The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 40


Six months later...

Half an hour after the lunch break, I press the intercom button of my office and ask Adaah to come to my room. Next week I will take over ‘Intel Industries’ a cotton textile firm in Dubai. The company’s owner a Dubai sheikh was a former client of our company. He underwent heavy losses in his business and decided to sell the establishment to me. I do not want my little girl to stay away from me when I am out of the country. It bothers me and I cannot concentrate on the business. I think about the pros and cons for a while and then decide to bring her with me.

Adaah comes to my cabin holding a notepad. “So Kyara,” I hand over her a file which contains complete information of ‘Intel Industries’. “I want you to study the details of this enterprise and give me a complete financial report of the bureau for the last ten years by tomorrow.” I circled the table and stood in front of her with hands in my pant pockets. “And one more thing, I want you to pack your bags by this weekend. On Monday morning we will be leaving to Dubai by early morning 6′o clock flight.” Before she could open her lips to speak I caution her “the word which I hate in English dictionary is ‘no’. So don’t dare to use that word in front of me.” I warn her in seriousness pointing a finger to her with my eyes bigger than usual.

She feared my rage and immediately nodded her head frantically making out a feeble answer “yes sir.” I mentally congratulate myself of the control I hold on her. On Monday at exactly quarter past five in the morning I asked my driver to pick Adaah from her flat. Within fifteen minutes she was in my mansion.

Sipping coffee draped in a towel after having my morning shave, I study her through one of the glass doors opening towards the drawing hall from upstairs. My maid reached her holding a coffee mug in a tray which she gladly accepted. Her grey eyes scanned through the mansion’s hall in curiosity.

Dressed in a white chiffon top and navy blue denim jeans my little girl looked simple yet like the most beautiful princess on earth. Her long black hair which was naturally curly flowed freely to her waist. The scars on her face were now almost unnoticeable with the anti scar treatment. She looks prepossessing though her countenance turns to be different now.

Within a few minutes I was completely ready in my grey executive suit. I pick up my laptop and some of the important files necessary for the share holders meeting going to be held in Dubai in amalgamation of Intel industries with Arihant group of industries.

My driver opened one of the rear doors of the car for Adaah and she sat there anxiously fidgeting her fingers. I know she is frightened of flying but I had no other way except to bring her with me. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night in peace when she is thousands of kilometres away. I slowly reach her hand and squeeze it. “Don’t worry about the flight. I am here to take care of you.” I assure her and she looks at me bemused. “How do you know that I fear flying?” A small smile crops on my face as I see her reaction and simper inwardly but I preferred to keep her question unanswered. I know so many things about you baby girl. You are an open book to me which I mastered in understanding quiet long ago.

The driver dropped us in my private airport. The pilot and the staff greeted us and within a few minutes the jet was ready to fly. I sat beside my little girl and started working on my laptop. As soon as the announcement was made she tied her safety belt. Within a few minutes of the flight take off I notice her beginning to panic.

Holding her close, I cradled her face in my big hands and whisper “you are safe baby girl, there is nothing to worry. I am here to protect you.” After a few minutes of my sweet talk, she calms down and her eyes go close. I kiss her head and run my hands on her loose curls. Holding her in my arms felt like a feast after months of hunger.

The flight reaches Dubai airport in time. I carry her inside my car and then to my house on her bed careful not to wake her up. After a long time I felt myself complete with her in my arms. As I try to tuck her to the bed she stirs and slowly flutters her eyes. Rubbing her eyes like a baby she smiles at me. “I am sorry I didn’t know when I drifted off to sleep.” I smile at her cuteness. “It is okay baby girl.”

She looks at me in question. I nod my head as I understand her puzzling looks. “You remind me of someone very close to me. So I called you ‘baby girl’.” I answer her quizzing looks. “When we are alone I want you to call me Ajit. I tell her tenderly holding her chin between my fingers. She gives me her sweet smile and whispers ‘okay’ in shyness.

“You can continue to sleep and take some rest.” I understood my little girl was very tired because of the journey. Her face looked torn and appeared red because of exhaustion. “I will wake you up in the evening when the dinner is ready.” I tell her with tenderness in my voice. I wish I could hold her close to me and kiss her senseless but I revive. I had to wait some more time for it. Just as she was drifting off to sleep I pull the duvet over her. I plant a soft kiss on her forehead and close the door. I need a cold shower immediately.

Soon baby girl, very soon you would recognise me as your husband. I promise you, I will make sure of it.


It has been more than six months since I joined Arihant group of industries. My boss Mr Ajit Acharya holds the reputation of a very strict and cold hearted boss. Ironically it was my luck that I never experienced the harsh side of him about which my colleagues complain in their sleeping and waking states.

His words towards me are always warm filled with gentleness and compassion. I wonder why I am bestowed with so much of luck. An Adonis, dressed to kill, he is heartthrob of many young girls who fantasised him in their dreams and I am no exception. I had fallen for his charms too. I pity myself. I am crazy fool. He would not even remember me after work leave about loving me.

He believes in perfection, works very hard to achieve it and expects the same from his employees. Lest when the standards are achieved, he is a liberal payer. His staff had money even to burn.

People say that his wife died in an accident around six months ago and since then girls have been swarming him like bees but never did I see him intimate towards any damsel. He is dominant and enigmatic. His aura radiated confidence and power and he is the king of every girl’s heart yet the lassies earned nothing but his cold stares. I wonder why.

I went to his mansion yesterday and felt something weird about which I am not exactly able to form words. His house felt strangely familiar. The affluent art pieces and the costly show fixtures looked oddly acquainted as though I have seen them several times in the past.

He glances at me once in a while either to ask me of something I could require or simply listen to me but every time his gaze fell on me I felt his eyes were filled with love for me. He is no womanizer and never behaved flirtatiously towards me yet there was warmth in his every action.

Baby girl - his endearing way of addressing me felt usual, as though I heard him calling me the same way several times. His scent, his powerful arms circled around me felt like home. His tender touches and kisses, cautious of not to hurt me in any way. Everything held a glint of a faint enclosed endearment. It was not only the flight journey that I was anxious about it was also the familiar feeling of him around me that triggered my heart..... I am still unable to fathom why he kissed me on my forehead. I was in betrayal to accept, his every touch was sending electric wipes into my body. I shuddered in lust waiting for his touch.

Who are you Mr Ajit Acharya? What are you to me?

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