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Chapter 1

“You’re so dumb!” A boy taunted as he threw a stone at my face.

“L-Leave me alone!” I cried in fear.

All of a sudden a voice came from behind us, “LEAVE HIM ALONE!”

At that moment I spotted him, a boy with blue, dyed hair. He had piercing azure eyes that could replace the soothing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The mysterious boy let out his hand. Helping me up, he asked if I were ok and if I needed a ride. I answered no and thank you for the help. He had already scared the bully away and handed me his number just in case I needed anything.

“If you need any help, or somewhere to stay, consider calling me.” He said.

“I’m merely a stranger, why help me?” I asked.

“I hate how people hurt others without reasoning, it disgusts me. By the way, my name is Asaigh. What’s yours?” Asaigh questioned.

“Rean.” I replied.

He turned his back, still looking at me he released a smile, “Cya later on, Rean!” He then scurried away.

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