The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 20


Letting out the sleep, I rub my eyes adjusting to the rays of sunlight peeping out of the window curtain. After I am completely awake, the first thing that I experience is the uncontrollable twinge in my head like it had been hammered under a road roller for days together.

The house keeper enters the room glancing at me with a smile and rested a pill and some lemon water on the side table. She then addresses me politely “madam, sir told you to take this pill with lime water immediately to ease the headache. He also told me to inform you to meet him at the living hall once you are dressed up.” My heart starts beating erratically after her little piece of information and my aching head is not making the situation any better. Oh God, please help. Otherwise I am in for a lot of trouble.

I go to the bathroom to do my business. While I brush my teeth I look at my reflection in the mirror. My hair looked like a bird’s nest and my face was completely red probably because of my irreparable pensive state. Wait I am not in my clothes from yesterday. Who changed my clothes? Did something happen yesterday? What will I answer Ajit once he questions me about my dress? My legs begin to shiver with all the unwelcoming thoughts.

Completely occupied indulged by various scenarios which could hold me culpable for my witless deed from yesterday, I get down the stairs in a stupor. Welcomed by a divine sandalwood scent which brings me out of my reverie I raise my head and look at the Adonis sitting in front of me.

He was putting on a crisp white dress shirt which was folded through the sleeves just below the elbow. His matching black pants were complimenting his aristocratic attire. One of his legs was folded and its ankle rested on the knee of the other. The thick black hair was perfectly trimmed and the shadows were prowess shaven giving him a patrician look for which any girl would swoon in her life. I trembled on my legs getting dumped in his august exterior. His erect posture, well defined abs screamed power and generated an aura of consternation which brought sweatiness in my body. He is slim and tall with every part of his body in perfect shape like a ‘God of Seduction’. I observe him further with my admiring eyes. A grey sweater was hanging loosely on his back. Its sleeves were draping over his shapely shoulders tied to a knot just below his neck. One of his hands was resting on the sofa and the other was holding the newspaper which he was reading.

I clear my throat trying hard to get noticed by him when his surveillance shifts from the news paper to me. I trepid under his gaze, his eyes.... so sharp like the eyes of a tiger set to hunt its prey. The dangerous thought brought me to a threshold of almost losing my balance as I shift on my legs to confirm my stability. He examines me head to toe without a word and then speaks in a commanding voice which brought a thud in my heart. “Didn’t I tell you to dress appropriately and come down?” I fidget with my fingers “but” my voice was almost inaudible. Yet I knew he could hear it as he held up his head suggesting in hearing me and I somehow managed to ask the one question which kept tampering my mind since last half an hour. “Who changed my clothes?” His look at me was like a piercing knife, so fiery that I could easily be cut into two halves still there was an emotion which flashed in his eyes. But he covered it instantly and spoke serious “I changed your clothes.” I felt too small under his shrewd scan. I neither had the courage nor an excuse to explain him about my indiscreet behaviour. So I nodded my head in relief and ran to my bedroom grabbing the opportunity. As I was about to put my step on the first stair I hear his voice again. “Wait”. Now what? I thought to myself as I was trying to heal from the torture he caused a few seconds ago. “What is the situation with Rhea?” He asks me holding his honed gaze once again as I stand in front of him with trembling legs. “She is in love with Anand.” It was all I could answer him with my quaking heart.

I take bath and pull out from my walk-in-closet a pair of blue jeans which reached a few inches below my knees and a lacy white top. I did not put on any make-up as Ajit hates when I do it. It is the time to please him in every possible way so that my time crosses by smoothly. I pull my hair into two long ponies. They reach the sides of my waist flowing in free curls giving me a cute look. It can also play a trick on Ajit as he pampers me when I dress like a child. For him I am always a child. Coming down in my best possible make-over I count on my aiding stars and prepare myself to brace his outcome.

He looked pleased when I came down. Till now I played my cards the best way. Just as I was about to congratulate myself I hear the resound of his strong voice penetrating from the extravagant walls. “What was the pygmy deed you jerked yesterday night?” His eyes were damn serious escalating fumes from every corner. “I...I” I stammered “Damn it! Speak” he commanded. I quivered under his tone and mumbled “I am sorry.” He took slow steps towards me like a predator. His eyes were red in anger and his hands were in fists. With every step he took forward my steps turned backwards. I felt like a kitten under the claws of a tiger. “Is that an excuse you can try to frame about yourself little girl?” His voice was just above a whisper but sounded silently threatening. I raise my tearful eyes from my toes to look at him. His expression immediately softens as he notices moisture in my eyes. Yes. I know that my tears have always been his weakness and I feel ashamed of myself to bring him to such a grief. He steps back pulling me along with him and speaks in a tender voice like one holds towards a child. “Do you know how much of danger you exposed yourself yesterday night Baby girl?” He places me on his lap comfortably and holds my chin in between his fingers so that I could look in his eye. I looked at him in suspicion. As though understanding my questions he speaks “you were dancing like a stripper on the dance floor grinding your hips with a stranger. Men around in the bar were gawking at you like a piece of meat ready to devour in the next moment. Had your security not been present you would have ended today either in a brothel or on a bed naked in the arms of alien.” I was already having an almost nervous breakdown by then but before it happens I wanted to know about one thing “how did you know about all this?” He wipes away my trickling tears and speaks softly “I am informed about every movement of yours each passing minute by your security. I clutch his shirt tightly out of fright and mumble “I won’t do it again” in between my silent sobs with my face buried in his chest. He smiles a bit pulling me out a little bit of my embrace and assesses me if I was stable. Holding me firm in his lap, he then pulls my face closer and kisses me slowly and compassionately. After enjoying my lips for I don’t know how long he looks at me with love and mumbles “don’t repeat this or else... I am sure to die without you.” I stop him to speak further and seal my lips with his ones again in a gentle passionate kiss.

“I am never going to lose you.” I speak determined looking in his eyes once I kiss him to my heart’s content.

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