The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 3


I am driven in the lonely streets of late night city of Delhi. I still do not understand why I agreed to step into this extravagant rich vehicle along with these unknown men. My mother’s voice began to ring in my ears. “Princess, never go near strangers.” As though I have a choice, my helpless side voiced its way. I sighed and closed my eyes feeling tired. Within a few minutes the car began to pick up its speed. I was slowly moving from the slums to posh side of the city. The costly mansions with long lawns begin to mark their way. Both sides of the road were covered with big trees. The car takes a turn into a large driveway to increase my fear. Are they kidnapping me? The agitating feeling made my hands sweaty.

Within seconds we were in front of big gates of a princely mansion. There was security on either side of the massive gates. The men dressed in grey uniform saluted the stranger who was driving the car sitting beside me. He just nodded and drove the car into the beautiful lawn in front of the magnificent building. Though it was quite dark by the time we reached the so called palace, I couldn’t stop to appreciate its beauty. As soon as we entered the mansion gates I was greeted with the scent of beautiful roses. The garden was huge with flowers of different varieties. In the centre was a huge fountain. The car reached the front of the mansion which had large oak wood doors and on the top of the luxurious building were letters carved in big - ′jannat’.

I gaped at the beauty of the exclusive building. It was ten times bigger than my house. This man sitting beside me must be extremely rich. Driving me out of my reverie he spoke to me in a soft voice “Little girl should we go in?” I nodded and removed the seat belt. He quickly moved around the car to my side and took my hand in his to take me inside the mansion. His friend who was seated at the back was found nowhere. Probably he was dropped on the way when I fell asleep while reaching this place. The ‘friendly stranger’ rang the door bell twice and immediately after the second ring, an old lady almost in her sixties welcomed us with a warm smile. Mr Ajit Acharya reciprocated her with a nod and ushered me inside the mansion with a hand on my back. I took two steps inside and my jaw dropped. The inside was more beautiful. The living room was exquisite with beautiful paintings adorning the long walls with crystal vases here and there. The furniture was completely made of African Black wood marking rich. On one side of the hall were steps leading to the rooms upstairs and on the other side was probably a kitchen and another room which I think is a study. Leading to the kitchen is the dining area. There is large glass table with porcelain plates and cutlery lined up capable of accommodating at least twenty people.

As I was grasping everything around me, I felt a bit dizzy and begin to drop myself down. But my hands never touched the floor instead strong arms encircled me and I was carried through the stairs to a large room. I could hear his gentle voice while my eyes were closed “Baby I thought you could take a shower and have dinner, but you are too weak for it.” Saying that he laid me on a super soft bed. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep as I was very tired.

After a few minutes, he shakes me gently to open my eyes and was welcomed with a strong aroma of mouth watering food.

Ajit brought me a plate filled with simple Indian cuisine. Dal makhani, mix vegetable curry, butter roti, fried rice and salad. He fed me the food with his gentle and caring hands in small morsels which I greatly relished after being hungry for a long time. A few minutes later I emptied he gave me a glass of water. Why is this man so helpful to me? What is his hidden motive? A few seconds later, I emptied the platter and was guided into a wash tub. The bathroom was equally complementing with a Jacuzzi and lavish fittings.

After having a good bit of half an hour of steamed and relaxing bath I stepped out of bathroom with a towel wrapped. I found a set of baby blue night pyjama and a pink top on the bed. After putting on the clothes I opened the door and got down the stairs.

The stairs and the hall were dimly lit except for a light in a room adjacent to the hall. I lightly tapped on the door when I heard a faint ‘come in’. After I entered the room I found ‘him’ working on a large desk with papers sprawled all over. He raised his head from the file he was working and smiled at me.

I took a few steps inside and reached in front of the table. He asked me to sit and reached the corner of the table facing me and leaned a bit on it to support him.

“What is your name little girl?” He asks in a kind voice examining me. “I am Adaah, Adaah Bhanushali.” I replied biting my lip. “There is no need to fear.” He replied understanding my pensive state. “I am only here to help you.” I nodded my head to him looking at my toes. He smiles a bit and reaches my chin to pull my head up and further asks “where are your parents? And why were you alone, hiding in the trash bin? Do you have any problem? He asks me concerned. Tears start to well my eyes as soon as the queries about my parents started. Yet, I answer him. I somehow feel him to be harmless and then I open up with an out roaring cry.

He reaches me and pulls me to a warm hug comforting me with all those refreshing words. He listens to me patiently and understands everything. Ironically, though he is complete stranger, his arms provide me an unknown comfort. I rest my head on his flat stomach and circle my hands around his waist. He is tall and big, a reverent alien who gave me protection and comfort.

“Little Girl, From today forward you are my responsibility. I will take care of you and protect you.” He speaks in a gentle voice running a hand on my soft long hair and hugging me in his big strong arms.

Jannat = heaven

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