The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 42


It is been a year since I started working for Ajit. Every time I look at him, a warm sensation envelops inside me. Slowly I am falling for this man with each passing day. His pearly white teeth which rarely disclose give him a canundrum exterior. The high cheekbones matching his profile mould him into an impeccable Roman God whenever he twinkles. I wish I was always the reason for his beautiful smile. Sometimes I feel like running my hands on his slightly grown stubble. The cute dimple which appears each time he smiles envisages him to be the most desirable, preponderant, charismatic male on earth. His lips, an attractive blend of brown and pink mark him chivalrous. A licentious sensation of being kissed by them immediately enfolds inside me as soon as my eyes fall on his thin brims. He would look manlier with a cigarette between his lips but I do not want him to ruin his health exhaling smoke between his alluring rims.

In a short time we became very close to each other. Though he is impassive and maintains a stony semblance around his employees, he is always tender and caring towards me. I often wonder about the reason? Why would an enigmatic billionaire like him fall for a middle class orphaned girl like me who can’t even have an appealing look? My heart thumps faster each time he looks at me. His gaze always felt as though he was kissing me through his eyes. We often spent time in my flat and at times I visited his mansion. Nevertheless every time I visit his castle, it brought a heavenly feeling inside me, a vague but a beautiful memory like I have lived in the place for too long. His hugs and touches are addictive invoke a lightening in my body every time my skin felt his contact.

I tap on his door and he asks me to get in, in his deep manly voice. As soon as I open the door he looks out of the files on his table and gives me a smile. My world stops then and there. He looks so striking. "Kyara?" His soothing voice rings in my ear. “What do you want baby girl?” I want to be kissed by those lips. My inner voice screams inside pleading me for a touch of those thin, moist lips. I look down to my toes and stutter “I ....I” He looks at me questioningly for a few seconds and then raises from his seat. Walking around his desk he then reaches in front me. Lifting my head with a finger under my chin he asses my features. I shiver at his contact but he holds me firm around my waist not allowing me to fall. “I..I” I try to form words but they struggle to come out. He nods his head encouraging me to speak. I lift my eyes and meet his sharp browns. An instant affability cases my heart and I blurt out the words. “I want a kiss.” I whisper expressing my want with my trembling lips.

He immediately brings me into his arms and inhales deeply. After a few seconds he speaks out in a low voice “Baby girl, I know it would have taken a lot off you to utter those words.” He says softly to me. Looking determined, he lifts my face and slowly his physiognomy gets closer. My eyes involuntary close to savour the moment long waited. His warm hands cover my cheek tenderly. My heart starts to thump crazily bringing an electrifying feeling - an anticipation of being kissed by him. His lips slowly land on mine encasing me into his warmth and at that instant I felt the world froze. Nothing mattered, my body and mind were on a riot. Everything went blank. My legs gave up inundated by pleasure. I start to succumb to the floor but his hands instantly shift to my waist holding me firm.

His lips slowly move breaking the walls of celibacy reining me. I am been ruled by his movements and slowly my lips follow his goes. It was a moment of an indescribable utopia which could be better mentioned as heaven on earth. After a few seconds he releases the kiss and looks straight into my eyes and speaks “let’s go.” His voice was husky after the aftermath of the kiss. He takes a hold of my hand and pulls me out of his office. His employees in the office were watching us wide eyed but he never gave a damn for their looks and continued to guide us to the exit.

He drove faster than an aeroplane and within minutes we were inside his mansion. As soon as we reach the main door, he lifts me bridal style and climbs the steps to his bedroom in haste. Looking down to me he mutters “enough of waiting that we had.” His eyes were filled with lust but with tender love. He puts me softly on the bed and starts to undress me quickly. I was filled in euphoria absorbed by the awaiting eagerness of being crushed under him. Within seconds both our bodies were naked. His eyes moved shamelessly all through my body and I felt no regret in gaping back at his uncovered glory. My nipples become predominant aroused by sexual instincts. He nibbled my buds with his fingers kneeling in front of me. After rubbing, nibbling and pleasuring my hills with his fingers his lips invade my pleasure point behind my ears. He sucks and licks my neck earning a strong moan from me. Then his lips trace down to my breasts and start sucking them while nibbling the other with his finger simultaneously. Moans fall out continuously out my lips being absorbed by his connects. He lays me on the bed carefully and puts his finger at my entrance of womanhood. I stir under his touch asking for more. He understands my want and plugs his finger inside me. I pull him closer holding his shoulders and kiss him hungrily. He responds to me with equal thirst nibbling on my vagina. “Fuck me Ajit” I scream out to him unable to control myself anymore.

His fingers inside me work faster as he tries to please me by his utmost effort. I had no shame in confessing my feelings. I shouted out loud absorbed in lusciousness. “Ajit, I want you now please.” I screech pleadingly to him. At that moment all his reservations ruled out and he entered inside me putting out an end to my hunger. The first few penetrations held pain but eventually the ache transformed into a pure bliss. By the time we completed our little exercise both of us were perspiring with sweat covering our bodies. He pulls me inside his broad hairy chest, running a hand on my lose curls he mutters ”you are, were and always will be mine baby girl.”

I pull out my head from his chest and look at him surprised unable to figure out what he just said. He seems to understand me and murmurs “calm down, you will realise everything soon my little girl.” My eyes gape into his optics asking for an explanation and he concludes my consternation with a simple sentence “I am much more than a boss to you little girl.”

I smile at him in exultation. I couldn’t wish God for a better answer from him. I lift his left hand in front of my eyes and put mine beside his. A curiosity arises long back in my mind. The rings on our fingers match with a similar shape and diamond which trigger an inexpressible happiness with a slight anxiety.

I hope what I think is true.

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