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Chapter 2

“Killer in the~ killer in the~ killer in the mirror~” I sang as I placed down the trays and saucers of food.

My mother threw a glass of wine at me, “SHUT UP!”

I obeyed her orders, set the last bits and crumbs of food on the table, then ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. I locked my door.

Sitting down on my bed, I took out my phone and dialed the number Asaigh gave me. I hesitated at first, but my tears forced me to press the button labeled, “Call.”

He picked up...

Hello? He answered.

My breathing stopped, then I began to speak, “H-hey it’s Rean.”

Ey! Wassup? It’s pretty late, why did you call?

“I’m feeling a bit-.” I sighed, not finishing my sentence.

A bit what?

“I’m sorry...” I then dropped the phone and ran downstairs.

The phone was still on, his voice echoed from it.

Rean? Rean!? Rean are you ok?

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