The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 21


The moment I see tears in her eyes, I am out of control. I wanted to act strict and may be put her on a punishment so that she doesn’t repeat on her actions but alas. I couldn’t do anything when she started crying making me all weak once again.

Yesterday was a torture to me when I had to undress her and change her into a fresh pair of clothes. She wouldn’t sleep in that disgusting, faecal dress all night. I thought in strong condemnation. Yet the attire was saluting untamed licentious thoughts in me. I just wanted to rip that stupid dress out of her marvellous body and enjoy every bit of her womanliness. Her sexy hills were so inviting.... pleading me to suck on them. Those pointed buds were in a perfect shape. The light pinkish brown areolas untouched and unblemished till date were inviting me to be the first one to banquet on them. I argued hard with my already stripping sanity to change her to a comfortable night wear keeping every nerve of mine in control for not touching her in a wrong way. She is mine and always will be. Still I stop as I want her to coalesce in me with all her willingness and trust.

The next day morning I get up and make some breakfast for us before she gets up. After our little confrontation and some drama I call the number for which I was due since yesterday night. Hi Anand!

I dress myself in a comfortable suit and pay a visit to all my company’s branches situated in Mumbai before I leave to Delhi with my ‘little girl’. Anand comes to my office after the phone call and confesses his love for my sister. We have a little argument on not informing me hitherto but I ultimately accept him as my soon to be brother-in-law. I know Anand as a good person and a great friend of mine since years. I understand I wouldn’t be able to bring a better person as a life partner for Rhea. Thus I accept their relationship with a warm heart but I warn Anand not to indulge in anything stupid before marriage considering my sister’s future.


The frequency of my wet dreams increased. I want to enjoy being marred under him. But Ajit refuses to touch me. He wants me to stay a virgin till the date of our marriage. Sometimes I feel he is too traditional for his own good. He made his point crystal clear a few months ago when we began our relationship and he insists on me to graduate before our marriage which means I had to stay celibate for another two years that is quite a torture to me.

Thinking of all the ways and means to push forward my marriage with the hero of my dreams, I arrive into a conclusion after fifteen days of cryptic research. I decide to skip a grade. Generally skipping a grade is an option offered by our institution only to the bright students. As I always had very high scores in my previous years our principal accepted my request but wanted to speak to Ajit before he helps me in my micro plan.

After a few days....

I was getting down the staircase during our break time to grab something to eat at the cafeteria of our college when I took a note of a familiar car being parked at our college premises. As soon as the grey colour Aston Martin One-77 comes to a halt, a girl probably in her twenties gets out of it in a hurry. Her hair was combed into a neat bun and she was putting on a fitting red skirt which reached just below the knee matching it with a white button down shirt. She was putting on a bright red lipstick and matching heels. No sooner she ran to the principal office even before the car was rightly parked and the principal came out of his office in hurried steps to greet the aristocrat who just arrived in his posh car.

My eyes continue to witness the unfamiliar incident as I stay stationed to meet a pair of perfectly polished black shoes to kiss the ground. There was a sudden commotion précising the atmosphere like a spread of wild fire in a thick forest. Humanity observes him with silence and shock as though worshipping him like a Venus for his ranking handsomeness.

He was dressed in perfect black suit. The crisp white shirt tugged underneath accurately matched the ink blue tie that adorned his neck. He was putting on his shades and got out of car taking swift dominant steps. His long sharp strides radiated confidence, might and valour. His perfect tan skin skilfully matched his attire giving him an elite look. Girls were gawking at him without blinking an eye and boys were gaping dominated by his aura of power. As soon as he entered the corridor the clamour changed into a sudden pin drop silence. People moved out of his path some wishing him and other still staring at him quietly acclaiming his mien under their blinking eyes.

The principal shook hands with him in complete reverence and welcomed him into his office with complete exaltation. Shaking hands with Ajit he gave a look to the peon standing at the entrance as he rushed to the adjacent room coming back within seconds with two glasses filled with orange juice.

Within a few minutes I was called and was greeted inside the office when both of them make a hearty laugh sharing a light moment. I sat in the chair adjacent to Ajit and he puts a hand on my shoulder looking at me with love. “Little girl, why do you want to skip a grade?” He speaks to me in an underlying fondness. I shake my head looking at my lap and twiddle with my fingers. “I want to graduate sooner.” He smiles at me and runs a hand on my head and speaks softly “if that is what you want, I grant it.” And then signs on the paper in front of him.

Yay! I am going to graduate a year early. I do a mental somersault and smile at him cheerily.

Time to seduce you now Mr Fancy Pants.

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