The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 39


After a few more days of stay in the hospital with the help of expert medical specialists who attended me with every touch and go and immense care and affection of my house keeper Maria, I was out of the hospital earlier than expected. My boss Mr Ajit Acharya visited me every day and spoke to the doctors about my medical condition. I wonder why he is showing so much attention towards me. After all I am one among the millions of employees who had obtained a living under his shelter.

Soon I started off my job as a personal assistant to Mr Acharya. Though it took time for me to understand the nature of work, my boss had been quite cooperative to me. Sanaya, his secretary has become a close friend of mine. We often hang out together and went on shopping at times.

In one of the crazy shopping sprees that we had I won a lottery of a free beauty treatment in one of the famous beauty saloon’s of the city. Sanaya became delirious with tears of joy after hearing the rapturous news. “My friend is going to turn out to be a beautiful angel.” She cheered loudly and started bouncing in happiness like a five year old girl. I hugged and kissed her cheek getting frenzy and immediately registered myself for an anti scar and face lift treatment.

Reaching home I captured Maria in a bone crushing embrace and shared the gleeful news with her. She was happy to receive the exciting announcement but was least surprised which amazed me. However I ignored her convention. She is like a mom to me and would always place me first before her happiness. Initially she was staying nearby my flat renting a small room but I insisted on her to stay with me as I was the only one staying in my flat.

My flat is quite spacious with four bedrooms a big drawing cum dining hall and a reasonably comfortable size kitchen. It is just a few blocks away from my workplace. Mr Acharya had been kind enough to give me a fully furnished accommodation absolutely rent free. When I insisted on paying the rent, he kindly dismissed the request saying that the house rent allowance was an entitled allocation of my pay.

I woke up ones again pulsating completely drenched in sweat in the middle of the night. It was repeatedly the same horrific dream which brings shivers down my spine. Maria as usual rushed to my bedroom as soon as she saw me palpitating. Soothing me with some calming words, she wiped my tears away and cleaned the sweat out of my face with a fluffy towel.

After the horrible dream I couldn’t sleep anymore. Like a consoling mother that she is, Maria quietened me. She slept with me putting a hand around my waist so that I don’t freak out ones again. I got up early in the morning at 5′o clock when I heard Maria speak to someone on the phone. She was discussing about my problem with somebody. I found her do this earlier also. As soon as I reached her she disconnected the call saying that she was just sharing my problem with her son as he is a therapist. I couldn’t buy her words as I wonder who she was briefing about my health status.


Adaah had been suffering with sleeping disorder right since she is released from the hospital. Maria briefs me everything about her in the wee hours of every day before my little girl wakes up from her sleep. I already discussed about her health with her doctor and he confirmed her dreams to be as a sign of progression. My wife would gain her memory soon. Though I am enthralled to hear the news I don’t want my little girl to suffer anymore. I want to be with her and help her when she is handling her sickness. I should soon choke out a plan where I would personally be able to look after her during the time of her necessity.

The problem with the mafia no longer exists as I cleared everybody who is an obstruction to my wife’s path of progression. The plastic surgery that Adaah underwent had turned to be a blessing in disguise for her. Nobody knows the actual truth that Kyara Juneja is Adaah Acharya. After Adaah comes to the office everything is under my control as I always put a close watch on her.

I have now enrolled my wife on a beauty treatment for face uplift in one of the leading beauty saloon’s of the city. Thankfully my little girl thinks that she is the lucky winner of the free coupon from the lottery ticket. I smile at her innocence. Who would invest one million as a lottery prize for glamour elevation?

I come out of my office room to make an instantaneous surveillance on the personal department of my company as I found some errors in their files. As soon as I step out of my cabin I hear light giggles and I immediately catch the owner of the soft voice.

It was lunch time and my baby girl and her new friend were planning to go out for a lunch. “Where are you both going? I ask them directing the question to my little girl. “Sir, it is lunch time and we wish to go out for a snack to the cafeteria downstairs.” She tells me a little agitated in her feeble voice. “Okay, but you have to come back soon as I have some work to assign you immediately after the lunch.” I tell her not wanting to put her out of my sight for too long.

Little girl, wait till I execute my plan. Soon you and I are going to be together once again.

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