The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 32


I stand in front of the dressing mirror cleaning my face with some wet wipes. My eyes look at the reflection of sindhoor on my forehead and my hands involuntarily reach the mangalsutra locked on my neck. I am his wife now. I recall the blissful moment of our marriage with an impregnable smile.

Ajit comes to the bedroom and hugs me from behind looking at the reflection of both of us in the mirror. He wipes the little bit of sindhoor that fell on my face. His hands cupped my face lovingly as he examined my face with his guarding eyes. “You look so beautiful with the black beads chain around your neck my little wife.” He stressed the last three words feeling bliss. ”You are now mine, completely mine.” He whispered to himself hugging me tight in exultation of the moment. After a few seconds he pulls away and says in an affectionate voice “come on, get ready. We are going out. Put on something comfortable as the journey would take us more than two hours.”

“Where are we going?” I ask him out of curiosity. He smiles and pulls my cheek. “Well, that is a surprise for you, Baby girl.” He tells me in an endearment. I put on a simple cotton pink chudidaar. My hair was let loose in curls on my back. He tugs on my hand and brings me to the car parked outside. The journey was in a comfortable silence with just the radio playing some beautiful romantic tunes.

After a drive of almost two hours we reach the foothills of a forest surrounded by long deep tress. I looked around and all the four sides of us were surrounded by greenery. We parked the car and trekked more towards the forest. As we passed further into the forest, all the wild tress cleared and we were welcomed by an enticing lush green garden on either side.

It was embellished with roses of different varieties followed by daisies, lilies and other types of different flowers. In the midst was a small wooden house. So beautiful I thought looking at it in wonder. An old woman probably in her sixties came out of the house and greeted us. She spoke something to Ajit and left the house immediately.

“Come” Ajit ushered me inside in an almost inaudible tone by putting a hand on my lower back. I stepped inside and gaped looking at the beauty of the house. It is compact and at the same time surprisingly very comfortable. There is a medium sized living room with two bedrooms on both sides and a small kitchen. In the entrance was a small portico.

I was silently admiring the beauty of the house in a reverie. Ajit’s voice followed from behind. “This has been our family house since my grandfather’s time. We used to spend our summer vacation here along with our parents and grandparents whenever we used to take a trip off from India.”

I laid my head on his shoulder enjoying the serenity of the atmosphere. He circled his hand around my shoulder and spoke to me in a daze. “Little girl, I want us to celebrate our nuptials night at this place. I feel the blessings of my dad and my grandparents here.”

After a few moments of peaceful silence he speaks in his velvety soft voice. “Are you feeling hungry, baby girl? I can prepare something for you if you want.” I shook my head and looked around in the room. There were some family photographs in the living room. Some were of his parents as I could recognise his mom in them. “Come inside.” He interlocked our fingers and took me inside one of the bedrooms.

He went to the closet and took out a gift box wrapped in a silver shiny paper with a bow on it. “This is for you. Put this dress on. I will be waiting for you here.” His voice was soft and romantic. Words fell short to describe the happiness. I was in blissfulness for having such a loving man as my life partner. I took the gift thanking him and went inside the washroom to have a quick shower.

I cleaned myself and opened a gift wrap. There was a pink satin night wear inside the box. The frock had a lacy floral finish on the bust area giving it a sexy look and matching pink satin panties to complement the dress.

I opened the door slightly and popped my head out feeling shy to come out of the closet. I was surprised to see how beautiful the room was decorated. The bed was covered in cream coloured linens with matching pillow covers. In the centre was an alluring heart shape decorated with rose petals. Around the heart were gorgeous white lilies spread around the bed. I felt speechless admiring the decoration of the room.

On the bed side table was a basket full of my favourite fruits - strawberries and apples. Beside it were chocolates of different varieties. On the other side was a small fridge with a glass door. It contained ice creams, sweets and a few wine bottles.

Ajit was seated at one side of the bed. His back was facing me. He was still in his white dress shirt and black pants. His coat was gone and he was typing something on the phone. As soon as he heard the shuffling of the door knob, he turned back and smiled at me. “Ajit, did you decorate this room?” I ask him getting into a stupor. “Of course little girl, I wouldn’t wish somebody else to decorate the bed of our nuptial night.” He replies in subtle buoyancy.

My stance fell tensed instantly at the thought of being touched by him. It was a feeling of contentment. A feeling of an unknown delectation, today I am going to be ‘his’ completely.

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