The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 33


“This’s too revealing.” I point to myself covered in a duvet. He chuckles at my revelation and takes slow predatory steps towards me. With every step he took, my heart thumped like a thunderbolt. As he reaches in front of me, he raises his hand to touch me and my eyes close beguiled by his abut. I lay absorbed in amatory, with the soft caresses he made on my cheeks.

“Baby girl, you are my wife and I am your husband. There is nothing for you to feel shy or hide in front of me.” He gradually clutches the bedcover held in my hands and unfolds it from my grip in one go. The sheet falls down to my ankles in a thud exposing me completely to him. His eyes moved passionately on my body from my succulent bosom to my nubile rosehip. “You look so beautiful, baby girl.” He murmurs absorbed in ardour and hugs me tight pressing my voluptuous bristols to his strong chest.

Holding my hand in his warm one, he brings me to bed in slow steps. Sitting beside me he cups my cheeks. “Baby girl you are the pristine angel who came to this world to brighten my life.” He speaks to me inspired. “I had been bottling up my emotions towards you since many years. Today, I want to liberate them all.” His eyes look at me in deep fervency. “I love you so much ‘little girl’. He proclaims in his deep voice. “The only thing is, from today forward you are going to experience it in a different way” saying those words he closes his eyes and places his lips on mine.

The kiss was slow and very passionate. His tongue moves amorous tasting the recesses of my mouth. With so much fervid he expresses out the vehement feelings buried deep inside him since long years through the kiss. He stops after a few seconds and holds my gaze in aegis. “In case you feel hurt or experience pain in any part of your body, you can tell me. I will stop immediately. Okay little girl?” His voice was now profanely husky because of the aftermath of the kiss.

His lips then trail kisses from my jaw line to the nape of my neck. My body burns in heat with every intensive stroke he made for an exampling love. After a while of making out, he moves beside and picks up a strawberry. “You have not eaten anything since today morning.” He complains and puts the fruit near my lips for a bite. I start chewing it and he places the remaining in his mouth smiling at me. He then opens the fridge and picks up an ice-cream bar. Placing me on his lap he licks it and forwards it to my lips. “Umm I love ice-creams.” I moan absorbed by its softness. Some of the ice-cream was dripping out of my lips. He licks it with his tongue and bites a piece from the bar. His tender touches were raising unfathomable desires inside me. This behaviour of him is different from his earlier revelations of love. He feels different and I love this changed side of him, extremely romantic and unquenchable in passion.

“Your chocolate cream,” I point to the corner of his lips with my finger. “Then remove it.” His voice was hoarse with insatiable hunger. I try to put my finger on it. But he stops. “Not like that.” I slowly bend my head and lick the corner of his lips. The next second my lips were captured by his. The kiss had a burning ache for want, proclivity and most importantly love. “Baby girl, you are a tempting seductress. I just cannot stop kissing you.” He murmurs between the kisses. I then clutch his fingers covered in chocolate syrup. Looking at him in aspiration, I lick them one after the other. I soft groan escapes his lips and I know he was controlling his thirst for me.

Slowly his hands move to my breast. His expert arms massage them with so much need. In one go, he unzips the zipper. By lifting me up on his lap, he lets the frock fall to my ankles. His hands then make a facile entry to my globes. His fingers play with the buds of my melons while my other breast was pleasured by his tongue playing the areolas of my assets.

“Ajit, I am dripping over there.” I point to the south of my body. “Is it? Let me sense.” He murmurs and slides his finger inside my panties. I let an involuntary moan being gratified under his sweet torture. “Not so fast baby girl.” His voice was completely gruff with a veracious crave. He puts me down and dips his head between my legs. His tongue flaps inside my ‘V’ part with expertise. My head falls back delectated with every move he was making. “Ajit.” I squeal his name in rapture. My stomach twists in enjoyment by his sweet touches as he continues to suck on my vulva inside my genitals. “See, now you are not wet anymore.” His voice was now totally croaky after the outcome of our heated foreplay. By the end of his sweet torture, I was already a shaking mess.

All of a sudden, he leaves me clueless and went inside the closet. Dipping his head out, he winks at me. “There is much more I will do to you today, baby girl.” He says. I give him a ′what the fuck’ look for leaving me unsatisfied in the midst of our make out. He goes inside the closet and this time hands over me a bikini.

It was a violet colour strapless bikini, simple and at the same time very sexy. I put on the bikini and walked out of the closet. He had changed by the time and was only in his boxers. I looked at his bulge and my jaw dropped. “He chuckles at my reaction. “Don’t worry, it will fit inside you, baby girl.” He answered my unasked question and pulls me towards the kitchen exit. Opening the back door was a small and a beautiful swimming pool. I covered my breasts by drawing out my hand forward. He looks at me arresting his laugh and cups my cheeks. “How would I let somebody look at what is mine, baby girl? You are mine and only mine.” He eyes my body ludicrously. “Don’t worry there is nobody here to disturb our privacy.”

I felt at ease hearing his reply and drop my hands to the sides. We have fun in the swimming pool playing and dripping water on one another. As I move and play inside the pool my bikini plunges down exposing the areolas of my tits. Ajit eyes me lustrously. He comes near me and squeezes my breast. Pulling the cup of my boob down, he sucks on it.

He swims to the edge and opens the seal of the wine bottle to have a drink. I played for some more time in the swimming pool and swam to him. By the time, he had already emptied two bottles of wine. “What? Are you drinking in front of your little girl?” I tease him but he seemed unaffected. “Today I want to let all my walls down baby girl and moreover alcohol boosts sex.” He says and gives me a wicked smile gulping down the drink in his hands. I sit beside him and he offers me a drink. “Are you drunk already? I ask him in surprise that he was offering me a drink with his own hands. He shook his head with a smile and answers “as I said, I want both of us to enjoy this day. No strings attached with any inhibitions and boundaries set.” He makes his announcement loud and clear to me. I took the bottle from his hands and spoke in an almost whisper “Ajit, there is something I hid from you earlier.” He looks at me as though he knows what I am going to say but asks nevertheless “what is it?” I hid my face in his chest and answered “I drank several times in parties on my outstation tours. Alcohol is not something I tasted the day you caught me for the first time.” He looks at me stoic and answers simply “I know”. This time I was the one who is shocked. “You know but still did not scold me or punish me for drinking?” He shook his head “well, I did much more at your age which you wouldn’t wish to know. It is all the influence of the teenage years. Nevertheless as you are my girl, you were always under a check. I had spies around you to protect you in case you required.” He smiles looking at me. I had no words falling out of my lips as I looked at him in torpor.

After a while of being to himself, he pulls me into an embrace getting me out of my inertia. He then pulls my cup down ones again and sucks on my breast dipping his head. I let a loud moan and drank from the bottle giving also my other boob for him to suck. He plays my bud with his finger licking and sucking it. As I was almost drunk, some of the wine spills on my knocker. Ajit sucks it and groans. “Mmm this tastes very good.”

“Come on, just make me yours.” My statement comes out raspy because of his nibbles and touches but he was still not in the mood. He puts his head on my shoulder and slides his fingers inside my panties to meddle me ‘there’. I pull my legs apart giving him more axis and let out continuous moans emptying the wine bottle.

By the time we are out of swimming pool, we were completely drunk. Ajit puts me on the bed carrying me bridal style. He removes the little bit of clothing which covered both of us, leaving us completely naked on our matrimonial bed.

He licks my clitoris simultaneously putting his fingers inside and out. I was driven into an ecstasy which pulled me into several rounds of orgasm. I sit on my knees and play his manhood by licking and sucking his sacred manly juices. He clutches my hair tight and grunts “baby girl, you are definitely a wild cat in the bed.”

He puts me down on the bed and places his manhood at my entrance. He looks into my eyes for readiness and whispers in a soft voice. “Baby girl, today you are going to lose your virginity to me. Are you ready for it?” The moment I nod my head his ‘long’ plunges inside me. I let out a shriek because of the pain. He runs a hand on my hair pacifying me. His eyes looked pained. Holding me to his chest he whispers “Baby girl, this will pain you for a while, but soon the pain will turn into an elation. Nevertheless if you wish, I will stop it now.” He tells me with a resolve. I vest a hand on his chest stopping him from his reconciled chastity.

He then slowly adjusts his bulge inside me and makes steady perforations. Consecutively with his gentle thrusts, my pain slowly diverted itself an undying delirium. After hours of abiding eroticism, he eases out of me and pulls a blanket on both of us.

I close my eyes in satisfaction encapsulated in his protective arms. This is definitely the most fulfilling night of my life.

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