The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 31


The date of my wedding has arrived. Today I am going to be married to none other than Mr Ajit Arihant Acharya, the CEO of Arihant group of Industries, one of the top billionaires of the world and the most sought after bachelor.

The enchanting thought brought me into an ecstasy. Had my parents been alive today, their joy would have known no bounds. I miss them so much. An involuntary tear broke down my cheeks. I quickly wiped it away. Today is not the day when I am supposed to cry. I look outside the window trying to calm my agitating mind. Few seconds later I feel a presence beside me. Smelling the scent I now clearly know who it is!

“Were you crying little girl?” He asks turning me to him. Cupping my cheeks in his warm hands he adds “I know you miss your parents, Baby girl.” I look down trying to hide my tears and he speaks solemnly. “I feared this moment since the day you entered my life.” He hugs me tight trying to calm my senses and speaks with an emotion. “If you think your parents left, then you have to understand they sent me to take care of you. You can share anything and everything with me little girl. He looks straight into my eyes. “I am here; ready to fill every relation in your life.” He cups my cheek and pecks my lips.

After a moment of my emotional drama his phone rings in his pant pocket. He quickly pulls it out to check the caller-id. Slowly his lips twitch into a smile. “Mom and Rhea are here.” He beams to me in excitement. I nod and return his twinkle.


I am busy with the hair dresser and make-up artist preparing for the most important day of my life. Within a short while from now I and Ajit will be exchanging our wedding vows. My dress has already been designed with matching jewellery. Ajit enters my room and as usual examines me from head to toe without any emotion. My hair dresser Mr Rustom wishes him and speaks “Sir, Natasha has fallen sick. So I am here to replace her and make the hair of your fiancée. With the look of Ajit I could note he wasn’t happy with the hair dresser’s reply. “If Natasha wasn’t available aren’t you supposed to inform me about it earlier?” His voice was polite but at the same time quite demanding. “’s actually......” Mr Rustom stuttered. “You may leave now.” Ajit concluded evacuating no room for the man to speak any further.

He gave one look to the make-up artist working on my face and she lurched out of the place leaving us alone in the room. Ajit took the remote on the dressing table and pressed a button. The door of our bedroom was immediately locked. “I don’t want more make-up on your beautiful face. It is already overdone.” Expressing despondency, he cleans my face with wet wipes leaving me with little or should I say absolutely no make-up. Why should he arrange for a make-up artist then?

He stood for a moment analyzing my face with his hands on his waist. Deciding on my best look, he glanced around while reaching for the things he required and started braiding my hair. “Were you jealous of that hair dresser just because he is a male?” I tried to mock at him but he remained unperturbed. “Think whatever you want Baby girl, I am least affected. I don’t want any man to touch you even if it is for plaiting your hair.” He confirms without feeling even a glint of contrite for his envy.


Soon the priest recited the prayers of the wedding. We performed the marriage rites taking rounds around the holy fire holding each other’s hand. Ajit locked the mangalsutra around the neck and smeared the sindhoor on my forehead making me his. We are pronounced as husband and wife to the world. The blissful moment brought shrills down my spine and I couldn’t stop smiling.

As the night followed, we had our marriage reception and exchanged the rings. After some time the guests dispersed. Rhea and mom congratulated us and we bade farewell to them after the party.

Today is the happiest day of my life. I am now the wife of Ajit Arihant Acharya, the sexy and the most wanted bachelor but not anymore, because now..... he is mine.

Mangalsutra is a black beads chain used as a symbol of matrimony according to lndian custom.
Sunshine is the Red powder smeared on the forehead of the bride which symbolises her as been married.

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