The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 18


With the passing days my intimacy with Ajit went to the next level. My emotions are always on fire whenever he is near me. Our holidays are just around the corner. After a lot of bargaining and arguments for hours together I finally could have Ajit’s consent for my vacation at Rhea’s house or in other words his parent’s house. Rhea had constantly been calling me about the vacation plans and our possible little adventures. One of them is rock at the bar and go on a booze. I think she doesn’t have a complete idea about her authoritarian brother. If I tell Ajit about our little mischievous plan he would flip. Leave about sending me on a vacation, he wouldn’t allow me to step out of the house. I smile thinking of his expression once I tell him what I am going to do after reaching Mumbai.Packing all my stuff for a month long vacation I was over enthusiastic except for the part of missing my ’sweetheart’. Ajit helped me in the packing and kept me instructing about the do’s and don’ts while staying outdoors. The next morning I reached Mumbai by one of Ajit’s private planes. All along the journey he was bothered about my security. I wonder if he did not have the share holders meeting he would have been with me in the flight.
Spending a month without Adaah was the biggest examination I had to undergo in my life. I tried all my means to stop her from going on a vacation. I even lured her to take her to a Disney land. She looked at me like I had grown two heads. “I am grown up girl now.” She tells me in a stern voice pointing a finger to herself. I raise a brow looking at her amused and decided to play a bit with her. “Is it so? Then what are all those teddy bears and Barbie dolls doing in your bedroom?” Her face was worth watching at the moment. My face immediately pulls to a guffaw at the jubilant thought. With eyebrows knitted and her face scrunched she looked at me as though I have spoken something sinful. After a moment of thought process she answers me in her silvery voice “I just kept them to donate to an orphanage.” I raise both my brows this time entertained by her puerile answer. She was the personification of cuteness and innocence. I smile at her pulling her nose and leave to my bedroom to have bath.

A few days later....

I miss my little girl so much. Unable to bear the solitude I went to her room in order to smell her scent. On the night stand beside the bed lays a sweet photo frame of hers. She was smiling to the camera making a face with her tongue twisting out and muddy hands projected wide on either side of her head. I smile to myself reminiscing the pretty incident.


I walk inside the living room returning home from the office when I hear chortles of my little girl from the garden. I walk to the backyard behind the kitchen curious on what she was doing and find her planting small saplings along the coast of our garden with our gardener Robert. My little girl was squealing in happiness showing Robert one of the seedlings in her muddy hands.

I went to the garden picking her up in my arms. Holding her face in between my fingers and thumb I kiss her plump cheeks and smile at her adoringly. I put her little hands under the tap in the sink and clean them dry with a hand towel to take her to the bedroom. I prepare her bath tub with soap bubbles to have a warm bath and leave to my room for a change.

The picture reminds me of how much she has grown over the years. She is quite tall now and reaches almost to my shoulders. Those little hands.... I grin running my fingers on her little palms in the photo. My little girl looked so pretty in her pink floral frock though she was covered with mud everywhere. She is always my little cutesy balloon. I laugh like a fool reminded of the sweet memory and immediately call my pilot to keep the aircraft ready for tomorrow morning. Enough waiting that I had. Tomorrow I am going to visit my little girl.

Will I be able to handle a girl much younger to my age as my wife? Is our marriage going to be successful? Will she be able to accept the changes in life this marriage is going to make? My relationship with her is going to change completely. Will she be able to accept me in my new way of loving her? There are so many questions clogging my mind. But for the moment I close my eyes. Tomorrow I am going to see my little girl. The beautiful thought brings a smile on my face and I fall into a deep slumber.

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