The Sinful Seduction

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You may hold my hand for a while but you hold my heart forever I ran and ran over the dark streets of the late night city of Delhi and hid myself in a trash barrel behind an alley. My eyes graze at the sky blue birthday gown adorning my body which is now reduced to a rag. Recalling the harrowing events from last few hours which changed my life completely, I look at my bloodied hands rising to my eyes and break down to a yowl. It is my birthday today but unfortunately the most woeful day of my life. I lost both my parents just a few hours back and killed the man who murdered them. I am already a bloody murderer just at the age of thirteen. The recollection of the sinful thought bought cold shivers down my body. A few hours later... Two men involved in a discussion pass down the alley. I quickly pulled myself down into the bin but regretfully one of them seems to have already noticed me. "Hey Little Girl! Why are you hiding yourself here?" Gauging me his eyes roamed the sooty place with disdain. I assessed him carefully. He was dressed in a black suit with well defined abs. "Are you a cop?" I held myself up in panic already regretting the choice of words I had used. He shook his head with a smile and raised his hands.

Romance / Thriller
M Manogyna
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Chapter 1



“Baby Girl, wake up. It’s your birthday today. Won’t you go to the school and distribute sweets to your friends? My mother asks me in a simpering voice. “Your dad is already waiting at the breakfast table to take you to the school.” She beams, pulling out the covers from over my face. I giggle and jump into her arms heretofore with my eyes twinkling in excitement. “Yay! It is my birthday.” I jump down off the bed and hustle to the bathroom to have a quick shower after giving my mother a bone crushing hug.

I take a quick shower and walk back to my bedroom. Since my childhood I was fond of Barbie Princesses and had grown up watching Frozen, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty at least around a thousand times. My room is also decorated in a princess theme with pink and purple colours. Of course I am princess to my dad which he always calls me endearingly. My eyes landed on the Blue royal princess long tailing Ball gown which was placed carefully on my princess bed by my mother. It is my birthday dress which I had purchased two days back going for shopping along with my dad. I liked it in my first glimpse itself. It has embroidery on the bust area which made it more beautiful.

My mother enters my room and kisses my cheek with a smile and wishes me a happy birthday. She locks the dress with a zipper by turning me back and does my hair into a beautiful long pony tail with little strands falling on either side of my face.

I carefully walk down the stairs along with her holding the dress and my dad draws out his head from the news paper with a smile on his face watching me go down. “My princess has really become a big girl.” He twinkles admiring me. When I reach the last stair, he gets up from the dining chair and walks to me. Holding my cheeks in his big warm hands he kisses my head and wishes me a happy birthday. I hug him in excitement and adoringly he runs his hand on my head.

Like every day all of us have our breakfast with lots of fun and cheer but today I am more excited because it is my birthday. My mother prepared my favourite fruit pudding as a desert and my daddy gave a princess house as a birthday gift which I excitedly decorated in my bedroom. Both my parents are orphans and they married each other by falling in love. So I do not have grandparents or any relatives on either side. But the love of my parents is more than anything for me in this world.

Just before we were reaching the car to go to my school my father’s phone buzzed. He quickly pulled out the phone from his pant pocket and held it to his ears. Within seconds his demeanour changed and he was burning like a sun ball shouting at the person on the other end. It terrified me to the core with the way my father reacted. The sudden change of his behaviour jolted me in agitation as he was always a composed man.

He went back inside the house holding my hand and told my mother to lock all the doors and windows. I could not understand till date why all the doors and windows of my house were bullet proofed with iron frames and locks. My father always held a revolver tucked to his belt inside his coat and the usual ‘men in black’ always followed us whenever we went out. I asked my mother several times about why we required such a security. But as usual I was never answered clearly.

After the deadly call that my father received he made a series of phone calls to various people. Within minutes our mansion was blocked by security.

My dad knelt down in front of me and kissed my cheek. His face held an emotion I couldn’t fathom. He brought me closer, hugged me tight and let out a breath. Holding my hands in his large ones he told me in his ever soft voice “Princess, come what may, never come out of that room.” He said pointing to the study which was situated just behind where I was standing. “It is a bullet proofed room and will always keep you safe.” He continues to teach me “Baby, no matter whatever noises you hear, and the screams which reach your ears, never come out of the study.” He responds in cautioning voice which he seldom uses especially towards me.

Unable to speak, I just nod at him as tears threatened to fall out of my eyes. My mother moves forward and kisses my cheek. She sibilates to me to be strong and clamps a card in my sweaty palms. “Baby, in case anything wrong happens, call the number on this card.” With that she nudges me inside the room and I close the door locking myself in it.

Within half an hour, I hear bullets been shot like a heavy downpour of rain. I hear yelling of people and their loud cries. I clutch my sweaty hands together and shiver in fright kneeling at one corner of the room and praying to God to keep my parents safe.

I catch snivels of people and some of them yelping in pain. But after a few minutes my mansion slowly dies down to silence. Silently whimpering in grief and anticipating about the wellbeing of my parents I steadily open my door a little. Just in front of my room door was my mother’s resting form. Her eyes were closed and blood was dripping out of her stomach. Tears pour out of my cheeks looking at her wounded form. My eyes scan down our living hall slowly and move to every corner but lay stationed at one person falling on the floor with blood dripping from both his knees and a bullet shot on his chest. I try to run but before I do, my dad cautions me. He shook his head silently in warning, alerting me not to move out of the place. I clamp my mouth with my hand to let out a silent sob and lock the door slowly once again careful, not to make any sound. But before shutting, I make it a point to notice the silhouette of one person who shattered my life. My eyes go angry and become red like live embers and I take the most important and undoubted decision of my life. I will avenge my parent’s misery. Keeping my emotions under control I trudge to the desk of my father’s study and pull out the front drawer where I know, rested a revolver. I open my door slightly and fire multiple shots at the slayer who made my life a disaster.

Within seconds the destroyer’s knees held out and he succumbed to the floor senseless. My dad dragged himself to his motionless form and examined his pulse making sure to keep me safe till his last breath. A few seconds later he looked at me with a proud and victorious smile. “Princess, he is dead. Now no harm can reach you.” He tells me in a faint voice and sighs in relief. I ran to him in happiness from my hiding place. He hugged me tight once again and falls to the ground. Seconds later his hands fell weak and his eyes get closed. I nudge him several times to wake up but was unsuccessful. Then I ran to my mother pleading her to wake up for me. But neither of them moved nor opened their eyes. I wept sitting beside them pleading them to get up till my eyes went out of tears. Then I realised the tragic truth of my life. Both my parents are dead and left me all alone to struggle in this merciless world.

I opened my hands and looked at the card clutched in my palms that my mother left. I noted the phone number that I was supposed to dial but the little sanity left in me taught me to do otherwise. I could be sent to prison for the murder I had just done. I went to our kitchen and pocketed a small knife for safety purposes and ran away from the house to save my life.

Today is the day, I was born twelve years ago in other words my birthday yet it is the most disastrous day of my life.

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