The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 23


After sometime the guests disperse. Mom and Rhea leave to Mumbai by Ajit’s private flight in the night. I go to the bedroom about to change. Soon I could hear the twisting of the door knob. Ajit stands behind me with his hands around my waist looking at our reflection in the mirror.

He turns me around and shifts my head slightly upwards and the next moment I feel my cold lips captured under his warm ones. His tongue dashes inside my mouth to explore its recesses as I close my eyes enjoying the ecstasy of being nibbled by him. The kiss was soft, extremely slow and sensual. There was a longing in it as though he had been waiting for this moment for years. His hand then slowly moves upwards to my cheeks angling my face to kiss me better. My legs turn weak under his possessive hold. As my limbs were about to give up, his hold on my waist turns stronger holding me in place. “Ajit” I moan his name aloud enjoying the blissfulness of being kissed by him. My hands move to his shoulders holding them tight as if my life depended on it while he trails kisses down my jaw line and back to my lips.

“You look very beautiful little girl.” He murmurs between his seducing kisses. After sometime we break our kiss to get some breath. I look into his eyes and then ask him the question which kept torturing me since a while. “Ajit” I swallow hard trying my best to control my tears. “Why were you uncaring towards me during the function?” His hands trail from my back to my face as he brings me closer and his lips land on my forehead. “I am never uncaring for you little girl. Don’t cry.” he whispers wiping away my welling tears. “I am sorry if my exterior has hurt you because of my reserved nature.” He holds my face in his large hands and speaks further. “I am a very private person. I do not like showing unlocked display of affection for my wife in public.” He holds my hand in his large one seating me beside him and then continues. “Loving my woman is a completely an intimate matter to me which should be done between the closed walls of a locked room. Do you understand me?” He asks scrutinizing me like one speaks to a child.

I breathe hard and hide my face in his chest ones again. He chortles and holds up my head from his chest after a few moments and asks “are you angry upon me little girl?” I shake my head and give him a smile.


I seat her on the bed adjacent to me and look into her innocent, big eyes which make me forget about the world every time I look. She is like a fallen angel who came into my life to fill it in brightness. So innocent and pure her grey eyes always look up for me to protect her like a saviour. “Let me help you to change your dress.” I offer regretting the choice of words I made the next moment. The last time I undressed her I had a boner which continued to the next two days.

My hands move to her wrists which were adorned by beautiful bangles dangling in different colours. I hold on her wrists and gently remove them placing them on the dressing table nearby. I then clutch on her ear rings slowly removing them careful not to cause any pain to her ear buds. My hands next slid to the back of her neck untying the necklace.

I then grab some wet wipes from the dressing table and work on her face holding it between my fingers. I cautiously remove every inch of make-up from her face careful not to cause her any pain through rubbing. “You look beautiful even without a make-up little girl. That is why I told the beautician to keep your make-up minimum.” I tell her in a low voice busying myself with her face. I finally look into her eyes to find out about any trace of pain while treating her. When I was satisfied that I did not hurt her, I take a deep breath and my fingers reach the pin on her shoulder which was tugging the saree in steps covering her bust area.

I unfasten the pin of her shoulder and the saree slides down in free furls exposing her feline sculpture. I detach the saree completely off her body leaving her in just a long skirt and the blouse. Her chasm was totally peerless. My eyes go darker absorbing every inch of her inviting physique. She was perfect in shape - an absolute seductress.

I take a moment enthralled by her inviting anatomy. Slowly my hands move from my lap to trail on her bosom. Her breathe hitches the moment my fingers sweep on her carvings. I halt in my actions and look into her eyes to search for any discomfort. When I found none I steadily unhook all the hooks of her pink blouse leaving her in her provocative pink bra. She was already pulsating by then. I pull her to my chest running my hands on her back to sooth her. After a few minutes of comforting her, my fingers reach the clip of the bra and in a swift action I free it off her body.

Pulling her out of my embrace my eyes rake on her perfect body like a starving critter. My hands move to the knot of her long skirt and then I liberate it from her body including her dark pink panties. She is now completely naked standing in front of me.

I go a ‘hard on’ just by watching her. Glancing at her I close my eyes for a moment and chant the mantra repeatedly. ′Don’t touch her’. My hands were itching to commit the malfeasance. She is too young to involve in that bullshit. My chastity intervenes. I open my eyes and study her. She looks so small, fragile and pure like a princess. “Put on a comfortable night wear and have a pleasant sleep baby girl.” I tell her running a hand on her head and leave the room immediately without turning back before I commit the heinous crime.

Will I be able to control myself today? I want her to graduate before she shackles herself in responsibilities of matrimony and motherhood. Will I be able to hold my abstinence for her well being at least for another year?

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