The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 22


After a head turner visit of Ajit to my college during the break, we had the regular classes. Our CAD lecturer had assigned us a project in which I and my best friend Sejal are partners. It is 5′o clock in the evening and my driver had already arrived at the college premises to pick me up. Discussing about the project further Sejal accompanied me to my house.

Both of us were involved in a heavy discussion about our presentation when one of our housemaids opened the door for us. To my surprise Ajit was already present in the house studying a file. His gaze shifts from the stack to look at me and his lips curl into a beautiful smile. Sejal stood beside me speechless gaping at the Adonis in front as though she was cast under a spell. She is the only person in the whole college who knows about my relationship with Ajit. I clear my throat to bring her out of the reverie and she mumbles in a low voice “good evening sir.” Ajit nods to her with a slight smile and got up from the chair to go to the study.

After we drew a clear plan about the execution of our project, Sejal leaves when her driver comes to pick her up. I change into a comfortable night wear and reach the study room where Ajit was still working. I knock at the door to get in and he looks at me with a smile raising his head from the folder placed in front of him. I sit on his lap with my legs hanging on either side of his waist and rest my head on his muscular chest with my hands around his neck. He runs his hand on my back soothingly and both of us stay like that for a blissful eternity.

“I am happy you came home early.” I mumble after sometime breaking the silence. He nods to me in acceptance. “Work in the office was heavy. I wanted to have some peace of mind. So I came home early so that I could hold you.” He glances down at me in pouring love. I raise my head from his broad chest and smile at him meeting his gaze. He pulls my cheek and speaks further with a smile. “I have some good news for you.” I stare at him questioningly. He brushes my hair away from my face and continues “Mom had fixed the date of our engagement consulting the priest.” My smile couldn’t fade after hearing such an enchanting as I reciprocate his twinkle. “There is a surprise waiting for you in the bedroom.” He mellows and kisses my head. “Is it?” I squeal like a child and rush out of his lap to the bedroom.

In the center were two boxes on the bed. I open the first box to see a beautiful Silk saree. It was a yellow saree with a leaf design all over and a pink border. The saree was simply explicit that I couldn’t hold my happiness. My fingers then trail on my second gift box wondering what was inside it. A mesmerizing gold necklace set in pink stones and matching ear rings was present inside the second box. My eyes go wide looking at its dazzling beauty. “Do you like your gifts Little Girl?” I hear him.

Ajit was leaning to the door frame with legs crossed and hands inside his pant pockets. The first two buttons of his white dress shirt were now undone exposing his solid chest. The sleeves of his shirt were folded just below the elbows revealing his masculine hairy arms making him iniquitously striking. I rush to him and drop in his strong arms with a huge smile on my face and he chuckles, holding me firm so that I don’t fall. “I love my gifts but I do not know how to put on the saree.” I mumble with a pout on my face playing with his shirt buttons. He smiles bringing me closer to his chest and removes the tresses falling on my face. “Don’t worry a dress designer is already appointed who will help you with it. I want to see you dressed in that yellow Saree. It is my favourite colour.”

Soon the date of our engagement arrived. I was so happy that I felt I was flying in air unable to hold my feet to the ground. There were many guests, celebrities and Ajit’s business partners who arrived for the function. Ajit was as usual nefariously gorgeous dressed in his black and white tuxedo and I was putting on the yellow saree he gifted to me with the matching necklace.

There was a twist of the door knob and Ajit walks down to my room in swift long strides. Before the ceremony starts he assesses me top to toe. Giving some instructions to the make-up artist and the costume designer he leaves my room without even sparking a glance at me. I felt immensely hurt being ignored by him. Why is he indifferent towards me? Doesn’t he love me anymore? Did he get bored that he is not interested in me anymore? He did not kiss me or look at me lovingly like usual. However I obeyed my dress designer and beautician not to invoke any trouble. Immediately my make-up was changed to minimal probably because of Ajit’s instructions and there were more steps on the bust area of my saree so that there is no skin shown in the least.

After a few more minutes of my make-over, I was finally done. Slowly I get down the stairs managing my saree. I lift my head to look at the beautifully decorated magnificent hall attracting many stares except for one - the most important person in my life upon who I fell in love. I froze on my steps looking at his emotionless face.

My soon to be mom-in-law gets forward and places two rings in both our hands. Rhea was more than excited seeing her brother and me getting engaged. The priest recites his prayers and both of us exchange the rings in our hands. People around us cheered and clapped but the pit in my stomach wouldn’t vanish.

Did I lose everything in my life proposing to this marriage because ‘the love of my life’ doesn’t love me anymore?

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