The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 2


I am Ajit Arihant Acharya, twenty years old and just obtained my master’s in business administration from Oxford Univerity. I was always a bright student right since the beginning of my schooling and so I was made to skip a few grades and go to higher classes. As a result, at the age of twenty I am already a post graduate.

It was my dad’s dream for me to study abroad and complete business administration. Being the sole heir of Arhant group of industries, it was already understood that I will take over the business once my dad retires. Though my mother never wanted me to study at a distant place from the family, my dad’s will reigns in the house. He is strict and at the same time very loving. As a result I left to States at the age of seventeen to complete my higher education.

Like any other young guy of my age I enjoyed life to the fullest till I completed my education. I did late night parties and sometimes even enjoyed nights with beautiful girls. Anand is my best friend, who had always been there with me in my thick and thin times right since the first day of my university.

I was topper in my university and my parents were very proud of my achievements. I came to India once in a year or whenever I have a long vacation. I miss my mother. She is like an Angel always ready to sacrifice anything for her kids and of course the best cook. I enjoy everything that she prepares. I also have a little sister Rhea. She is eight years younger to me and loves to command in the house like a boss but unfortunately never succeeds in it. I love to tease her and am always an over protective brother that she hates in me.

My life was in full swing and thrill until ‘this’ day arrives in my life. It was the last day of our college and also our farewell party. All my friends gave heartfelt speeches and some girls even cried for leaving the university. After a lot of drama, fun and frolic we were drunk to the core and left to our rooms with stinking smell of alcohol from our bodies.

It was still in the wee hours of Saturday morning when my phone wouldn’t stop its ring. My hands reach the mobile groggily on the bed side table as I press the answer button sticking the instrument to my ear. Within seconds, my eyes were wide open and I scamper out of the bed.

I called a number to book our private jet and directly reached the Breach Candy hospital where my father was admitted for a sudden stroke in the ICU. My hands reach him shakily and he opens his eyes to see me with a meek smile.

I knew he had only a few hours of time on this earth, after I spoke to the cardiologist. I assure my mother and sister of dad’s recovery though I knew it clear in my heart that it was a lie. Within a few hours of passing we hear the tragic news. I hold my breaking family in my arms trying to be as strong like a wall of support and prepare myself to brace the disaster.

One year later......

“Sanaya, where is the Old Delhi land acquisition file? I asked you to set it on my table before I reach the office.” I bombed at my secretary. “Sir, I am sorry, but it is still under the perusal of our planning department.” She stuttered with fear evident in her eyes. My anger was outraged within a blink of an eye and I lifted the receiver of my phone to press it to my ears. “Mr Suresh you will reach my table with ten minutes. Otherwise you are fired.” I simmered. In a count of five minutes Mr Suresh entered my office with quivering hands “Sir, we tried to persuade the residents of Chandni Chowk to lend us the land. Even for the eye catching compensations that we have offered they were adamant like logs and refused to yield the land to us.” He sighed with defeat. “Hmm” I analysed the situation and decided to pay a visit to the area personally.

After my father left this world handing me the vast empire of Arihant group of Industries, I had expanded the company more than twice within a period of one year. Today we are the leading manufacturers of clothing line in India and also expanded our business to hotel industry, pubs and casinos. I am now the owner of almost all the night clubs in Mumbai except a few which are owned by my friend Anand.

After days of negotiations with the residents of Chandni Chowk and agreements with the government I am now all set to open the largest textile industry in the old city of Delhi. To have final look over of the targeting area I land myself to discuss business with my friend who is also my financial advisor. Sharing a puff of smoke with him, my eyes stop on a beautiful girl hiding in a bin.

She appeared from a well to do family but her sky blue dress now in rags provoked me to know her better. She was a young girl probably twelve to thirteen years of age and looked like a princess with grey eyes. My friend Anand tried to engage a conversation with her but she seemed too frightened already and suspected us to be cops. I don’t know what came over me. I ascertained the girl with my quantifying eyes and stopped my friend from interrogating her further.

And...... l did the unthinkable. I drove her straight to my house.

Had I known it was the day which was going to change my life forever.

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