The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 15


A guy was trying to kiss Adaah. I pulled the man away from kissing her and slapped him hard. My temper was uncontrollable. I fisted him on his jaw, shot him in the stomach repeatedly and warned him never to mess up with her again.

Her eyes were closed almost readying to enjoy the kiss which made my blood boil. Was that kiss so perfect for her? I do not know why the small teenage thing made me vehemently angry. It was the most common act which most of the adolescents do. Fuck! I even enjoyed sex at that age. But it somehow became unacceptable to me when it came to her. Not that I was against her having a man in her life. I was prepared to marry her off one day but was too possessive with anything concerning her. What if, she got ditched? What if she landed herself in problems? One thing is always clear to me. I cannot see her in tears and I can do anything to avert that feeling even if it comes to killing a person which I had already done in the past.

I dragged her out of the alley to one of the hotels I owned in the city. I gripped her firm at the arm and pushed her inside the room “what was that little stunt you pulled a while ago?” I tried my voice unusually hushed with my utmost control though I was a burning sun ball from inside. “I was trying to find what a kiss would be like.” She murmured in complete innocence. “Were you in so much in crave for an oral sex little girl?” I pulled the matter further for her utter agony. She covered her eyes with her hands in shame and burst into a cry. The next moment I saw her barging into one of the bedrooms shutting the door loudly.

After sometime...

“Adaah, open the door baby girl, I am sorry.” I was knocking her door since almost an hour when finally the door opened. I never saw my doll more hurt than this. Her face was completely red with tear stains all over the face and her hair was like a bird’s nest completely dishevelled.

I pulled her to me and sat on one of sofa’s with her on my lap. I took a comb from the dressing table nearby and started combing her long black hair in utter silence. Both of us stayed like that for a few more minutes in a comfortable tranquillity when she broke the stillness. “I love you.”

I did not know how to react to her open epiphany. I was motionless for a few moments trying to understand her when she spoke again. “I wanted to experience the feeling of being kissed. I do not know what possessed me at that moment and I was almost into a kiss with one of my college mates.”

My jaw dropped by her blatant expression. What was she saying? Was she conscious of what she was speaking? “Little girl” I cooed to her and prepared myself to face the challenge. “Attraction towards the opposite gender is quite common in your age. But it will soon fade away as you become a mature adult. It is only moment of time when you succumb to the desire but, you will soon come out of the fantasy.” I smile a little trying to lighten the mood and teach her with my consoling words like every other life lesson I imparted to her in the past.

“I am a man much older to your age. I raised you up with a lot of love and care because of which you are fond of me.” I tried to reason her out. “Do not worry. I will soon marry you off to a worthy man once you reach a marriageable age. You are just eighteen now and still immature to understand such big things.”

Before I could even finish the sentence she startled me. “I am in love with you. If crushing on you is a sin, I would like to commit that sin again and again.” She spoke to me in a determining voice. “Come what may the circumstances my decision is not going to change and I do not think I committed a crime by loving you.” She concluded confirming her decision.

I was in defeat of making her understand that marrying a man who brought her up like a family is a sin. It is socially and also ethically unacceptable. The dangerous thought brought me to vexation. I was about to speak to her when she interrupted me once again as though hearing my thoughts. “What is your relation to me in my life? She paused for a while looking at me in question. “Are you my father, mother or a brother, nothing to hold by blood isn’t it? Then why can’t you....” I couldn’t let her complete the stupid sentence. Without a second thought I slapped her across the face. “Don’t you dare immaturely argue with me in such a tone?” Hitting her felt regretful but it was the most warranted act at the moment. I spoke to her in a commanding voice. “I loved you long before you even realise your attraction towards me.”

“When I first saw you,” I recall the heart warming memory. “You were like the most adorable crimson red doll. Dressed in a blue ball gown, you were namely a fallen angel, so cute and innocent.” I smile lightly recollecting her saintly face. “I accepted the truth putting a nail on my heart that I could never make you mine considering your age. You were like a tiny tot so small and pretty and your eyes,” I pause for a while in remembrance of the most beautiful optics. “They were glassy with the most admirable mixture of blue and grey. You looked so divine and delicate gazing at me as though I was the only hope. At the moment I took the most important decision of my life.” I peek at her and run a hand on her head out of affection when she looks at me in all curiosity. “ln that second the feeling to protect you, to care for you surpassed every other emotion in me. Nurturing and filling every other relation in your life, I annihilated all my sexual desires towards you.” I nibble on her pink cheek with adoration. “True love imbibes sacrifice little girl.” I petted her. Her eyes were an expression of guilt.

“Finally my answer to your question,” I leer at her seriously. “Yes. I am indeed your dad protecting you from all male beasts of this world since the age of fourteen when you were exposed to sexual exploitation. I filled the role of a mother and nursed you like one when you attained puberty, helping you to understand the nature of feminism. When I listened to your fantasies, I became your older brother bringing down myself to your age and listening to all your dreams and ambitions.” I hold upon myself when she was already on the verge of tears. However I had to stay strong to put her on the right path. “Now listen to me clearly.” My voice softens. “When I can care for you I can also punish you when you do something wrong. From today forward I am going to cancel all your outstation tours as you cease to stay in a scrupulous way. Now have your dinner and go to sleep.” She nods and breaks into a yowl which doesn’t go unnoticed by my aching heart. Before going to my room I turn back to her and wipe away her tears holding her face tenderly in my hands and once again inform. “Get ready tomorrow morning by six. We will be boarding an early morning flight to Mumbai.”

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