The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 43


As the days were scrolling by, I and Ajit became very intimate to one and another. We often spend time together. Ajit is a very passionate, loving and caring person unlike what his employees stamp him to be. We do endless love making and enjoy mind blowing sex. Since last few days I am nauseating frequently and the missing periods had been bugging my mind since quite a time.

I seldom doubt Ajit was using the protection but having a child before marriage is something I don’t wish. The ring on his finger is another matter of concern escalating anxious thoughts. He never confirmed to me anything though I tried to probe the matter several times. Is he trying to hide something from me? Is he already married and cheating on his wife using me? There words form an immediate pit in my stomach. Don’t think of negative things Kyaara. My positivity tries to intervene.

Since the time I fell for Ajit, I had been reading quite much about him some out of interest and at other times out of curiosity. He was a Casanova before he met this girl, who he happened to raise up and one day made her as his bride.

I understood he is a man of limited words, strict but at the same time enshroud a concealed affection to his dear ones. He loves his mother more than any person in the world though he would never express or reveal it on any day. Respecting woman is something he had been doing since the time I know him. A contrary of what I read about him previously.

I turn around my bed and find the place beside me empty. It is just six in the morning but I already find Ajit out of the house. Oh yes! He was supposed to receive his college friend who is also supposed to be his business partner in one of his newly opened pharmaceutical firm in New Zealand. Yes, the Acharyas are expanding their businesses. After proving themselves as experts in hotels, pubs, casinos and textile industry, they are now in the process of expansion – explore the pharmaceuticals.

I get ready and step downstairs to have my breakfast. Last night I slept in Ajit’s house. By the time I enter the kitchen to make some breakfast, I see a plate fully covered in silver foil with a slip and a rose on top it. Immediately a smile takes over my face and I start to read the words on the letter.

"Little girl, I am going to airport to pick Rihana. You can come to the office at your leisure as I will be busy with the continuous meetings I have today.



I am now completely happy. I happened to have the best boy friend in the world but I don’t intend to misuse the liberty given to me. I eat the breakfast, chocolate pancakes that Ajit prepared for me and set off to Arihant group of Industries head office. I pressed the 17th floor on the lift and waited patiently listening to the soothing music playing on the elevator. As the floor arises there was a beam and I step out to be greeted by the empty floor.

As I neared Ajit’s room I could hear pleasuring moans of a woman. My body starts to tremble unable to believe my ears. I try to make a positive talk to my aching heart. Opening the door slightly with my trembling hands, the scene playing in front froze me to the place.

A woman in red frock was straddling Ajit. The frock slipped upwards as she bent forward rubbing her breasts to the man I once called MINE. Exposing her neatly waxed fair legs to her thighs, I regret to say she was beautiful, sexy yet elegant. The make-up on her face was modest exhilarating a polished aura. She moved her body forward about to kiss Ajit. I couldn’t hold the moment anymore.

My eyes went blank and my heart missed a beat unable to fathom the situation. I falter on my steps as my legs could no longer take the strength of holding me in place. Somehow I manage to close the door softly without getting noticed. Silently lamenting the moment I would hate to admit all my life, I come to terms with my soul rueing my foolish decision. I was never a choice to him. I was only a play toy, an orphaned, ugly, displaced girl that he could use and dispose off without any second worries.

The tears which filled my eyes a few seconds ago were freely flowing down my cheeks now but one thing was ringing in my mind like a bell.

I should leave this place immediately before he catches me up.

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