Blood Protocol

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Chapter 7

There was no time for questions or explanation, as Alpha's body shifted within seconds and lunged at me, his huge, midnight black wolf aiming at nothing else but a swift kill.

I knew one thing. There was no way me, or any of the Berserkers would be kept alive if I so much as scratched the Alpha of the West Coast Pack. There would be no trial, only a death sentence.

It was a do or die situation. I knew that with my abilities, I could take him down with one bite, but I couldn't let that happen.

My athletic skills and reflex did not disappoint, moving my body with dexterity and grace, escaping each swing of his enormous paws and every snap of his snout, revealing sharp, white teeth.

I registered distressed voices of the pack members rushing to the side, beckoned by the commotion.

"Adam, stop!! Calm the fu-"

I could hear Roman, trying to bring Alpha Adam back to humanity, to no avail.

Why in the world was no one else shifting to stop this madness?! Were they enjoying this spectacle of a wolf and his prey that much?

I've had enough. Forgive me Alpha, but you've given me no other choice.

The current of thoughts brought an idea that I immediately wanted to put into action.

When the wolf dived straight towards me, I used my body's heightened strength to push myself off the ground, leaping high in the air. Then in one, liquid motion I pulled my legs together and plunged down, aiming with my feet at the wolf's gigantic, dark head. I hit the target, surfing on the beast's front, while it partly submerged into the gravel and soil, carving a long flume in the ground, until it came to a halt.

Hurriedly, I jumped off his head, creating a safe distance between me and my opponent. It seemed that the beast was out, and the fight was over for now. I was still breathing heavily from this uncalled physical challenge, while my heart was racing from all the adrenaline, trying to pump as much blood to my body as it could.

"Hooooly fuck, did he just wake up and remembered he wanted to shred you into pieces?" Klaus whistled, and then released a grunt when Trai nudged him with an elbow.

"You," Roman pointed at the group, "shut up, and don't even budge. And you," then he pointed at me, his expression cold and clearly pissed at the whole mess, "you've got some explanation to do, when we get our Alpha to the pack's hosp-"

He was cut off by a loud growl and sudden movement of a dark-furred beast. The wolf unexpectedly regained consciousness, or perhaps was pretending to be out cold all along, and came at me yet again. I tried escaping his teeth aimed at my small frame, but did not manage to remove my leg from his range, and one of the predator's canines left a deep, heavily bleeding scratch on my shin.

Fuck. This is bad... it's really, really bad.

I hit the ground hard, but was able to roll out of the beast's way, before he decided to go for another bite.

"Raegan!" I heard someone screaming in panic, seeing blood oozing out of my leg for a second. The injury healed in the next moment, significantly faster than any regular shifter's healing process. I'm positive the one screaming was Roman, but before he could even think about reaching my side, his attention was switched to his Alpha.

A loud, excruciatingly painful whimpering caused everyone to turn their eyes to the black wolf. The shifter was struggling to breathe, fell on the ground and started tossing and turning in, clearly, a great amount of pain. That also triggered the transformation back into his human form, breaking and relocating bones, adding to his misery. Following, was a series of Adam's body changing between two forms, with his wolf roars, human screams and whimpers intertwining between shifts.

"What the fuck..." Roman whispered, dumbfounded by the chaos. He tried getting closer to Adam, but the Alpha tossed aggressively on the ground, not letting anyone close enough to hold him still.

And the worst was yet to come.

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