The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 34


Today had been the happiest day of my life, the day on which I am married to my immaculate cherub. She made me figure out the existence of a heart within me. Nothing seems to be more fulfilling to me than for this moment. My little girl is now mine completely. I repeat the same statement for a thousand times and make a mental somersault in merriment.

Since the time Adaah told me about her stocker, I was not in my senses. After getting all the information from my private detective, I ordered my men to guard my angel 24/7. I came home late at night and left to office before she got up. I spent most of my time in investigating and hunting people from the Indonesian mafia. Though I spent very little time with her, my little girl never complained. She is very understanding and adjustable and I thank the almighty for it in making my life peaceful with an empathetic better half.

Today apart from being a successful business man I am one of the most dangerous underworld don. Since the time I knew Adaah’s life is in danger, I killed every person I suspected working under Indonesian mafia. I can do anything for the safety of my little girl let alone the transformation into a massacrer from a generous human. My little girl knows nothing about this and I promise myself that I would continue to keep her virtuous, ignorant about the filth of the world.

I have now almost reached my destination by eliminating every possible threat in her walk of life. If loving Adaah is sinning, then I wish to commit that sin again and again. It is ‘the sinful seduction’ about which I am never going to repent.

It is 3′o clock in the morning. I direct my eyes to the beeping telephone on my night stand. One of the security men was calling me. I alerted, preparing myself to challenge every eventuality that wanted to conquer me. The answer button pressed, I clamped the phone to my ears and what I heard from him did not sound pleasant to my ears.

Abdul Asim, the Indonesian mafia leader is missing. I promise myself that I will leave no stone unturned to fetch the dangerous slayer and process a judicial execution. The thought of him being alive brought uneasiness in the pit of my stomach. I bring my sleeping wife closer to me to find serenity. After a while of listening to her study heart beat my stance rests in peace and my eyes automatically close, welcoming the dream world.


With the intruding rays of sunlight I wiggle my eyes open and see my little girl sleeping peacefully beside me. I hold a few of her stray strands and slip them behind her ear to look at her angelic face. A sleeping beauty indeed that she is! She looks so beautiful, immersed in one of my dress shirts. Yesterday night she was cold as I slipped one of my dress shirts over her naked body to keep her warm. Her transmute was absolutely stunning with my shirt draped over her body like a fallen angel. In a blink of an eye, I underwent a ‘hard on’ looking at her. She is a perilous enchantress. I open the first two buttons of her shirt and suck on her blooming buds. She stirs for a moment but then relaxes again with my tender touches.

After a while of making out with my sleeping beauty, I get up and do my chores in the bathroom. Freshening up my legs reach the kitchen and I begin to make breakfast for me and my little wife. Putting the breakfast tray on one of the side tables near the bed, I play with the loose tendrils of my little wife holding her in my arms. She stirs and opens her eyes muttering a shy good morning and hides her face in my chest. So cute, she feels shy for what happened between us yesterday. I congratulate myself for having such a flawless angel as my bride.

I pull her out a little and give her an open mouth kiss on her lips. “Baby girl, get ready fast we need to fly back to India, I have some important business to take care.” I tell her hiding my impious intentions behind the trip.

Wait for me Abdul, because I am ‘the person’ who is going to liberate you from this world and make my girl safe.

“Not so early, let us spend some more time in this beautiful place.” My little girl whines like a cute child. I pull her cheeks and bring her to the kitchen platform so that I can clean the dishes. “I will help.” She triumphs like a pretty child holding her hand up. Her eyes were twinkling in a gleam. I can never get sick of her cute stunts. She mesmerises me every day in a new way. Shaking my head I nibble her cheeks in fondness and affirm her to get ready.

She slides herself down from the platform, making her shirt shift upwards and I did not fail to miss the tantalizing womanhood between her legs. She tries to walk but her steps were wobbly. “It pains me over there.” She cries like a kindergarten kid.

I immediately go to her rescue and hold her firmly. “Baby I am so sorry. I hold myself responsible for your pain. I will not touch you until you are alright.” I told her with sincerity in my voice. She puts a finger on my lips stopping me to speak further and whispers in a shy tone. “I don’t want you to practice celibacy any more, my husband. Enough of chastity that you practiced all these years.” I raise my brows amused by her open statement while she directs my hand to the centre of her feminism. I carry her to our bed and make tender touches on her private parts and satisfy her.

“Love me again and......again, my charming hubby.” She moans between my thrusts closing her eyes.

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