The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 41


I walked inside the woods holding a finger of my dad. A river on the other side caught my attention. My little fingers wrap around his big finger tightly while jumping and running towards it in exultation. “Princess, don’t jump. Or you will fall.” He cautions me gently with a tender smile on his face. I swim in the river and play with the flowers beside it which were gently swaying with the breeze. A beautiful butterfly caught my attention. It was sitting on a flower sucking the honey. I tiptoed nearer to catch it but it flew away. I ran behind to catch a hold of it ignoring the warnings of my dad in going unescorted. I hid behind the bushes and jumped into the alleys and finally caught the butterfly.

It was the time of dusk and the sun was setting. My dad’s voice on the other side of the river caught my attention. My mother joined him in calling me with agony. Suddenly there was a spread of wild fire. It felt deadly as though I was in some sort of danger and soon the habitat was in fumes.

I was shivering with fear and hid myself behind the bushes. After sometime the smoke cleared and I found a man standing beside me. He looked big and huge. I look at him raising my head as though I was looking at the sky. He looks down to me and gives me a soft smile. My red and green polka dots frock looked dirty, drenched in mud. Not caring about his rich Armani suit, he picked me up in his huge arms, kisses my forehead and then brings me to his house.

My parents were not seen after that day. I cried for them but they never returned. Subsequently my tears dried because of the love he showered upon me and were replaced with happiness. He started raising me up like a benefactor.

Unexpectedly a devil entered in our happy lives. I could not see my angel anymore. I miss his protective arms which provided me the warmth to fall asleep. I miss his sweet smile and his caring words which helped me to recoup the absence of my parents.

My Angel was gone for life leaving me back in darkness.


Baby girl, wake up. Wake up my little angel it is only a dream. I hear somebody calling me. I open my eyes in agony and meet those enigmatic chocolate browns. They were staring back at me with a lacing concern. I come out of my dream and peer at him tongue tied. He is the same man who was present in my dream. Why is he in my dream?

Ajit encapsulates me in his warm hands. He gently pats me trying to ease me off the tension. My body was drenched in sweat because of the aftermath of the dream. He hands me a glass of water which I wilfully accept and he wipes the moisture away from my face pulling me to his arms. I felt the feeling familiar. They were the arms of the man who invaded my every dream. I could smell his scent and the sensation was well known. Why is he present in my dreams? Why does he feel well acquainted? Why the same dream does keeps haunting me every night?

He runs a hand on my lose stands and puts me in his lap as though I was a child and then asks me in his tender voice “what was the dream about baby girl?” I tell him everything about my dream. Somehow I feel him like my protector. He gives me a small smile and then pulls me to a tight hug as though I would slip away from his arms. ” Don’t worry baby girl. Everything will be okay. I will take care of all your problems. You will soon get rid of all those dreams You will soon know who l am.” He whispers gently into my ear easing me out of my tension.


That night my little wife fell asleep in my arms. Putting her back to sleep was difficult but I could finally achieve it. These dreams were indications that she would get back her memories soon and I was happy for it. She asked who I am but I refused to answer with the fear of giving her a shock which may lead her to coma. The doctor told me to give her sometime and I am waiting for the day she gets back to her normalcy.

Next morning I wake up at six to get ready for the office. Our legs our tangled with each other and her head was nestled into my chest. One of my hands was pillowing her head and the other was securely wrapped around her body. I was naked from my top part with just sweat pants covering my lower half. In hibernation she ran her hand slowly on my hairy chest making my libido rise instantly. I cautiously untangled her arms around me and skipped into the bathroom. I had to calm my sexual instincts. I cautioned myself I had to be patient to give her the best life.

After getting ready, I prepare breakfast for both of us and then go to the bedroom to wake her up.

Baby girl I am waiting for you here with my arms open. Please come back to me soon.

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