The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 37


After appraising me of Adaah’s health condition the doctor was about to leave, but I stopped him. I looked around the hospital corridor ensuring myself that nobody was around to hear the next words I am going to speak to him. He looked at me perplexed awaiting eagerly on what I was going to speak. I held his gaze condensed and spoke my next words fastidious. “Doctor, the world notes Mrs Adaah Acharya is dead because of an accident which happened a few hours ago. I want the news to stay the same way.”

I gave him some time to absorb the honking announcement I just made. After a few seconds I explained him more. “I don’t want further dangers and threats rocking my wife’s life and you are going to help me with this.” I emphasised my every word to him firmly and advanced. “You know what sort of a dangerous man that I am. I can do anything and everything to keep my wife safe. I am already a criminal and killing one more person is not a big deal for me.” Removing him from the transient state I extended “I know you are a smart doctor to understand that this is not a usual road accident but a brutal attempt to murder. So you will keep this information a secret till you are buried six feet under.” I threatened him.

Pointing a finger to his chest I alarmed him. “You will ensure about clearing all my wife’s records in your hospital including the CCTV footage else,” I paused for a while for him to digest the imperilling information. “You know what I am going to do.” Gulping openly Dr Saxena nodded his head in fear and turned to go back but I stopped him. “When can I see my wife?” He looked meekly into my eyes and answered “She is presently in a state of coma because a few tissues were damaged in her brain but we are hopeful she will regain her consciousness within a weak. Nevertheless she is already shifted to the ward as she is out of danger. You can see her anytime from now.” He answered me with a small smile on his face.

I nodded to him in approval and almost faltered in my steps in a haste to see my wife. I reached the room in a complete consternation. Holding my breath I gazed at her peaceful form. Her face was bandaged in a gauge with several tubes attached to her slim form. My eyes turned red looking at her surrendered state.

After two days.....

Dr Saxena examined my wife and scrutinizes all her medical documents. He then states to me thoughtfully. “Mr Acharya, we will be removing your wife’s plaster after a week. Make sure you are available to her in her most crucial situation. She isn’t supposed to undergo a shock after gazing at her reflection in the mirror. Any severe disturbance in her thoughts can prove fatal.” I nodded my head in understanding and the doctor gives me a cheerful smile.

The reposing form of my wife brought tranquillity in my heart. Finally I could see her and she is alive. The sunny thought brought butterflies in my stomach. We could now finally lead our life in peace. I called my lawyer and apprised him of the situation. Within the next two days all the judicial procedures concerning Adaah’s accident were cleared. I wanted to finish all the bugbear jobs before she is conscious so that I can be there for her when she requires me the most.

Few days later...

Adaah gained her sentience yesterday. I felt guilty of myself that I wasn’t available when she required me acute. I was busy clearing the pending judicial procedures which slacked to progress. I have finally set everything right in our lives by hiring the best lawyers available in the country.

My mother and sister visited Adaah in the hospital when she was still unconscious. My sister burst into a snivel wailing for her unconscious friend who almost went to the gates of heaven. My mom went to silent sobs consoling me of my loss but I am a strong man. I would never give up on my wife. I will fight even the death for her stay alive beside me.

Today Adaah’s plaster is going to be removed. I wonder how she could stay in the hospital for a whole day without enquiring about me. Probably it’s because of drugs and the sedation on which she was put in.

The doctor removes her facial plaster slowly. She was still holding her eyes closed as per the advice of the doctor. Her face looked completely different now. It looked pale with red marks everywhere. Peering at her I felt I was glancing to an entirely different person. There are many scars far and wide on her facet which once was the most angelic profile I could appropriate. Nevertheless I am never going to let her know about it. She continues to be my beautiful angel now and forever.

Slowly my Angel opened her eyes and looks at me. I smile at her feeling delightful but suddenly her features change and mould into a shock.

“Who are you?”

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