The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 29


A few hours after I drifted into sleep, I hear my phone buzzing. Curious of who was calling me at this hour, I looked at the caller-id and a smile crossed my lips. “Yes John.” I address my private investigator cheerfully.

Within a few seconds of hearing him, my face tarnishes into furiousness from a pleasant image. Ending his call, I immediately call the various heads of security in my company and give them instructions to do the requisite. After a while of trying to ease my rigid mind, I exhale a long breath to look at the beautiful doll sleeping peacefully beside me. Her head rested on my shoulder. She was snuggled deep into my chest. Dipping my head down I kiss her on her red plump lips and slowly pull myself out of the bed. Sleep is far gone from my system now.

Thinking carefully, as I connect the dots, I was able to understand the whole plot. Adaah’s parents were related to mafia. One of the persons from their enemy gangs, an Indonesian mafia leader had killed both her parents. Till recent times it was presumed that either of the parties couldn’t make it to survive as the resultant of the heavy massacre. It was deemed that the decimation had swiped away the Bhanushalis from the roots which is thankfully not true.

During the attack, as fortune favours the brave, the dangerous mafia leader was killed by a thirteen year old tot, the little heir of Bhanushalis. The news stayed a mystery to the world till recently and the end result was an astounded truth about which no one could think off even in their wildest dreams.

As I kept my private life confidential, it became a blessing in disguise for Adaah and she was safe all these years. Regretfully with the booming news of my engagement everything eventually shattered. Adaah’s life suffers a threat now. The Indonesian mafia wants now in one way or the other, the only heir of Bhanushalis either dead or alive. But I am never going to let that happen. I am a gruesome billionaire who could go through with fine tooth and comb in protecting her.

I go to the bar and empty two glasses of burning liquid into my throat. Sliding down on the bed beside her I pull her closer to me and inhale the scent of her thick black curly hair. A few minutes later sleep overtook me.


Preparing her glass of hot chocolate, I make my glass of coffee. Today I have a lot of office work to do. For that I had to stay awake till midnight, and coffee was the only solution for me to keep awake.

“Little girl, come to the kitchen.” I voice out to the tiny tot living in my house for the past six months. She jumps and runs through the hallway reaching the kitchen like an elfin angel oblivious of getting hurt. “Don’t run. Otherwise you will fall baby girl.” I mellow down to her. She looks up at me with those innocent grey eyes capturing my heart with her cute stunts. “Come on drink the milk.” I instruct her making my coffee. She eyes her brown liquid in distaste and glees the next moment getting me surprised. “I will drink the coffee you made for thyself.” I went into mirth by her childish acts but answer her in balance. “Kids are now allowed to drink coffee.“She gives me her cute moue and pulls in her usual tantrum. “Ouch my stomach hurts.” Closing her eyes she holds her belly, as though she is in a lot of pain. But unfortunately I am well equipped with every bit of her. “Is it?” I play along. “Then let me take you to the dispensary. Just one injection and everything will set automatically right.” She looks at me innocently with her glossy eyes and empties the contents of the glass in one go without saying a word. “Good” I remark pulling her cheek as I chortle at her. I lift her up in one of my arm and hold my coffee mug in the other. Holding her, I climb the stairs to her bedroom. I tuck her to the bed covering her with a blanket and get down to the study to finish my work.

After a few minutes I hear the shuffling of the door knob. My tiny tot enters inside the study room. “I am not feeling sleepy.” She cries rubbing her eyes. I chuckle at her cute actions. Sleep was over powering her stance which could be clearly seen yet my pretty angel doesn’t wish to welcome it. She was dressed in a sky blue top which had a pink teddy bear painted on it and yellow night pants. Her hair was braided earlier by me into two long pony tails and she was holding a doll in her small hands. “Come here.” I gesture her with my hand and lift her to my lap. I rest her legs on either sides of my waist and pull her head to my chest. Her little hands were holding the Barbie doll to her chest which she was carrying earlier. Rocking her silently I continue to do my work. Within two minutes I hear her heavy breath. I bend my head down to kiss her head and complete the remaining work in pin drop silence, careful not to wake up the fire cracker resting in my arms.

Call me a pedophile, I don’t mind it. I love this little girl in my arms more than my life.

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