The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 36


Looking at my recumbent wife my conscience trickled and my vision blurred. My feet gave up unable to stand her quiescent form and I sink to floor. A few people came around me absorbing my fading profile. They pitied and whispered some consoling words while others just looked at me with compassion. One of them dialled the hospital number requesting for an ambulance as I became immotile.

An ambulance rushed to the spot within minutes. My limbs worked bionic and I sat in the ambulance with no emotions. My wife’s resting form was transferred in a stretcher inside the ambulance. Seconds later the vehicle darted into the busy roads of the Mumbai city with an alerting siren for the public to clear the path for an emergency.

A group of doctors rushed to the spot as soon as the stretcher pulled inside the hospital. One of the doctors checked my wife’s pulse and her stretcher were dragged immediately inside the OT.

Pulling myself out of the stupor that I was in, a hope ignited in my hustling heart for her to stay alive. Fight the death to stay alive for me Baby girl. I kept on chanting the same sentence in my mind feeling my wrecking nerves with each passing second. My hands formed into thick fists and droplets of sweat formed on my forehead as I stride on the hospital corridor feeling restless. I was pleading God to grant a life for my crashing wife. After three hours of defrocking time, the door of the OT finally opens and out came the doctor in his blue uniform.

He removed the cap out of his head and faced me squarely. “Mr Acharya I have joyous news and two sorrowful things to be conveyed to you. Which one would you wish to hear first? He asked me in a solemn tone. “I am itching to hear the good news first doctor.” I answered him sternly dipping my hands inside the pant pockets. An igniting hope fills my heart with a glow. “Mr Acharya your wife is alive. She is going to live.” The grey haired doctor cheers.

My joy knew no bounds for a few seconds but it was short lived as my thoughts diverted to the speculation of the bad news I was going to hear. Before I could gather the strength to ask the doctor to continue on his information, his lips started moving. “I am sorry, Mr Acharya we couldn’t save your child. There was a heavy blood loss that your wife suffered as a result of which your child couldn’t survive. She was six weeks pregnant when she was brought to the hospital.” The doctor sighed exasperated.

My heart hammered frantically against the rib cage. My eyes welled tears as I mourn the loss of my first born. My stance trembled with defeat. With the last ounce of energy that is left in my system I gather my words to ask him my next question. “What is the second bad news I am going to hear, doctor?”

The doctor looks at me in contrite and answers. “Sir, your wife reached the hospital holding her last breathe. Even if she was a brought a few seconds later, she wouldn’t have survived. Her face lay completely damaged because of the accident. We had to perform a major three hour plastic surgery to restore a passable form to her profile but unfortunately it doesn’t remain the same.” His last words almost trailed away nearly inaudible.

“What do you mean?” I crossed him agitated with my voice getting deeper and darker from each word that passed my lips. He inhales a heavy breath and looks directly into my eyes. “Mr Acharya, your wife no longer holds her original look. Her features are changed now giving her an all new appearance.” His words were now clear and loud with no trace of flounder.

His voice then shifts empathically towards me after a few moments. “There are a few scars which have developed on her face because of the accident and some with the surgery but with the passage of time, they may fade away. Be positive and nurture positive thoughts in your wife as she is no longer a beauty any man would fall for to marry. She is a completely different person in her appearance. Remember to never let her self confidence go low as from today forward she is going to look at the world from your eyes.” He pats my shoulder to ease me out and nods to me as a sign of exodus.

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