Orange Monkeys

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The last time that I fell in love orange monkeys fell from the sky! This is an excerpt from my personal journal from April 26th, 2012 about a month after I began my current and last relationship with the love of my life. We've been together for almost 7 years and this entry was to recount and store one of my best memories of when I fell in love for the last time. Special shout out to my black bear! We are now 7 years in, 4 kids in (blended family of 2 girls and 2 boys) and our love remains strong. As fate would have it, our love grows stronger with each passing day! Tomorrow is his 30th birthday, February 7th, 2019 and I wanted to surprise him with this excerpt! Thanks for reading and we hope that you enjoy!

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Orange Monkeys

An excerpt from my personal journal

April 27th 2012 - Friday Evening - 10:49p

Today was quite uneventful. I attended a 4 hour Training Webinar for Teleflora and hosted Operation “Clean Apartment” today. Other than that, I really didn’t do anything. Ford is back from Ferrum, so he came over for awhile to chill and Jaques walked up here as well. I don’t really do much on my workdays. Right now, I have the worst headache in the history of headaches, but I still wanted to set time out to discuss what relationship historical milestone that happened to me yesterday.

First disagreement/argument of the relationship occurred which was to be expected. Minor, yet it happened. We were over it instantly, however. But yesterday, 4/26, in the afternoon sometime he randomly asked, “Guess what??”

And, the way he looked, I assumed that something was wrong or he was leaving or something, so I’m solemnly like, “What..?”

He responds simply, “Guess?” and by this point, I’m a little irritable because I don’t like to play guessing games. So, as a result, I provided two random guesses. The first guess was totally over the top to symbolize my state of apprehension being, “Orange monkeys are going to fall out of the sky?!” Being as ridiculous as it was, I’d figured that he’d go ahead and tell me whatever it was. To my unexpected surprise, he encouraged me to guess again, more realistically this time. So I gave an honest shot in the dark out of all of the trillions of things it could’ve been. I reluctantly guessed again, “Do you feel any better from earlier?” because he wasn’t feeling that well earlier that morning.

After a few moments, he gave up jeering and I gave up guessing. Once I felt completely defeated, surrendering to this guessing game, he said, “Come here...”

Automatically, I am instantaneously alerted as to what this really might be, estimating the seriousness of where this might be going and I hesitantly laid on his chest to await whatever news he had to bear upon me, mentally preparing myself, whether good or bad. He simply says after a few seconds of making me dreadfully wait, “I love you... first!” with the biggest smile!

My heart instantly melted like an elegant swan ice sculpture on a memorable beach wedding day. Like a wave, I felt the sunlit warmth within the deep freezing caverns of what’s left of my heart and felt a feeling long forgotten. Whatever part that was deemed as the recipient of this message, instant messaged a reply right back indicating that I’d felt the same way! I loved him, too! Overwhelmed by what transpired so swiftly, all my brain registered was utter awe and confusion immediately resulting in shock and embarrassment. I never thought I’d feel that way when my heart finally knew. It’s still indescribable...

Afterthought: We randomly say to each other.. “Orange monkeys are falling out of the sky” ( = I Love You) to remember that fateful day when we first expressed to each other that we were in love lol & people look at us like we’re insane ! Haha.

Thought I couldn’t write after all of these years..? Think again.. =P

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