The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 19


“Hi, are you ready Rhea?” I asked my ‘would be’ sister-in-law and my best friend too excited to leave to the pub. Ajit’s mom is out of station. She went to visit her sister as she was sick. So we are on a free ticket 24/7. The house as usual turned upside down because of our super fine neatness skills with clothes spread here and there and books sprawled everywhere starting from the living room sofa to the closet in the bedroom. Though I and Rhea are grown up now, we become the same naughty muddle when joined together. I look around the house and think of Ajit. He would be furious once he steps his foot into this house. Both of us will be lined up by the next moment with a lecture on tidying art and orderliness for the next half an hour. I shake my head with smile thinking about his boiling face. I miss my big man so much.

We underwent a lot of shopping and I bought the sexiest wear for today’s pub program. For a change I want to go all rough. I would never get a chance to put on something sexy around Ajit. I told Rhea about my crazy love for Ajit and she was too excited to hear about the breaking news. “I am lucky that my sister-in-law is my best friend.” She squeaks in excitement hugging me simultaneously. Ajit’s mom was equally happy in giving me a heartfelt embrace. She immediately went to her room and returned within a few minutes placing a rectangular box in my hand. I opened it and my jaw dropped looking at the most elegant ruby cum diamond necklace in my hands. The matching studs and a bracelet complemented its beauty. “This is for my daughter-in-law which had been a mark of our family legacy since a long time.” She mentioned to me in joy. My eyes drizzled in happiness and I hugged my mom-in-law tight. All these years I have spent the life of an orphan without my parents. But now I feel I am complete with the world’s best mom and sister.

After my huge confession Rhea had her own share of surprise to offer. She held up her hand to me to show her ring. “I and Anand are now together.” She shrieked in excitement. Both of us congratulated each other blithefully and went on a full mode shopping.


“How do I look in this dress?” I posed seductively in front of Rhea. It was mid thigh lacy pink dress. I put on a matching bracelet and gold sandals to give it a modish look. She examined me from top to bottom and a slow cum sure smile crossed her face. She hugged me tight and screeched in joy “you look awesome.” And both of us ride to one of the pubs her fiancée owns.


I came to my parent’s home with a lot of excitement in anticipation of seeing my little girl after days of longing. I wanted to give her a surprise so I did not inform her of my arrival. But the house was empty for my utter dismay. My mother called me two days back and informed me of her visit to Aunt Priya’s house. But I wonder what happened to Adaah and Rhea. I asked one of the housekeepers in the house about my sister and Adaah and got the shock of my life.

I immediately called Adaah’s security to confirm about her safety. Slumped on the living room sofa, my head throbbed intolerably. I rested my elbows over my knees with my head held in between my hands. After a few minutes I hear the sound of the front door opening. I raise my head out of my tiring hands and look at the person walking in front of me. Adaah’s steps were unsteady. Richard, one of her securities is holding her firmly around her waist helping her to walk. My eyes couldn’t hold the scene in front of me. I fell completely blank staring at her. A black coat covered her bust area and the dress was incredibly small giving me a feeling of distaste.Hi” she says looking to me and giggles “you look three” and her eyes droop making her unconscious. I pull her out of Robert’s hands and secure her within my arms. “Where is Rhea?” was all I could speak questioning Robert. “Mr Anand is taking care of her” was his simple answer. Here was another point screaming for my attention. I thought. But for the present I had no more energy to argue and reprimand answers from Robert.

Carrying Adaah in my arms my mind and body became numb looking down at her drunken state. I had no words to speak. I silently carried her to the bedroom and unzipped her deplorable dress to change her to a comfortable night wear. She mumbled some meaningless words feeling drowsy. “Sleep” was all I could say to her looking down at her decrying physical state.

Laying besides, I keep a watch on her for the whole night. In the wee hours of next day morning she gets up all of a sudden and rushes to the washroom puking her guts out into the toilet. I rush behind her holding her hair back and helping her in the process. After she finishes her job she cleans her mouth and looks beside at me completely startled. Her face turned tomato red in delinquency for all the unexplainable exercise she hosted. “Sleep for the present but for tomorrow,” I halt for a second assessing her. “You are going to speak about everything immediately after you get up.” I summon her.

“Oh God, I am completely booked.” I hear her mumble in her breathe.

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