The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 30


I feel warm fingers brushing on my scalp and playing with my long tresses. I keep my eyes closed enjoying the soothing touches. The unique feeling was causing an unknown calmness to my body. It is time to wake up as sun has already risen up. Trying hard not to succumb to the exquisitely welcoming sensation, I open my eyes slowly and met the most beautiful browns that I have ever met. He was smiling to me. “Good morning baby girl.” Ajit whispers softly to me. His eyes which always contained warmness for me had one more feeling inside them today - pain. The next moment the brightness in my eyes was lost.

What happened to him? Why does he look hurt? Is he in some form of pain? There were so many things occupying my mind suddenly. “Ajit are you okay?” I ask getting worried instantly. “Of course baby girl. I am fine. Did you sleep well?” He asks me in his ever soft voice. I smile to him nodding my head. “Come on get ready, we are going to land at California airport within an hour from now.” He ushers me to move out of the bed.

After roughly around 45 minutes I was all set in simple black jeans and sky blue floral top with my hair left lose in curls on my back. We landed in a private area of the airport and as usual were accompanied by the security to one of the penthouses of Ajit. I slept the whole day because of tiresomeness caused due to journey. Ajit rested for some time and went to his office pertaining to the work of opening the new branch in California.

I had finished my exams and had practically no work to do. So I spent time in improving my culinary skills. We have a great chef in our penthouse, Mr Robert. He is an expert cook and masters in all varieties of dishes including Chinese, Italian, and of course Indian and Mughlai dishes. I practically experimented on anything and learnt everything from him. After all I am supposed to cook after marriage like a dutiful wife for her husband and her kids. The enchanting thought made my eyes twinkle in happiness.


Ajit is late from work today. In fact since the day we came here he had been coming home late. With the help of Robert I set the table for today’s dinner. Today is the first day, I prepared a complete meal containing different varieties from all the four corners of the world. I prepared Kung Pao chicken the famous Sinchuan style food from Chinese specialities, Caprese Salad with Pesto Sauce from Italian delicacy and Indian Vegetable Dum Biryani to complement the Pao chicken. Finally I completed today’s menu with a sweet dish ‘Sheer Kurma’ from Mughlai cuisine.

My stomach was already rambling looking at the various dishes set on the dining table. I am hungry. The only meal I had since today morning was pancakes made by Robert for our breakfast. I had been running around the kitchen since last three hours to make Ajit happy by my cooking skills. It is always said that a woman can reach a man’s heart through his stomach. I am trying to find out if the saying is really true. Nevertheless Ajit loves me even if I don’t learn to cook.

Sitting in the sofa I was eagerly waiting for the ‘hero of my life’. My eye lids drop because of tiredness and hunger. I put on T.V to distract my mind, but it was not helping me in anyway better. Some time past mid-night I hear the shuffling in the room. I open my eyes to see Ajit.

He looked very tired. His grey coat was resting on one of the sofas. His tie was hanging lose on his black dress shirt. I look at him and our eyes meet. He gives me a tired smile unbuttoning the buttons of his shirt. “Baby girl, why didn’t you go to bed and sleep? Did you have your dinner?” He comes closer and runs a hand on my head. “I was waiting for you.” I reply in a sleepy voice but immediately get energised and sit straight. “Let us have dinner. You might be very hungry.” His eyes glow in amusement about my sudden bright response.

He chuckles and pulls my cheek. “You are so cute; do you know that little girl?” He asks and walks towards the stairs to have a shower but I stop him. “It is already quite late. Why don’t you have your dinner first and then have a shower?” I look at him and my eyes twinkle in enthusiasm thinking of his response. He shakes his head with a smile looking at me and folds his sleeves, preparing to wash his hands. I push him down on one of the chairs and serve him with all the dishes I prepared. “Tell me how you like them.” He looks at me bewildered. “Did you... Did you prepare all these dishes?” He asks completely dazed on what he was seeing in his platter. I nod confirming his answer and give him some time to swallow the shock.

In a trance he slowly picks up a spoonful of Biryani with a chicken to his lips. For the first few seconds there was no emotion. I twiddle with my fingers getting taut with the passing moments. After a few morsels he gets out of the stupor and speaks completely baffled “you have surely become an amazing cook, little girl. From whom did you learn all this?” He points looking into his plate. Slowly his eyes close and an unpredicted moan escaped his lips. I finally breathed out which I didn’t know I was holding.

We went to our bedroom after having the hearty meal. Ajit leaves to the washroom to have a relaxing shower. After he is out of the bathroom, I ask him to sit on the bed and stand between his legs. Pulling a towel from the closet I dry his wet hair. He big arms circle my waist and his face is resting on my stomach. After a while his hair is completely dry. I run my hands on his soft black hairs feeling the mushiness.

He comes out of the closet dressed in dark blue sweats and a white T.shirt. I get closer to him as my head rests on his chest hearing his tranquil heartbeat. His chin was resting on my head while one of his arms was under my head and the other around my waist. Involved in deep thoughts for some time, he gets out of the abstraction and starts speaking. “Little girl, I have something to ask you.” When I nod my head, he continues “can we have a confidential marriage with just close friends and family members.” He pauses for a while and continues “I don’t want a wedding with a lot of pomp and show, when we had our engagement you were troubled by paparazzi and things went down the line. I don’t wish for the history to repeat, costing too much of an attention for us. What do you say?”

I was taken aback by his unpredictable eruption. I could easily note, there was something behind the lines which he doesn’t want me to know. However, I am more than sure of one thing in my life. My happiness prevails in Ajit’s felicity and I agree to his wishes. His eyes gleam in delight. He holds me tight in his arms. “I knew it. I am always a blessed man and my little wife is my rock like support.” He cheers in merriment. “Two days later we will have a marriage in one of the temples at the outskirts of the city.”

I was shocked that no words came out of my lips. His declaration got me paranoid wedding in a foreign country and just two days to go for the biggest day of my life. ′Disappointment’ was an understatement to describe about my havocking mind but I would never let Ajit know about it. My heart is in a curious consternation. What is the important news that Ajit is concealing from me? What is the secret, he wants to obscure that he gyrates the most crucial day of our lives as just a family event of close friends and relations.

Marriage in two days, with just near relations, close friends and in a foreign country. What is this hazardous secret that is turning my life unconditionally? My mind is now completely perturbed.

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