The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 26


After six months....

I was hastily getting ready to the college. I gulped down my breakfast like a cow and was about to hop in my car when something clicked inside me. Oops I had to take the signature of Ajit on the ‘no objection’ certificate to leave to the industrial tour to New York along with my fellow friends. It is only a week program but I am still sceptical if Ajit would sign on the document. Last time I behaved naughty, which I wouldn’t wish to recall he was like an angry monster and exempted me for all the outstation tours.

I had planned on doing some makeover with Ajit this time but completely forgot about it. Today he left early to the office and shit! I had to reach his propertied studio to obtain his signatures. Somehow now I feel quite tensed to do the task. This is the first time I would be going to his workplace. It has been six years since I am staying with Ajit but never been to his office earlier.

I am dressed in my casual attire putting on a corset sea green floral embroidered top with black jeans. My black hair was freely flowing in lose curls to my waist. I was not putting on much make-up except for a nude lipstick and a little bit of eye liner. After checking myself in the mirror, to conclude I was looking presentable, I carried the document where I had to take his signature and skipped into my car, Bugatti Veyron which was presented by Ajit on my last birthday.

My car halted in front of a stylish looking skyscraper on the top of which was written Arihant group of Companies in bold letters. I was galvanized looking at the high rise building and stepped into the grand foyer in awe. The ingress of the building screamed opulent. The reception room was adorned by the furniture made of African Black wood. In the centre was a huge glass table with a crystal flower vase ornamenting it. The long beige coloured walls were embellished by expensive show pieces. The supremacy of the super structure was reflecting in every corner of the gigantic hall.

In one corner of the pricey hall was a reception desk. A girl in her twenties caked with make-up was present busy talking to someone on a telephone. I tapped my fingers on the desk to grab her attention when she raises her head to look at me. “Excuse me can I meet Mr Ajit Arihant Acharya?” She looked at me as if I had grown two heads and spoke in an irritated voice. “You need to book your reservation with a six months prior request to the company’s general manager before meeting India’s top billionaire, an unequalled entrepreneur and CEO of Arihant group of Industries. She eyes me in disgust looking at me from top to bottom as though I am some kind of trash from a trash bin and continues her little speech “you will be deemed lucky if he gives an appointment to a simple, untutored college student like you.”

I raise both my eyebrows quite flustered by her answer. But before I could answer, a lady in her forties came to deliver her some documents and was taken aback looking at me. She quickly pulled the receptionist to the other side of the table and whispered some fierce words into her ear when the girl’s blood drained out of her body.

Mumbling a quick apology in her overly sweet voice the middle aged lady asked me to follow her. Before I could reach the lift the receptionist staggered in her steps and rained apols to me begging to hold her job. I nod my head to her relief and skip into the lift.

I was playing with my fingers looking at the red and green neon numbers. When the lift reached the 17th floor, it came to a halt. The lady beside me invited me into the impressive porch. She asked me to take a seat on one of sofa’s in the reception area. On the ceiling was hanging a huge chandelier placed at the centre. At one corner of the place was a big refrigerator. On the top shelf of it contained bakery stuff like croissants, pastries of different varieties, cakes and desserts. Below that were cold drinks, bears and juices.

My mouth watered looking at the deliciously attracting eatables. As I did not have a proper breakfast in the morning, I took one of my favourite cakes from the cold storage and began to feast my taste buds. The middle aged lady, probably his personal receptionist came to me with a glass of water and plastered an overly pleasing artificial smile on the lips. She asked me if I would like to have any beverage. When I shook my head, my eyes were captivated by a walking Apollo in front of me.

The door of the adjacent room abruptly opened. He was dressed in a grey suit with a crisp white dress shirt underneath and a complimenting red tie. The beautiful brown orbs were honed like a piercing knife radiating a distinct cold exterior. His neck was held high reflecting power as his long legs took swift, dominant strides reigning authority. There were four people stuttering around him trying to match his pace. One was probably his secretary. Her face was cherry red probably because of the tensed aura he generated around him. Ajit was giving instructions to her about the forth coming company’s expansions, and she was difficultly trying to write down every detail of his extensive orders. The other three were men waiting for his attention, walking in a queue. Ahead of all is an old man in his grey hair. Once he gets the chance to speak after the secretary leaves, he was requesting Ajit to grant him a little more time probably to complete his project. The other two were still unfortunate, waiting for a chance to speak.

I notice how different Ajit was to the outside world. Behind the menacing, unfeeling male is an affectionate, soft hearted gentleman which no one knew. He quickly swings open the cabin door when his gaze accidentally falls on me. Within seconds his sharp exterior shifts into gracious patrician. His lips which were pasted together in a thin line slowly move upwards and change into an enigmatic smile. The people around look at him in complete shock and follow his eyes to look at me to exhale a breath of relief. Do I have such an effect on him? But unfortunately it was short lived. He looks back to his secretary and comes back to his cold exterior demanding answers. "How long had she been here? Don’t you know you have to inform me when she is waiting here for a while?” Before he bombards angry questions on his poor secretary making her more anxious, I quickly step in “I told her not to disturb you.” He takes hold of my small hand still in his emotionless face and pulls me inside his office. Before entering the room he tips his head out and holds out his finger to his secretary “Don’t disturb me as long as my fiancée will be in the office.” The receptionist nodded sternly and voiced “Yes sir” more than sure of anything. The people around who were lining up outside his room for his recognition quickly dispersed cautious of not invoking his black eye.

He took a seat behind his desk on his black leather chair and pressed a button on his remote when the door gets locked. He then looks at me with a cheerful smile and pulls me into his lap. “What brought you here today little girl?” He speaks to me endearingly in his soft voice nibbling on my fluffy cheeks. I put the document on his desk and wait for his response with my fingers crossed.

Will I be able to obtain permission from him to go or will I be invoking the sleeping monster inside him. The churning thought in my mind brought me into dripping sweat even though the air conditioning in the room was completely high.

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