The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 13


It’s been a week since Adaah left to her educational tour. The fifteen days course on discussion and designing of hotel interiors moulds young talents and nurture them for a great career in the field. I am proud of my little girl that she had always topped her class in whatever field she stepped into. But her recent course on interior designing is pissing me off quite well now. I miss my little girl very much because she is often outdoors on some lecture and education.

I have now gone habituated with my little girl always running and bossing around the house 24/7. It has always been work for me whenever she is away from home. The welcoming of dim walls and lifeless rooms gets me disconsolate. Showering up myself, I step into my bedroom wiping my wet hair with a towel when my eyes land on a photo album placed in the bottom drawer of my walk-in closet.

I quickly dress myself in a casual white T.shirt and grey sweater with complementing trousers. I combed my dark black hair and sat on my bed to review the beautiful memories looking at the album. The immediate first picture of Adaah blowing the birthday candles took me to a reverie as I recall the pleasing rememberance.


Every year facing her birthday has been miserable for Adaah as it also marks the death anniversary of her parents. Memories of her family keep flooding her thoughts though I try my very best to keep her away from the depressed reminiscence. She tends to be unusually quiet and often stays away from any kind of interaction with anyone as the date approaches. But this was no longer acceptable to me. I couldn’t see my little girl more dejected as I thought of a plan.

I booked tickets for an amusement park in the city and also made a list of all her friends to be invited. I was more than sure that my plan would work. We left the house a week earlier. I told my secretary to cancel all my meetings for the week as I wanted to spend time with my little girl. We stayed in my beach house for two weeks as planned for Adaah’s birthday. Accordingly before her birthday all of Adaah’s friends came and greeted her with hugs and presents. The expression of Adaah was simply unexplainable in the words of joy when she saw her friends blooming to celebrate her birthday. She thanked me with tears in her eyes and an uncontrollable happiness. I held her small frame to me tightly and kissed her dense on her forehead. I was happy that at least for a change she forgot all her miseries and was happy in fun and play with her friends.


I close the album with a clear determination and set my eyes close putting my head on the pillow. Tomorrow I am going to bring Adaah back.

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