The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 44


What I feared the most turned to be true. Tears fell out of my eyes like a never ending rain. I am probably the most stupid, unfortunate, hopeless girl in this world who fell for a play boy even after learning about his ways. I packed my bag immediately and ran away from the abominable firm. The guard at the entrance bowed to me and was a bit surprised, sceptical about my looks. I did not bother to retouch my make-up for the blast I received minutes ago after stepping into his office. I hired a cab and rushed to his mansion. Before anyone notices, I pack my bags and leave the place immediately. Tomorrow I am going to submit my resignation.

Mr Ajit Acharya the CEO of Arihant group of industries was once my boss nothing more and nothing less.


I get up early in the morning and dress in my business suit to go to the airport and pick Rihana. Before leaving our bedroom, I glance at my sleeping wife. She looks like an Angel even during sleep. I go to her and plant a soft kiss on her cheek and leave our room. I prepare breakfast for her, her favourite chocolate pancakes and leave a note that she can come to office at her choice. After all she is the possessor of Arihant group of Industries. Plucking a red rose from our back lawn I place it on the note. She likes red roses. I smile at the memory, remembering her planting them as many in our back lawn along with our gardener when she was a child.

Rihaana is the daughter Mr Anurag Kashyap and Sunita who are business partners in our company since daddy’s time. They also happen to be our family friends. Rihana was my classmate and I have to admit we did some very good hunky funky business quite frequently. For me she was nothing but a favourite past time which I enjoyed doing in my teenage years. Both of us belonged to well to do families and of the same age which added fuel to the fire.

I wanted her to join me as my business partner in my newly opened pharmaceutical firm in New Zealand to continue our friendly relations. Rihaana is a smart and capable woman. She has been handling her dad’s business from last five years since he suffered a stroke. Being the only heir of a prodigious business family she held an inheritance of a vast empire and had been very successful. I expected a smart business from her but she anticipated a steamy copulation along with a shrewd trade.

Once Rihaana tried to advance her moves I restricted her with my polite but firm words. I averted her sexual furtherance. She straddled my limbs and was about to pursue a kiss but I promptly turned her down. I felt disgusted with her touch. She was stunned by my movements but balanced herself intelligently. Before leaving she cleared her voice and spoke in her business tone “I am sorry to misapprehend you Mr Ajit Acharya. I take a note that you are still a taken man though your wife died more than a year ago.” There was a slight sarcasm in her voice. “Nevertheless we can always continue with our business relations if you intend to.” Saying those words she left my cabin without turning back.

After all the happening, I have only one thing in denouement, My heart and body belongs to only one person in this world – my little girl.

After an irksome experience with Rihaana I come out of my office to have a fresh breath. Probably after a pleasant chit-chat with my little girl and a hot cup of black coffee I will come back to my functional state. I look around the room to find no one. I was a bit surprised. My little girl never quits from discharging her duties. Nonetheless I was happy that she finally listens to me. She can always take some rest and relax at home.

Meetings line up one after the other making me completely busy in the office. Finally all the meetings were over and it was lunch time. I could no longer operate without my sweet wife beside me. I close the files lying lazily in front of me and inform my secretary that I will be reaching office only by tomorrow and the people who require my appointments can wait till then.

Putting the engine on fire I head to my destination where I could see my cute wife, my home. When I find the living hall empty I hastily climb the stairs to our bedroom escaping a step at a time. The bedroom was empty with no trace of her presence. My pressure begins to rise as I check for her in the washroom but vilely meet with the same result - a sick feeling was escalating in my heart as though something wrong had happened.

My eyes fall on the half opened closet just to find it completely empty. Sweat begins to feature on my forehead and I start pulsating. With trembling hands I pull out my phone out of my pant pockets and dial the security.


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