The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 27


I got out of my sleep with the intruding rays of sunlight falling inside the room. I rub my eyes to get rid of the remaining drowse and the first thought which I get is, about Ajit.

He was drunk yesterday and I could clearly make it out because I kissed him. He was worried so much about me that he broke the promise that he kept for years in raising me up in a perfect manner. What would happen to him when something happens to me? The disturbing thought took away my mental calmness.

I went to the washroom and took a warm shower trying to cheer my discomposed mind. My stomach growled in hunger. It was 10′o clock in the morning and I still did not have my breakfast. Reason - I got up late today because it happens to be a Sunday. No college and full freedom. I smile to myself.

I got down the stairs looking for Ajit and found no trace of him. Had he gone to office even on a Sunday? I pluck my lips out because of the irritating thought. Opening the refrigerator, I fill a glass with orange juice. I walk around the hall with a glass in my hand when I hear a faint sound from a corner. Walking around I follow the sound which leads me to the gymnasium.

Standing at the door, I spot him doing a robust work out of lifting weights. Droplets of sweat were slowly sliding down his chiselled body. The top part of his frame was naked leaving him only in his black sweats. His well defined abs, muscled arms with prising nerves peeped out with every isometric he made. The sturdy aerobics he was doing was a sight to see for any girl’s eyes. After using the punching bag for another twenty minutes he pulls out a hand towel from the adjacent stand and wipes his sweaty face. Grabbing a water bottle he empties the contents in one go when he catches my gaze at him.

He looks at me and smiles. “When did you reach the gym, little girl?” He asks me with care putting on a T.shirt, his left hand on my shoulder. “Just now.” I lie to him blatantly. “Did you finish doing the workout? He nods and guides us out of the gymnasium. His warm body pressed to mine brought an amazing feeling inside me causing cold creeps. I raise my head to look at him and offer him the glass of juice in my hand. He shook his head looking at me with a smile and went to the bedroom to have a shower.

After half an hour he comes out of the bedroom completely fresh. “What would you like to have for today’s lunch baby girl?” He asks me with warmth lacing in his voice. Something strikes me and I jump in excitement. “I will prepare the lunch for today.” His face became emotionless in shock. Within moments of digesting the news in his system, he speaks. “You will prepare the food for today?” He asks confirming what he heard was right. I nod my head to him with a smile. But he was not reciprocating it. Still in shock I suppose.

Last time I prepared dinner for both of us was six years ago when I was thirteen. I almost put the house on fire. Since the day Ajit made me promise, I wouldn’t cook till I reach eighteen. “I granted you one more year of leverage and now it is time for me to cook.” I declare putting Ajit to a surprise.

“Hush! I should have learnt cooking by now. Otherwise how would I feed you and our kids in future?” I ask him crossing my hands across my chest giving him my puppy eyes. He pulls my cheek. I hiss at him with angry eyes and remark with annoyance. “I am not a kid anymore that you pull my cheeks every now and then.”

He raises his eyebrows quite astonished and looks back at me with a mischievous glint. “Me and our kids” and just then I realise what I have spoken and my face becomes red like a cherry within seconds. I show him my pouty face with my eyes creased and lips puckered which always did the trick in the past times. He looks down at me with care arresting his smile.

“Don’t laugh at me.” I shout at him punching my leg on the floor. His orbs divert to my legs and I discern what I was doing. Behaving like a tot. Biting my lip, I mentally scold myself for my stupidity. Now no way is he giving me a chance to cook. I dug the pit for myself. “Kids are not allowed to work in the kitchen. It’s dangerous.” He declares trying hard not to titter and leaves the kitchen giving me no chance of argumentation.

I run behind him to match his pace but eventually become unsuccessful. Calling out for his attention from behind I ask him enraged “did you just address me a kid?” He looks back and halts on his tracks. Crossing his arms across his muscled chest he looks at me as though accepting my challenge “yes I did.” I run to him and hit his arm almost in a whine and yelp “I am grown up now.” He raises both his brows as though amused by my answer and looking me top to toe he envisages “I don’t see one.”

My anger had reached its boiling point now. I stomp my foot on the floor. Shit! I did it once again. I grunt. Stifling my feelings I look at him completely embarrassed. His eyes assess every inch of me trying to control his chuckles. I yell at him “laugh as much as you want. I will never cook for you.” I threaten him. But he doesn’t seem to be moved by my statement “better” he mutters and walks away. What an arrogant jerk.

Two hours later I hear a knock at the door. But I don’t answer knowing who it is. The knocking intensifies and I hear him “baby please open the door”. After a few minutes, I hear him again. “Look I am sorry.” He waits for me to answer after his confession. But when I don’t answer even after a moment, he speaks again trying to come to an agreement. “Okay you can cook the meal for tomorrow. But for the present please open the door and have your lunch.” He pleads me. My heart melts. But I decide to play along for some more time in teaching him a lesson. “Nobody dares to wage a war with the great princess of *Jannat.” I raise the collar of my shirt opening the door for him. “Of course,” he mumbles with with absolute mockery coming inside my bedroom. I point to him my forefinger. “Next time somebody challenges me, I am going on a fist fight.” I speak posing like a boxer in front of him. He assesses me and speaks controlling his laughter with an underlying scorn. “I could never win a fight with you baby girl, but for that to happen, you should eat well.”

He pulls me down to the bed and starts feeding me the food in small morsels. I look at the ripping muscles of his upper arms and swallow hard. Adaah you were completely insane to challenge him for a wrestling match. I eat some and then direct spoon to his lips. After some time feeling drowsy, I put my head on his lap and close my eyes. He finishes the remaining food in silence and then covers me with a comforter. Planting a kiss on my cheek he speaks in a low voice rather to himself “of course you were going to fight me with those little arms. Isn’t it, Little girl?” He snickers and leaves the room.

Today’s challenge is over and I won it. Hurrah! And tomorrow, I am going to prepare a meal and feast him with dainty dishes.

*Jannat is the name of the mansion in which Ajit lives, mentioned in the initial chapters.

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