The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 14


As days rolled by, I could clearly understand, my feelings towards Ajit were not any sort of physical attraction but a way more than that. I am falling in love with him. It’s an eternal feeling beyond any sort of infatuation. It is an attachment that imbibes the strength in me to even cross the five oceans of the universe just for him.

Ajit had been my care taker, a guardian and a loving elderly person who took care of every need of me since last five years. Sometimes when I was small I used to feel, my parents couldn’t stay with me in my life, so they became angels and sent me Ajit to care for me in their absence.

Ajit’s affection towards me is boundless, encompassed with pure fondness which is beyond any sort of carnal veneration. Falling in love with him was a sin which I clearly understand and socially be black marked. Nevertheless my body and mind, don’t will to register. I am shattered by these perilous inducing thoughts that certainly could land me to ruination.

Since last few months, I am not able to concentrate on my studies. It was all the time Ajit’s face which scrolls up in front of my eyes. Oh God! What are these new emotions which are unfathomable and uncontrollable?

With the passing time I began to move much closer to him, a way of beginning of a disaster. I started sleeping with him giving some lame excuses of nightmares. Our cuddles and kisses increased with the passage of time. I do not know what he thinks of me but I want to enjoy this dream as long as it continues.

In a few months, I was almost into kissing him on his lips but suddenly he stirred and opened his eyes from sleep. I was almost caught red handed as my heart starts to drum fast almost making me lifeless. “Baby Girl what were you doing just now?” He questions me startled. I stuttered, “There was a fly trying to bite you on your lips. I was trying to drive it away.” I answered taking a deep breath and easing on the bed beside him. Now I even started lying to him because of my erratic thoughts. The peril of me starts to begin.

Today we are going on an educational tour to Nagpur and I am somehow happy about it. At least under the pretext of my education I could stay away from Ajit and try to control my frenzy mind. It was a kind of ventilation for my already rotting brain from the ardour thoughts. I know these dangerous feelings are going to land me nowhere. I was falling in love with the man who raised me up and I know very well that I am already in troubled waters but it is too late to fade out of it.

Sighing deeply, I packed my bag and locked the door behind me.


I could no longer stay in between stifled walls of the mansion without her. I imagine her everywhere in the house sometimes shouting, making faces and at times doing naughty things under the cover up of my eyes. These feelings were driving me insane. I need to go and bring her back.

I took an early morning shower and dumped some trousers and a shirt upon me to catch a flight to Nagpur. I was never this disorderly but living even a day without her was taking my breath away. I have decided I will shift her to a different course which is free from any sort of outstation tours.

With a lot of ambitious thoughts I stepped into the venue where her course was conducted. Some of the students were scrolling in the veranda. It was probably a break. I asked the whereabouts of Adaah to one of the girls who was chatting with her friend. She pointed to me one of the classrooms at the corner of the building.

Enthusiastically I took quick steps to the quartered room but found her nowhere. I held my steps further which drove me to an alley and I saw something which my eyes could ever read on.

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