The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 16


Since my little fight with him, we haven’t spoken to each other much and the only answers I give him are either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. He goes to office dropping me in college as usual and his driver picks me up from the college in the evening. After he returns home he is busy in the study where as I am always locked up in my bedroom.

I have avoided seeing him as much as I can, irritated by his dominating nature. He made sure, I am out of any educational tours and the only time I am with him is the travel time in the car when I go to my college. I finish the dinner and go off to bed early before he reaches home though the sleep is always far beyond my imagination.

In spite of everything that’s happening in our lives, one thing that I haven’t stopped doing is, loving him. I read complete news of Arihant group of Industries and its CEO Ajit Arihant Acharya. Today I can pledge that I would win a quiz about the company and its young sexy CEO. Call it madness or a fantasy I do not care but I secretly admire Ajit in my dreams like a hero in movies.

Life has been very inactive and the days are passing like a tortoise. My vacation is fast approaching and I am bored to hell in the house. Today I have decided putting tooth and nail that I will tell Ajit of my plan on staying with Rhea for the holidays. Thinking about everything, my eyes drop unknowingly and I fall asleep on the sofa.

Around mid-night I feel myself carried to my bedroom. I lazily open my eyes to find the gorgeous man reigning in my every dream carrying me off like a feather to the bedroom. I close my eyes in peace embracing myself more into his warmness by wrapping a hand around his neck. “Sleep” was all he said looking down at me with softness and I listen to him like a disciple to his teacher.

After sometime I tremble with cold though I was covered with a pile of blankets. I open my eyes to be welcomed by a pair of beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Ajit was looking at me anxiously. “Little girl you are running a high temperature. I had been monitoring you with a wet cloth on your forehead since last one hour. But the fever doesn’t seem to abate.” He holds out to me in his panicky voice. Within a few seconds he brings me a pill along with a glass of water. “Take this medicine and I will come just in a minute.” He speaks to me with endearment.

Speaking to the doctor on phone for over half an hour, he was all worried. Then he comes back and snuggles me into his neck. I inhale hard into his enchanting sandalwood scent and close my eyes in tranquillity. What a great night I am going to have after a long time of penance.

Feasting my body with his touch for the whole night, I open my eyes to the rays of sunlight falling in the room. It was his bedroom. My legs shiver grasping its shape. Clothes were sprawled clumsily everywhere. Papers and files belonging to his office were spread all across the room.

Slowly I got up from the bed and started putting everything in place. After a few minutes the room looked tidy as before which brought a victorious smile on my face. I understood if I was unhappy he was shattered too. I felt guilty of myself that I did not care for him while all the time he was there for me whenever I needed him. I took a shower in his room itself and slipped on his light green dress shirt which I always fancied to wear. The shirt did a little to cover my legs as it reached only till my mid thigh. Because of its super fine material the apparel felt highly transparent, exposing everything inside me as I wasn’t putting on any of my undergarments.

Covered in his clothes and encapsulated by his engendering scent awakened a warm feeling of content and glee. As I know there won’t be any servants in the house at this hour, I boldly took steps to the kitchen in my sexy costume embellished by my half naked state to feast my starving stomach.

The moment I stepped in the kitchen, I jump on my feet to see him. He was equally shocked gaping at me head to toe with his jaw dropped. “Holy fuck! He mutters under his breath looking down and then recoups himself after a few seconds. “Baby girl, how are you feeling?” His eyes raked every part of my body like a butterfly towards a flower. I looked down to myself at the place his vision stationed. The aerolas of my breasts were clearly visible because of the shirts’s superfine material. My centre of feminism was at full view. I bite my lip in shyness not able to know what to do.

“I am fine.” I mutter under my breath. He took a few swift steps towards me and brought me in between his perfectly muscled arms. My almost naked breasts were pressed to his hard chest which I know made him slightly tremble at the contact. I smile lightly knowing the effect I generated in him and decided to tease him further.

I lightly stir in his embrace making his breath heavy. Slowly pulling out I look into his captivating chocolate browns as his replicate mine. I notice dark circles around his optics because of lack of sleep. They held pain. I was agonised at the thought knowing I was the reason behind his melancholy. I was stubborn like a log to talk to him in such a degrading manner a few days ago.

Steadily my eyes graze at the other features of his face. He had light stubble on his profile which was always cleanly shaven since the time I know him. I leisurely run a hand on his hairy cheeks assessing his muted face. His eyes clone mine with an outpour of love and his hand slowly reaches my cheeks nibbling in tenderness. I lean into his touch closing my eyes as tears trickle down.

He shushes me saying consoling words, holding me close to him. My gaze slowly went to his lips. They were a mixture of brown and pink because of the smoking habit he had in his earlier life. I wonder how many packets of cigarettes he would have emptied ruining his health. The shadowing thought brought a lump in my heart. I close my eyes in a dole beholding his touch on me and then slowly my lips meet his.

Initially they stay still glowing in the moment of his touch. His arms tighten around my waist protectively with his eyes sealed. My hands move around his shoulders steadily and pull him closer. My lips start tracing gentle movements on his brink. I expected him to resist preparing myself once again for his rejection but that never happened. Instead he brought me closer to him possessively. His one hand was on my cheek holding my head firm in his strong hands. Another one was on my hips securing me there.

His lips slowly start moving over mine. My eyes automatically close savouring our special moment. My feet rise to their toes. I sensually bring my hands around his neck and lean to him completely. His grip on my hip tightens holding me firmer not to fall and his tongue moves on my lips. I slightly part my brims and his tongue dives in ultimately taking control. An unknowing moan drops my throat at his proximity and his grip tightens on me further. His hands slowly move upwards under my shirt from my hips radiating licentious delectation.

His big warm hands were now on my waist drawing circles underneath and exposing me to unknown carnal pleasures. “Fuck! You are so soft little girl.” He murmurs. And then within seconds I felt the life in his eyes was gone. He pulls away from me and a dreadful emotion unfurled in his brown orbs. He holds my face in his hands and then speaks to me with guilt. “I am sorry baby girl. This will never happen again.” He insinuates and then turns away. I felt ashamed of being rejected again and again but coming out of the dreadful feeling I make a determination.

I am going to make him mine by any means.

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