The Sinful Seduction

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Chapter 45


I was sitting in one of the parks of the city since the time I left the office. The climate outside was like the replica of my fate. The weather was cloudy. There was a sudden lightening followed by a loud thunder making the atmosphere fierce. I didn’t wish to leave home even after the warning of the inclement forecast. The people in the park rush to their shelters. I watch them toneless with no change in my body movements. My eyes were red by endless tears with feelings I couldn’t control any longer. Soon there were big droplets of water falling and then there started an outpour of heavy rain.

A woman in her late sixties with wrinkled skin reaches me. Her face held kindness. She sits beside me and pats my back. “Young lady, it is raining heavily. You will get wet and fall sick if you continue to stay here. Please go home.” She insists me. I peep at her with my watery eyes. She oozes motherliness and looks at me concerned “should I drop you home?” She asks me in her gentle voice pointing to a white car parked in the front. I shake my head and peal myself out of the seat hazed by her tenderness to walk out of the park.

It was 10 in the night and I was completely drenched by rain. My sky blue shirt soaked in water, hugged my body like a second skin marking me half naked by its super fine transparent material. Caring less about the people’s stares, I take slow and tiring steps to my abode. Softly opening the door of my flat not bothered about my surroundings, I walk directly to my bedroom for a change when I hear him screaming. “because she is my wife damn it!” I turn back to look at him and then our eyes meet. He was gaping at me with his baaing eyes from my living room balcony with a phone in his hands. Impetuous about his presence I continue to walk to my bedroom taking a mental note tomorrow I should vacate this flat else this beast would keep invading my privacy giving me more heart breaks.

“Wait” I hear a tired but a firm voice from him. This Romeo still has the audacity to command me. I grunt my teeth and turn back looking at him with distaste. Not bothering about my facial features he asks me in his stern and angry voice “where have you been all day? Don’t you know you have to inform in the house or in the office about your whereabouts?” My eyes shift to Maria who was looking at me pitiful looks. Then my orbs go back to the devil who reprimands answers from me but who by himself had no morals. I was in no mood to mess with him at this late hour yet I had to rid him out of my house at the earliest. I turn to him and give him my firm and deadly answer “that is none of your business Mr Ajit Acharya. Now if you leave l can... ” I direct my hands to the door.

He gets taken aback but resurfaces in an authority. “It is my damn business and now you will answer all my questions like an obedient little girl.” My eyes automatically close. A sneeze, and then another. A set of continuous sneezes erupt out of my lips. He halts for a second observing me and his voice viscerally turns calm. ”Go take bath and change your clothes before you get sick.”

After fifteen minutes I was fresh from showering but did not bother to open the door. Away from the devil is away from the hell. Ten minutes more, I hear a knock on the door. “Little girl, I know you have finished changing. Now be a good girl and open the door to have something to eat.” I don’t give two hoots on what he thinks. There was another knock on the door after 10 seconds but this time with a warning. “Little girl, you know too well that I store the spare keys for all these doors. You have five seconds to open this damn door else you know what I am going to do.”

I grit my teeth at his annoyance and burst open the door with a fuming red face “Who the hell are you commanding me to open the door?“He stops me raising his fore finger towards a caution. “Not one more word from that little mouth of yours.” Taking slow predatory steps in my direction, his face was utterly serious giving no room for an argument. I gulp hard to control my fear looking at his beastly changeover. “Now answer me little girl, where have you been all this while?” He asks standing a step away from me with his hands folded across his chest. I curse myself for still getting victimized by his ruling demeanour and struggle with my last drop of courage to answer him. “You don’t have any right to extract answers from me in my house Mr Ajit Acharya and regards the boss and employee relationship tomorrow you will be receiving my resignation and also the house keys. Till then have a great night.”

I turn back and was about to walk to my bedroom but a firm hold on my upper arm stops me. “You dare not turn your back to me, little girl.” His voice was low and vicious shaking me to pieces. I stumble back and hit my head on his firm chest just to meet his enigmatic browns. I imprecate myself on why he still has so much effect on me. His toe curling looks was setting me to a jelly even after the raging argument we had a few seconds ago. How could he dress so simple yet so powerful?

He was in a plain grey button up shirt with the first button undone exposing his hairy chest and black sweat pants with matching slippers. I pear him top to toe and control my urge to drool. Getting my sewerage mind out from fancying him, I pull my hand from his firm grip and rest them on my waist standing straight with my head held high which regrettably reaches only to his chest. “Why can’t I dare? Who are you to impose restrictions on me? I challenge him narrowing my eyes.

He grinds his molars scoring them wide and red fuming ferocious. “Now that you are doctor certified ‘hale and healthy’ and very prompt in giving me back the answers, I would like to introduce you to an important veracity.”

Coming closer with fiendish strides he imbues me to take a step back with every tread he gets forward. He halts for a while giving me time to calm my hauling breathe and then speaks in a most peremptory manner. “I damn got every right to impose restrictions and extract answers from you little girl because I am the husband of yours.”

My eyes hold hypnotic under his compelling gaze as he nails down the asseverating truth, I couldn’t cognise for a while.

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