The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 35

Six months later.....


It was 10 past 10 at night when I was about to lie on the bed beside my beautiful wife. My phone which was resting on the night stand suddenly started beeping. I picked up the phone noting that it was an unknown number flashing on the screen. Cursing the person of having no time sense, I pick up the call reprimanding him a good reason to disturb me this late at night.

“Hello handsome, didn’t you recognise me?” Somebody started to mock at me. Getting irritated I was about to cancel the call when he speaks again. “Oops, don’t cut the call, so sad that you did not recognise me.” There was a pause for a second and the travesty voice turns damn serious. “I am the death of your wife that is speaking.”

Blood drained out of my system as I begin to listen to him with an undivided attention. “Enough of good time you enjoyed with your beautiful wife, Mr Acharya. Now it is time your wife repays for killing my dad seven years ago.”

“Don’t dare to touch my wife. Your dad was a barbarous killer for attacking my wife’s parents and he met his rightful end you bloody cockroach.” I blew the slayer on the telephone and start speaking further. But he chuckles interrupting me without giving me any other chance to continue “ten days, just ten more for your wife to live. Enjoy your last days with your pretty little wife, Mr Acharya.” He sings and the line goes dead.

The night I wasn’t able to sleep. I picked out every person from the Indonesian mafia and ended their life, but this man Abdul Asim went underground for months revealing him from the hiding hole today. Within the next few minutes I called all my security men and alerted them of the unknown threat. I informed the police of the death threat that my wife received.


Days are flying away in my life like minutes. My husband loves me and cares for me like an unmatchable gem. He showers me with never ending love every day. We made love in almost every room of the house. No matter how busy a man he is, our love making is always under full swing. ”Sex relaxes me of my job pressures” - is his reply to me when we do the pumping job more than twice or thrice a day.

I am the queen of his heart and dreams. At times he is unquenchable. He gets up in the middle of the night and starts his banging. No matter he never wakes me up as he asks me to sleep naked or with minimum clothing in the bed. This is my life and I can never ask God anything better than this.

Today Rhea is coming to our house. She is coming to Delhi for her wedding shopping. Within a month is her marriage with Anand. Ajit had hired some special officers as security to guard us during our shopping. I sometimes feel he is over reacting when I tell him of no security. Nevertheless nobody can challenge my husband in his dominance and adamant nature. As a result we ended up with security moving around us 24/7.

Rhea’s marriage was a huge success. Guests attended around the globe for her marriage being the only sister of Mr Ajit Arihant Acharya, the well known business tycoon across nations. I am yet to know from Ajit, why he wanted a silent wedding for both of us when he could organise such an affluent wedding for Rhea.

Both of us were returning from marriage to our house when I came across an ice cream shop. I wanted to have a brick of strawberry ice cream immediately. I asked Ajit to stop the car and flew out of the automobile to catch the shop on the other side of the road.

Ajit was asking me to slow down insisting on the security to get me my favourite flavour but I turned a deaf ear to his narration. Suddenly a speeding car charged into the scene darting me out of nowhere. I flew off on the striking car dashing the wind shield and then ......everything went blank.


I was watching my wife cross the road hell built on having the ice cream from the shop situated on the other side of the road. A hustling car came out of nowhere dashing away from the crowd hitting her and flying her form in air. Her body shot the floor in thud. Blood rushed out of her head with her face battered, unrecognisable in red. I stood stationed in my position unable to process the incident which happened in front of me, a few seconds earlier.

There was an urgent rush of crowd around the spot from the accident. An annoying sound of the horn from the man in the car brought me out of my abstraction. He winked at me with a huge smile on his face and his right hand lifted up in giving me thumbs up. “I never thought your wife to be this co-operative serving me her life in a silver platter, Mr Acharya. She made my task very easy.” He speaks in a blatant burlesque.

My system instantly was set to blaze bringing me out of trance. My hand rapidly slid to my back pocket exposing the revolver. I shot him point blank on the head giving him no chance of a recovery. The car screeched to a stop hitting the pavement and the hunters body contacted the road. Before I could strike him further he stops me with his slow moving hand. His voice was now completely weak but eroding me was a smile on his face. “Welcome to the hell on earth Mr Acharya. Your wife is dead. I avenged the death of my dad.” A proud smile on his dark brown face which I wanted to snatch away the next moment. He inhales a deep breath struggling to live for a few more seconds. “I know you are a billionaire and can easily turn the tables. You will be out of judicial procedure in no time for killing me. But living a life without your wife,” he pauses for a while to take a breath “where every moment is worse than hell is it better than life imprisonment?” His last words hit me like a spread of poison in my system. I fired him one more time with a growing detest and he takes his last breathe closing his eyes.

My vision diverts to the motionless form of my wife and my world stopped then and there.

She is dead. My little girl is dead and my world is shattered.

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