The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 24


I couldn’t sleep the night properly. I took a cold shower twice but still found no comfort. Masturbating myself several times in the washroom I reached my bed with puffy eyes in the middle of the night. I wrapped myself in the blanket and closed my eyes praying to get some sleep when I hear the twist of the door knob.

I could hear her footsteps coming closer to my bed and I feel a poke on my back. “Ajiiiiiiit” she drags my name almost in a whine. I often hear that voice whenever she wanted something from me. I did not want to face her today, at least at this hour because I fear I am going to lose my control and do the unforgivable. But the scratching on my back wouldn’t stop becoming more restless with time. “Ajit” I hear her voice again and now it is vulnerable. Her dejection is my biggest weakness and that’s it! I gave up, marking it as the end of my penance to stay away from her. How could I deny her of anything? She is my little girl and I am willing to do anything for her.

I turn back on the bed and open my eyes to meet her beautiful greys. Oh God! They were about to water. “What is it baby girl? Why are you crying?” I take her small hand in my big warm one and pull her to my lap sitting on the bed, cross legged. Her legs were resting either side of my waist and she was facing me. As I absorb every feature of her, my vision moves down to her lips. Her rims were the most beautiful, luscious pinks I had ever seen as I gaze at them looking lost. Slowly they turn in an inverted ‘u’. Sweet Heavens! I have enough experience to know, the outcome of that expression. I quickly pull her to my chest and as usual start my cute interrogation with her.

“Baby Girl, does it hurt you somewhere? Are you not feeling well?” She shakes her head which was still buried in my chest. I run a hand on her long silky hair. “Did somebody speak something wrong to you at the party?” I ask her further staring at the wall in front of us. She mumbles a “no”. I look down and slowly take hold of her small hand in my large one. Rubbing it lightly with my thumb at the back of it to sooth her, I continue to question her. “Did you have a fight with anybody in the college?” She holds her head out of my chest and looks at me with watery eyes “I” she stutters. I encourage her to speak further nodding my head. She brings herself closer to my chest hugging me. Her hands were around my neck and face nuzzled as always on my chest. “Ajit” She mumbles my name lowly and pauses for a while and habitually I wait in patience for her to open up. “I have been getting these wet dreams since a while. I try hard to arrest them but they simply don’t stop. Today was the hardest.”

I put a finger on her quivering lips forbidding her to speak further. “Shh, I understand baby girl.” I whisper drawing circles at her back to calm her. “There is nothing wrong you have done to feel ashamed. You are my fiancée and my wife to be. Having such thoughts is nothing wrong when we are already engaged.” I speak to her softly holding her gaze with a slight smile. “We could always start being a family but I want you to grow a bit older so that you can shoulder your responsibilities more easily.” I make her understand by consoling her.

Oh God, how much did I mess up? I wanted to help her with the attire as she was too tired. I come out of my thoughts and speak. “Let me help you with something.” My hands slowly move to her waist and grip her top. Enduringly I raise it above her head to free it out of her body. She wasn’t putting on any bra probably because she wanted to stay loose on the bed. My eyes immediately were filled with passion looking at her shapely breasts. They were in perfect shape. Pointed at the tip like small mountains, with pink buds, they were taunting me to touch them.

My hands which were resting on her shoulders desirously slide down to her bosom. She takes a heavy, shaky breath as soon as my palms reach her private area. My fingers leisurely wrap to hold her bristols and knead them. She brings her body closer to me, a shy smile on her face as her core pressed against my groin making me hard instantly. Her legs, which were resting on either side of my waist, pull her more into me. Having no clue on getting evoked she innocently rubs her lady part vigorously to my manhood. “Ajit, there is something poking me over there.” She speaks in a whisper pointing to the south of her body.” Looking down I answer her peeping into her optics with a close lipped smile. “It is okay baby girl, little Ajit loves you. He won’t harm you.” I murmur unable to speak anything more because of my inspired libido. She looks at me in question unable to understand what I was speaking.

The atmosphere in the room was making my situation no better. The calm breeze pulling out of the window swaying the light brown satin curtains was making the aerosphere amorous. The gentle moonlight peeping through the windows was the only light enclosing the room. Her hands which were around my neck, grip my shirt tight. Closing her eyes she advances her body sprightly against me. “Ajit something over there still pokes me.” She whines like a cute child and reaches my penis hastily. My breath hitches the moment her fingers touch my knob and my body becomes motionless to observe what she is doing. She moves her hand up and down over it to grasp a hold and instantly my phallus becomes dominant and erect. Thank God I am putting on some clothes. Had I been sleeping naked I would have taken her by now. “Something is moving there Ajit.” She screams becoming agitated pointing at my erection like an innocent child.

I shake my head completely impressed by her innocuousness and congratulate myself for raising her so pure. I stop her by clamping a hand on her mouth with a smile on my face. “It’s nothing. Look at me.” I point myself with my forefinger. “Am I not looking fine?” I ask her and start on my actions.

She looks at me completely influenced under control of my ascendancy as her eyes follow my fingers. My hands play with her breasts in complete mastery. After pleasuring her bosom for a while, my fingers start to play with the buds of her mountains. “You are in perfect shape baby.” I complement her. She gives me a shy smile and eases with her hands on my shirt. I dipped my head down and capture her breasts with my warm lips. I suck and lick each one of her assets with my tongue as it rolls and flips over the buds. She moans my name aloud and I was more than satisfied on what I was doing. By the time I completed enjoying her womanhood, she was a mess. Her breaths were shallow and hard with her chest raising and falling for every breathe she took. I run a hand on her messy hair and speak, “that is enough for you for the present.” I confirm rather to myself knowing clearly every ounce of her. I slide her shirt back over her head. Then my hands grip her waist tightly and slide us down on the bed. I cover her with me in the blanket and pull her to my chest. “Sleep now.” I tell her closing my eyes welcoming the pleasant sleep.

The next day morning I get up early, completely fresh and satisfied because of the sweet game I played with her though I couldn’t have enough sleep. She comes to the kitchen where I was preparing breakfast still in her night wear. Looking at her pointed bosom brought me an instant ‘hard on’ as she was having no bra.

I hastily dry my hands with the napkin nearby and quickly pull her to a hug feeling her perfect, pointed nipples to my rock hard chest. I lift her face to meet mine and I was welcomed by her sizzling greys. Unable to curtail myself anymore, I grab her face in between my strong hands and kiss her like a starving human. Pulling myself out of the kiss I held my face stoic. Had she known I was compressed with lecherous thoughts of a hungry tiger, she would flip and run away from me like a scared kitten which I never want to happen.

Curtailing all the sensations, I give her a closed lip smile and encourage her to speak. “She lifts her head slowly to meet my browns and asks in her angelic voice “Ajit will I get pregnant for what we did yesterday night?” I control my bursting laughter and maintain my silent exterior with a hint of softness which only she can see. “No baby girl, there is something more I have to do to get you pregnant. Don’t get stressed and worried. I will never get you pregnant earlier than you are prepared.” I assure her and ask her to get ready for her college. She nods her head smiling innocently and runs back to the stairs to go to her room. What a virtuous, adorable lass I am blessed with by God.

One more year, how am I going to control it especially when she is so innocent, pure and beautiful?

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