentially quoting all those people who controlled me over the decades. The luxury of having a partner was never there for me to begin with, but now that I was on my way to complete and ultimate freedom, I wasn't gonna jeopardize my plans with a distraction in the shape of a shifter.
But what a fine shape it was.
He was easily 6'7 tall, sculpted with the most delicious looking muscles that you could distinguish even through his clothing. The guy was radiating with pure alpha male pheromones, and something that physically and figuratively pulled me in.
Right then and there, I heard someone clearing his throat, and realized it's the alpha male sitting right across from me. I averted eye contact and instead focused on my, ridiculously interesting at the moment, glass of water that was brought by the flight attendant.
"So...are you gonna tell me your name, or am I supposed to guess?" The golden-eyed shifter spoke.
"It's quite rude to ask someone for their name before telling them your own," I scoffed, looking straight into his eyes now, challenging him.
At first he just turned his head to the window, and it seemed that we hit the wall in our brief exchange, but then he threw in a husky voice, "Roman Greyson," and yet again found my silver eyes to stare into.
His name resonated inside my head, lingering long enough for me to realize that the pause in our conversation was longer than necessary. I vaguely remembered that one of my siblings called my name out in the hall of the Council's headquarters, but I supposed it was quite a ruckus, so his lack of attention to that one detail was completely understandable.
"Raegan," I introduced myself with my name instead of the number, 02. Why did I decide to choose the more intimate option? Aside from my siblings, I would hardly ever allow anyone to know, let alone use my name.
"Raegan..." He pushed for me to reveal my last name, however, I, myself, did not remember having one.
"That's it, just Raegan." It was clear the topic wasn't to be pressed any further.
"Fine," he grumbled with his deep, husky voice, "in that case do you care sharing what happened to your arm?"
Well, that was quick.
"Do you care minding your own business?" I retaliated.
"Aren't you nice?" He threw sarcastically, examining my face with his golden irises.
"Paint me yellow and call me a fucking sunshine," I grumbled under my nose, staring out the window yet again, squinting my eyes at the light reflected on the clouds.
A rumbling, deep laughter caught our attention in an instant, causing me to turn my head in the direction of the sound. It was the other shifter, Alpha Adam, standing right next to Roman's seat at the moment.
"I see you've become well aquatinted already, throwing jokes," he commented on mine and Roman's exchange just now.
"I hardly know anything about jokes," I said to the alpha, keeping a calm tone and posture in my seat. Meanwhile, I could feel Roman's stare at the side of my face, while my attention was on Adam.
"I actually found you quite amusing just now, but that aside, as long as you know something about fighting, I'm a happy camper," he said and I shrugged.
"Fighting is all I know, you don't need to be concerned about my lack of skills. Neither should you be worried about the rest," I offered a reassurance, motioning to my siblings, seated in the back of the cabin.
"What about that," he pointed at one of my arms, "Is that gonna be a problem and drag us down?" He was a 'no bullshit' kind of man, that was as clear as a day, but I wasn't one to back down either. It's true, I didn't answer Roman's question, but he was asking about 'how' my injury happened, not if my capabilities were affected.
"On the contrary, my arms are a much better weapon than they used to be, since they're not subject to injuries now," I didn't mind explaining the technical side of how the prosthetic arms worked, as I felt it was essential for the alpha to be aware that having me on the squad wouldn't diminish their performance in a dire situation.
"What the fuck do you mean 'arms'?" A growl emerged from Roman's throat, as if the thought of me lacking both, flesh limbs infuriated him, for some reason. That caused everyone in the back to fall silent, turning all eyes on us.
Adam quickly squeezed his shoulder, seeing he was about to spring up and shoot towards my seat.
Without flinching, I drew one hand to my mouth, bit on the glove covering it, then pulled, revealing a very much mechanical hand. I did the same thing to the other hand next. Indeed, both my arms were not that of a human, but a machine.

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